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Hedge Ohari is a monthly finance magazine that provides its readers comprehensive knowledge and insight about the various aspects of financial planning and the entire spectrum of investment and wealth creation methods, viz. stock market, mutual fund, real estate, gold, bonds, banking and so on. The magazine’s content includes articles, features and interviews about the diverse areas related to finance and business.

Published in: Economy & Finance
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Hedge Ohari

  1. 1. slUvPv Hmlcn G{]n¬ 2013 1
  2. 2. 2 slUvPv Hmlcn G{]n¬ 2013
  3. 3. slUvPv Hmlcn G{]n¬ 2013 3 Printed, published and owned by Alex K.Babu, printed at Sterling Print House (P) Ltd., Ponekkara- Cheranelloor Road, AIMS Ponekkara PO, Cochin-41 for Varna Offset Printers (EKM) and published at Hedge Equities, Hedge House, Mamangalam, Kochi, Pin- 682 025. Editor: K. Aravind Hmlcn hn¬∏ bm{¥n-I-amb NSßv am{Xtam? [IΩn An-b-{¥n-X-ambn h¿[n-°p-∂-XmWv ΩpsS k¿°m¿ tcn-Sp∂ {][m {]iv-ß-fn-sem-∂v. sNehpw hchpw XΩn-ep≈ h¿[n®p h-cp-∂- A¥cw nI-Øm≥ k¿°m-cnv IqSp-X¬ hmbv]- sb-Sp-°msX am¿K-an-√. F∂m¬ AXv aqew k¿°m-cns‚ hmbv]m _m[yX h¿[n-°p-Ibpw JP-mhv Ap-Znw timjn-®p-h-cn-Ibpw sNøpw. hmbv]sb Aan-X-ambn B{i-bn-°p∂ ÿnXn Hgn-hm-°p- Ibpw hcp-am--Øn-mbn B`y-¥c t{kmX-kp-Isf Xs∂ D]-tbm- K-s∏-Sp-Øp-Ibpw sNøp-∂-Xnp≈ {ia-ß-fpsS `mK-am-bmWv s]mXp- ta-Jem Iº-n-I-fpsS Hml-cn-Iƒ `mKn-I-ambn hn¬°pI F∂ bw k¿°m¿ Ign™ Ipsd kmº-ØnI h¿j-ß-fn-embn S-∏n- em-°n-h-cp-∂-Xv. s]mXp-ta-Jem ÿm]--ß-fpsS Hml-cn-Iƒ hn‰-gn-°p∂Xv BZy- sams° ISpØ FXn¿∏v £Wn-®p-h-cp-Øn-bn-cp-∂p. F∂m¬ Ct∏mƒ AØcw FXn¿∏p-I-fpsS kzcw Zp¿_-e-am-bn-´p-≠v. h≥InS kzImcy Iº-n-Iƒ ]Ww Is≠-Øp-∂-Xnp≈ G‰hpw anI® hgn-bmbn Hmlcn hn]-Wnsb ImWp-tºmƒ s]mXp-ta-Jem ÿm]- -ß-fpsS qdv iX-amw Hml-cn-Ifpw k¿°m¿ Xs∂ ssIhiw sh®n-cn-°Ww F∂v n¿_‘w ]nSn-°p-∂Xn¬ A¿∞-an-√. s]mXp-ta-Jem ÿm]--ß-fpsS Hmlcn hn¬∏ Imcy-£-a- ambn S∏n-em-°n-bm¬ am{Xta AXn¬ n∂v ]c-am-h[n KpWw k¿°m-cnv D≠m-°m-mIq. s]mXp-ta-Jem ÿm]--ß-fpsS Hml- cn-Iƒ hn‰v hcp-amw Is≠-Øp-∂Xv Ign™ Ipsd kmº-ØnI h¿j-ß-fmbn k¿°m-cns‚ ]Xn-hm-Wv. ]Xn-hm-bn sNøp∂ {]hr- Øn-Iƒ°v Imcy-£-aX Ipd-™p-h-cp-∂XmWv k¿°m-cns‚ Imcy- Øn¬ ]e-t∏mgpw kw`-hn-°p-∂-Xv. s]mXp-ta-Jem ÿm]--ß-fpsS Hml-cn hn¬∏-sbbpw k¿°m¿ bm{¥n-I-amb Hcp NSßv am{X- ambn I≠p-Xp-S-ßn-sb∂mWv Ign™ kmº-ØnI h¿j-Ønse k¿°m-cns‚ sNbvXn-Iƒ hy‡-am-°p-∂-Xv. Ign™ kmº-ØnI h¿jw Ggv s]mXp-ta-Jem Iº-n-I-fpsS HmlcnIƒ hn¬∏-°p sh® k¿°m¿ Hml-cn-I-fpsS aqey-n¿W-bw, hn¬∏-°p sh°p∂ Xv icn-bmb ka-b-Øm-tWm-sb∂ hne-bn-cp-ج, anI® hne e`y- am-°m≥ th≠ S-]-Sn-Iƒ XpS-ßnb Imcy-ß-fn¬ Imcy-£-a-X-bn- √msXbmWv {]h¿Øn-®Xv. Cu hnj-bsØ Ipdn-®mWv slUvPv HmlcnbpsS Cu e°Ønse Ih¿tÃmdn N¿® sNøp-∂-Xv. slUvPv Hmlcnsb Ipdn-®p≈ nß-fpsS hne-tb-dnb A`n- {]m-b-ßfpw n¿tZi-ßfpw kzmKXw sNøp∂-p. sI.-A-c-hnμv FUn-‰¿, slUvPv Hmlcn editor@hedgeequities.com April 2013 Volume: 3 Issue: 1 Price: Rs. 25 Editorial Company Management Managing Director Alex K Babu Chief Executive Officer N. Bhuvanendran Chief Operating Officer Bobby Jose Editor K. Aravind Marketing Manager (Sales) K.G. Girish Kumar Marketing Executive Maria Namitha Correia Research Team Head-Research & Strategies Group Krishnan Thampi K Senior Fundamental Analyst Amar Chandramohan Senior Technical Analysts Renjtih K Economic&Commodity Analyst Vignesh S B K Fundamental Analyst Shajan K.S Marketing Consultancy Nova Centura Strategic Communications Layout & Design M.T.Gopalakrishnan, DezignCentre, Kochi Head OfficeHead OfficeHead OfficeHead OfficeHead Office Hedge Equities, Hedge House, Mamangalam, Kochi, Pin-682 025 Tel: 0484 3040400 E-mail: online@hedgeequities.com Website: www.hedgeequities.com Disclaimer The information contained inour report does not constitute an offer to sell securities or the solicitation of an offer to buy, any security. The information in our report is not intended as financial advice. Hedge Equities Ltd do not undertake the responsibility for any investment decision taken by the readers based on this report. Moreover, none of the research report is intended as a prospectus within the meaning of the applicable laws of any jurisdiction. The information and opinions contained in research reports have been compiled or arrived at from sources believed to be reliable in good faith, but no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made by Hedge Equities Ltd to their accuracy. Moreover, you should be aware of the fact that investments in securities or other financial instruments involve risks. Past results do not guarantee future performance.
  4. 4. 4 slUvPv Hmlcn G{]n¬ 2013 Contents kwi-b-߃°v adp-]Sn hmb--°m-cpsS kwi-b-߃°v adp-]Sn ¬Ip-∂Xv slUvPv CIzn-‰okv No^v FIvkn-Iyq-´ohv Hm^o-k¿ F≥.-`p-h-t-{μ≥ 22 cmPy-Ønp th≠n Cn-sb- ¶nepw kºm-Zn-®p- Xp-Sßmw.....18 kº-∂v k_vkn-Un, km[m-c- W-°m-cv kmº-ØnI`mcw.....21 "Uok¬ Im¿ amnb' ]Xps° C√m-Xm-Ip∂p.....26 ]cn-ÿn-Xn-bpsS aSn-bn¬ Ccp∂v amSn-hn-fn-°p∂ "tlmkv]n-‰m-en‰n'.................28 tlm´¬ _nkn--kn¬ em`w Ipd-bp-∂Xv F¥p-sIm≠v?...30 sIm®n-bnse `h--hn-e-bn¬ sIm®n-bnse `h hne kqNnI 2011 Pqem-bv- ˛-sk-]v‰w-_¿ ss{Xam-kØnp tij-ap≈ G‰hpw Db¿∂ ne-bn-se-Øn. 87 BWv sIm®n-bnse Ct∏m-gsØ `h hne kqNn-I. 14 April 2013 hntZi nt£-]I ÿm]--߃ KWyambn nt£]w S-Øp-∂XmWv C¥y≥ hn]-Wn°v IcpØv ¬Ip- ∂Xv F∂Xp t]mse AXp Xs∂-bmWv hn]-Wn-bpsS Zu¿_-ey-hpw. Hcp G°¿ ÿesØ ]∏mb Irjn-bn¬ n∂pw H∂c h¿j-Øn-p-≈n¬ Ipd- ™Xv A©v e£w cq]bn- tesd em`w tSmw. ]∏mb Irjn-bn-eqsS anI® hcp-amw tSmw 24 hn]-Wn-bn¬ cXv-ß-fpsS UnkvIu≠v skbn¬ 24,000 tImSn cq] kam-l-cn-°pI F∂ e£y-tØmsS c≠v alm-cXv Iº-n-Ifpw aq∂v hcXv Iº-n-Ifpw Dƒs∏sS Ggv s]mXp-ta-Jem Iº-n-I-fpsS Hml-cn-IfmWv Ign™ kmº-Øn-I-h¿jw k¿°m¿ hn‰-gn-®-Xv. k¿°m-cnv ]Ww kam-l-cn-°p-∂-Xn-p≈ X{X-∏m-Sn¬ Xosc Ipd™ hn-e-bmWv an° Iº-n-I-fp-sSbpw Hml-cn-Iƒ°v n›-bn-°-s∏-´-Xv. . 8 hntZi nt£-]-I¿ Ic-Sn-I-fmbn amd-cp-tX-sb∂ {]m¿∞--bn¬ hn]Wn Hcp h¿j-Øn-nsS 21 iX-amw h¿[ .............................6
  5. 5. slUvPv Hmlcn G{]n¬ 2013 5
  6. 6. 6 slUvPv Hmlcn G{]n¬ 2013 Real Estate sIm®nbn Hcp h¿j- Ign™ kmº-ØnI h¿jw HIvtSm-_¿ apX¬ Unkw-_¿ hsc-bp≈ ss{Xamk Øn¬ C¥ybnse 18 {]apJ K-c-ß-fnse `h--hn-e-bn¬ h¿[--bp-≠m-b-Xmbn mj- W¬ luknwKv _m¶n (F≥-F-®v_n)-s‚ `h hne kqNnI hy‡-am-°p-∂p. `h hne kqNn-I-bn-ep-≠mb am‰w Ap-k-cn®v Ign™ Hcp h¿j-Øn-nsS sIm®n-bnse `h--hn-e-bn¬ 21 iX-amw h¿[--bm-Wp- ≠m-bXv. ap≥ss{X- am-k-hp-ambn Xmc-Xayw sNøp- tºmƒ `h--hn-e-bn¬ G‰hpw IqSp-X¬ h¿ [--bp-≠mb K-c-ß-fn¬ sIm®n A©mw ÿm-Øm-Wv. Pqem-bv-˛-sk-]v‰w-_¿ ss{Xam- k-hp-ambn Xmc-Xayw sNøp-tºmƒ sIm®n- bnse `h--hn-e- kqNnIbn¬ 8.8 iX-amw h¿[--bm-Wp-≠m-b-Xv. sIm®n-bnse `h hne kqNnI 2011 Pqem-bv-˛-sk-]v‰w-_¿ ss{Xam-kØnp tij-ap≈ G‰hpw Db¿∂ ne-bn-se-Øn. 87 BWv sIm®n-bnse Ct∏m-gsØ `h hne kqNn-I. CXv Ign™ A©v ss{Xam- k-ß-fnse G‰hpw Db¿∂ ne-hm-c-a-mWv. 2012 Pp-h-cn-˛-am¿®v ss{Xam-k-Øn¬ 72 Bbn-cp∂ `h hne kqNnI AXnp tijw {Iam-p-K-X-ambn Db-cp∂ {]h-W-X- bmWv I≠p-h-cp-∂-Xv. AtX kabw `h--hne kqNn-I-bn¬ Dƒs∏-´n-cn-°p∂ C¥y-bnse a‰v K-c-ß- fp-ambn Xmc-Xayw sNøp-tºmƒ kqNnI G‰ hpw Xmgv∂ ne-bn-ep-≈Xv sIm®n-bnepw Pbv]q-cn-ep-am-Wv. kqNn-I-bn¬ Dƒs∏-´n-cn- °p∂ 17 K-c-ß-fn-sebpw kqNnI 100v apI-fn-em-Wv. C¥y-bnse 20 K-c-ß-fnse `h-hne- I-fpsS ASn-ÿm--ØnemWv mj-W¬ luknwKv _m¶v sdkn-sUIvkv F∂ t]cn ¬ Hmtcm K-c-Øn-sebpw hne kqNnI Xbm-dm-°n-bn-´p-≈Xv. CXn¬ c≠v K-c-ß- fn¬ am{X-amWv ap≥ss{X-am-k-hp-ambn Xmc- Xayw sNøp-tºmƒ HIvtSm-_¿-˛-Un-kw-_¿ ss{Xam-k-Øn¬ hne- C-Sn-hp-≠m-b-Xv. G‰hpw IqSp-X¬ hne h¿[--bp-≠m- C¥ybnse hnhn[ K-cß-fnse `h--hne kqNnI
  7. 7. slUvPv Hmlcn G{]n¬ 2013 7 se `h hnebn¬ Øn-nsS 21% h¿[ Xv `h--hn-e-Isf am{X-am-Wv. ItΩ¿jy¬ t{]m∏¿´n, `qan F∂n-h-bpsS hne sdkn- sUIvkn¬ ]cn-K-Wn-°-s∏-Sp-∂n-√. Hmtcm K-c-Øn-sebpw dnb¬ FtÉv GP‚p-am- cn¬ n∂pw `h hmbv]m Iº-n-I-fn¬ n∂pw _m¶p-I-fn¬ n∂pw tiJ-cn-°p∂ `h hne- kw_-‘n® hnh-cß-fpsS ASn- ÿm--Øn-emWv sdkn-sUIvkv cq]-s∏-Sp- Øn-bn-cn-°p-∂-Xv. bXv apwss_bnem-Wv-˛9.6 iX-am-w. Zn√n- bn¬ 9.55 iX-am-hpw ]q-bn¬ 9.42 iX- am-hpw sIm¬°Øbn¬ 9.40 iX-am-hpw hne h¿[-hv D≠m-bn. C≥tUm-dnepw ^co-Zm-_m-Zn-ep-amWv hne -C-Sn-hp-≠m-b-Xv. D¬∏m-Z kma-{Kn-I-fpsS hneh¿[- hpw ]W-s∏-cp-∏-hp-amWv 18 K-c-ß-fnse hne-h¿[--bn¬ {]Xn-^-en-°p-∂-sX∂v mj-W¬ luknwKv _m¶v sNb¿ampw amt-PnwKv Ub-d-IvS-dp-amb B¿.-hn.-h¿a ]d- bp-∂p. 2007emWv sdkn-sUIvkv ne-hn¬ h∂- Xv. 2007 ASn-ÿm h¿j-ambn IW-°m°n B h¿jØnp tij-ap≈ hne hyXn-bm- -amWv sdkn-sU-Ivkn¬ Hmtcm ss{Xam- k-Ønepw {]Xn-^-en-°p-∂-Xv. 2007se kqNnI 100 BWv. 2007p tijw hne hyXn-bmw apI-fn-te-°m-sW-¶n¬ AXv 100v apI-fn-embpw hne hyXn-bmw Xmtg- °m-sW-¶n¬ AXv 100v Xmsg-bm-bpw tcJ- s∏-Sp-Ø-s∏-Sp-∂p. Bdv K-c-߃ IqSn sdkn-sU-Ivkn¬ Dƒs∏-Sp-Øpw. 2007se `h--hne kqNn-I-bpsS ASn-ÿm--Øn¬ ne-hn¬ sIm®n-bnse `h--hne 13 iX-amw Xmsg-bm-Wv. s d k n - s U Ivkv B[m-c- am-°p-∂ sIm-®n-bnse hnhn[ taJ-e-I-fnse `h--hne kqNnI sIm-®n-bnse hnhn[ taJ-e-I-fnse `h--hne kqNnIbnep-≠mb hyXn-bmw H≥]Xv K-c-ß-fnse hne kqNnI G‰hpw Db¿∂ ne-bn¬ `h--hne kqNn-I-bpsS ASn-ÿm-- Øn¬ sIm®n-bnse c≠v taJ-e-I-fnse `h hne ne-hmcw 2007se ne-hm-c-tØ- °mƒ apI-fn-em-Wv. t^m¿´v sIm®n, ]≈p- cp-Øn taJ-e-Ifn¬ `h--hne A©v h¿j sØ Db¿∂ ne--bn-em-sW-∂mWv `h hne kqNnI hy‡-am-°p-∂-Xv. apwss_, Zn√n, ]m‰v, Al-Ω-Zm-_m-Zv, sNss∂, eIvu, ]qs, kqd-‰v, _mw•q¿ XpS-ßnb {]apJ K-c-ß-fnse `h hne kqNnI 2007v tij-ap≈ G‰hpw Db¿∂ ne-bn-em-Wv. `h--hne kqNnI Ap-k- cn®v sNss∂-bn-emWv G‰hpw IqSp-X¬ `hhne h¿[-hv D≠m-b-Xv. 2007se hne- bp-ambn Xmc-Xayw sNøp-tºmƒ 214 iX-am- -amWv h¿[-.
  8. 8. 8 slUvPv Hmlcn G{]n¬ 2013 Cover Story c-Xv-I-fp-sSbpw ann-c-Xv-I-fp-sSbpw Hml- cn-Iƒ s]mXp-hn-]-Wn-bn¬ hn¬°p-Ibpw hntZ-iØp n∂pƒs∏-sS-bp≈ nt£]I ÿm]--߃ Ah hmßm≥ {]tXyI Xm¬∏cyw Im´p-Ibpw sNøp-tºmƒ Hml- cn-I-fpsS aqey-ta-dp-∂p. ]t£ cXv-ß-fm-bmepw AhbpsS aqey-Ønv Ap-k-cn®v A¿ln-°p∂ hne In´-W-sa-¶n¬ hn]-Wn-bpsS ka-bhpw Unam‚nse IrXy-Xbpw Dd-∏p-h-cp-Ø-Ww. anI® hne In´-W-sa-¶n¬ anI-®Xv Xs∂ hn¬°p-Ibpw thWw. F∂m¬ alm-c-Xv- 24,000 tImSn cq] kam-l-cn-°pI F∂ e£y-tØmsS c≠v alm-cXv Iº-n-Ifpw aq∂v hcXv Iº-n-Ifpw Dƒs∏sS Ggv s]mXp-ta-Jem Iº-n-I-fpsS Hml-cn-IfmWv Ign™ kmº-Øn-I-h¿jw k¿°m¿ hn‰-gn-®-Xv. k¿°m-cnv ]Ww kam-l-cn-°p-∂-Xn-p≈ X{X-∏m-Sn¬ Xosc Ipd™ hn-e-bmWv an° Iº-n-I-fp-sSbpw Hml-cn-Iƒ°v n›-bn-°-s∏-´-Xv. sI.-A-c-hn-μv C¥y-bnse G‰hpw henb Ggv s]mXp- ta-Jem Iº-n-Isf alm-cXv Iº-n-Iƒ F∂mWv k¿°m¿ hnti-jn-∏n-°p-∂-Xv. alm-c-Xv-ßfpsS ]´n-I°v ]pd-Øp≈ BtKmf `oa≥am¿ F∂ ne-bn¬ cmPym- ¥c hn]-Wn-bn¬ a’-c-£-a-X-bn¬ hnin jvS ÿm-ap≈ 15 Iº-n-Iƒ°v h-cXv ]Z-hnbpw ¬In-bn-cn-°p∂p. a‰v Hcp ]nSn "anncXv-'ßfpw C¥y-bnse s]mXp-ta- Jem tIm¿∏-td‰v temI-Øp-≠v. cXv߃°v Ah A¿ln-°p∂ hnti- j-s∏´ hne-bp-≠v. alm-cXv F∂ A]q¿ h _lp-a-Xn-bm-Ip-tºmƒ AXns‚ aqeyw km[m-cW cXv-ß-tf-°mƒ F{Xtbm aS- ßm-Ipw. h-c-Xv-ßfpw A]q¿h aqey-ap- ≈-Xm-Wv. ssIbn¬ Bh-iy-Ønv ]W-an- √m-ØXp sIm≠mWv Cu cXv-ßsf apdn- ®p-hn¬°m≥ ΩpsS k¿°m¿ Xocp-am-n- ®-Xv. cmIn-an-p°n sNdp-XmIpw tXmdpw cXv-Øns‚ Xnf-°hpw aqeyhpw Gdp-sa- ∂mWv k¶¬∏w. ΩpsS s]mXp-ta-J-e-bn se cXv-ß-fpsS Imcy-Ønepw Cu k¶¬ ∏-Ønv {]k-‡n-bp-≠v. k¿°m-cns‚ DS- a-ÿ-X-bn-ep≈ h-c-Xv-I-fp-sSbpw alm-
  9. 9. slUvPv Hmlcn G{]n¬ 2013 9 Ifpw h-c-Xv-Ifpw ann-c-Xv-Ifpw amdn- amdn hn¬∏-bv°v sh°p∂ k¿°m-cnv ssIh-i-ap-≈-hbpsS aqeyw Fs¥∂v, Ah- bn¬ G‰hpw aqeyap-≈h GsX-∂v, Ft∏m ƒ Ch hn‰m¬ anI® hne In´p-sa-∂v n›- b-apt≠m? n›-b-an-s√∂v am{X-a-√, kmº- ØnI h¿jw Ah-km--am-Ip-tºm-tg°pw In´p∂ hne°v ]e Aaq-ey-c-Xv-ßfpw hn‰v Bh-iy-ap≈ hcp-amw Hcp hn[w kam-l-cn-s®∂v hcp-Øp-∂-Xn-p≈ X{X- ∏mSmWv am¿®n¬ mw I≠-Xv. AtX kabw Xnf°w jvS-s∏´v "hne Ipd™' Nne cXv-߃ hmßm≥ Bsf In´m-n- s√∂ ÿnXnbpw h∂p. GXv Dc-°-√v D]-tbm-Kn®v am‰v Af- ∂mepw anI® hne n›-b- amb cXv-ß- ƒ ° m W v k¿°m¿ "Np fp-hne' Xd-hn- e-bmbn n›- bn-®-Xv. 96.38 cq] ]pkvX-I- a q - e y - a p ≈ Ão¬ AtXm- dn‰n Hm^v C ¥y (skbn ¬)-bpsS Hm lcn°v n›- bn® Xd-hne (^vtfm¿ss{]-kv) 63 cq]-bmWv. 45.46 cq] ]pkvX-I-aq-ey-ap≈ mj-W¬ Aeq-an-nbw Iº-n- (m¬tIm) bpsS Hml-cn-Iƒhn ‰Xv 40 cq]bv°m-Wv. m¬tIm-bpsS A©v iX- amw A[nI Hml-cn-Iƒ IqSn Ipd™ hnebv°v hn¬°m≥ {ian-s®-¶nepw nt£- ]-Isc In´n-bn-√. aqeyn¿W-bØnse ]mfn-®-Iƒ Nne IºnI-fpsS Imcy-Øn¬ hne Aan-X-ambn XmgvØmmbn a¿®‚ v _m ¶dpIƒ F∂ CS-n-e-°m¿ Ifn-°m≥ {ian- ®Xv k¿°m-cnv ]nSn-®p-an-√. 230 cq] hn]- Wn-hn-e-bp≈ Fw--Fw-Sn-kn-bpsS Hml-cn°v a¿®‚ v _m¶ dpIƒ n›-bn® ymb-hne tIhew 75 cq]-bm-Wv. ne-hn-ep≈ hne Hml-cn-bpsS aqeysØ {]Xn-^-en-∏n-°p-∂n- s√∂ ymbw ]d-™mWv a¿®‚ v _m ¶dpIƒ hfsc Xmgv∂ hne n¿tZ-in-®-Xv. Cu aqey-n¿ Wbw t_m[y-s∏-SmØXns XpS¿∂v Hmlcn hn¬∏ am‰n-sh-°m≥ k¿°m¿ Xocpamn®p. "Aaq-ey-c-Xv-'ß-fmb Cu Iº-n-I-fpsS bYm¿∞ aqeysØ ]‰n Ah-bpsS DS-a- ÿmb k¿°m-cnv IrXy-amb t_m[y- ap-s≠-¶n¬ am{Xta Hmlcn hn¬∏ hnP- b-I-c-am°n am‰m≥ km[n-°q. F∂m¬ hnP- b-I-c-amb Hmlcn hn¬∏-bv°v th≠n hy‡-amb ]≤-Xntbm IrXy-amb aqey-n¿ Wb coXntbm Bkq-{X-Wtam k¿°m-cn- n-√. hymh-km-bnI taJ-esb _m[n-°p∂ 96.38 cq] ]pkvX-I-aq-ey-ap ≈ Ão¬ AtXm-dn‰n Hm^v C¥y (sk-bn¬)-bpsS Hml cn°v n›-bn® Xd-hne (^vtfm¿ ss{]-kv) 63 cq]-bm Wv. 45.46 cq] ]pkvX-I-aq- ey-ap≈ mj-W¬ Aeq-an- nbw Iº-n- (m¬tIm) bp sS Hml-cn-Iƒ hn‰Xv 40 cq ]-bv°m-Wv. Ign™ kmº-ØnI h¿jw Hmlcn hn¬∏ S∂ s]mXp-ta-Jem Iº-n-Iƒ Iºn Xd-hne kam-l-cn® k_vkvss{I_v (cq-]) XpI (tImSn cq]) sNø-s∏´Xv lnμp-ÿm≥ tIm∏¿ 155 1389 0.58 aSßv F≥-Fw-Unkn 147 5888 1.73 aSßv Hmbn¬ C¥y 510 3114 2.56 aSßv F≥Sn-]nkn 145 11429 1.70 aSßv B¿kn-F^v 45 310 1.29 aSßv m¬tIm 40 629 0.61 aSßv skbn¬ 63 1514.5 1.004 aSßv hn¬∏ hnP-bn-∏n-t°≠ _m[yX F¬-sF-kn°v 24,000 tImSn cq] kam-l-cn-°p∂Xn- m bn F≥-Fw-Un-kn, lnμp-ÿm≥ tIm∏¿, Hmbn¬ C¥y, F≥Sn-]nkn, B¿kn-F^v, m¬tIm, skbn¬ F ∂o Ggv s]mXp-ta-Jem Iº-n-I-fpsS HmlcnIfmWv k¿°m¿ Ign™ kmº- ØnI h¿jw hn¬∏- °psh-®-Xv. k¿°m-cns‚ Hmlcn hn‰-gn-°¬ ]≤- Xn-bn-te°v hntZi nt£-]I ÿm]- -ßsf th≠{X B I ¿ j n - ° m ≥ k¿°m-cnv Ign- ™n-√. AØcw kml-N-cy-ß-fn¬ k¿°m-cns‚ Hml cn hn‰-gn-°¬ hnP- b-I-c-am-°mp≈ D Ø-c-hm-ZnØw F¬- sF-kn- t]mep≈ s]mXp -ta-Jem B `y-¥c nt£]I ÿm]߃°m Wv. hntZi nt£-]I ÿm]-- ߃t°m a‰v B`y-¥c nt£-]- I¿t°m Xm¬∏-cy-an-√mØ Iº-n-I- fpsS Hml-cnIƒ hmßm-p≈ _m[yX F¬-sF-kn°p taemWv k¿°m¿ sI´n- sh-®n-cn-°p-∂-Xv. DZm-l-c-W-Ønv CubnsS S∂ cm{„ob sIan-°¬kv B‚ v s^¿´n-sse-tkgvkn (B¿kn-F- ^v)s‚ Hml-cn- hn¬∏ hnP-b-I-c-am- °p-∂-Xnv F¬-sFkn 46 iX-amw Hml-cn-IfmWv hmßn-b-Xv. Ign™ kmºØnIh¿jw hn‰ lnμp-ÿm≥ tIm∏-dns‚ HmlcnIfn¬44 iX-am- hpw F¬-sF-kn-bmWv hmßn-b-Xv. 2011- ˛12 kmº-ØnI h¿jØn¬ HF≥ PnknbpsS t^mtfm Hm¨ ]ªnIv Hm^¿ hgn F¬-sFkn 12,000 tImSn cq]-bpsS nt£-]-amWv S-Øn-b-Xv. HF≥PnknbpsS ]ªnIv Cjyp-hn-eqsS kam-l-cn-°m≥ Dt±-in® XpI-bpsS GI-tZiw 90 iX-am-hpw F¬-sFkn S-Ønb nt£-]-ØneqsSbmWv k¿°m-cnv e`n-®-Xv. am¿®v 22v S∂ skbn-ens‚ Hm^ ¿ 100 iX-am-hpw k_vkvss{I_v sN ø-s∏-´Xv F¬sF-kn-bpsS klm-b- tØm-sS-bm-Wv. HF≥Pn-kn-bpsS Cjyphnv kam--ambncp∂p skbn- ens‚ Cjyp-hnp e`n® {]Xn-I-c- Whpw. Ah-km anp-´p-I-fn¬ am{X- amWv HF≥Pn-kn-bp-sSbpw skbn-en- s‚bpw Cjyp-Iƒ ]q¿W-ambn k_vkvss{I_v sNø-s∏-´-Xv.
  10. 10. 10 slUvPv Hmlcn G{]n¬ 2013 Cover Story hnhn[ Imc-W-ß-fm¬ {lkz-Im-em-Sn-ÿm--Øn¬ {]I-S--Øn¬ Zu¿_eyw Im´p∂ Nne Iº-n-I-fpsS Hml-cn-I-sf- k¿°m¿ hn¬∏- bv°p sh®-t∏mƒ Ch-tbm- Sp≈ nt£-]-I-cpsS {]Xn- I-cWw XWp-Ø-Xm-bn. Ct∏mƒ hn¬t°≠ Iº-n- tb-sX∂ Xncn-®-dnhv k¿°m- cnv C√msX t]mb-XmWv AXnp Imc-Ww. sa‰¬, ssanwKv- t]mep ≈ taJ-e-Iƒ {lkz-Im-em- Sn-ÿm--Øn¬ tcn-Sp∂ {]iv-߃ aqew Cu taJ- Iºn hn‰ Hml-cn-I-fpsS F¬-sFkn F¬-sFkn FÆw hmßn-bXv hmßn-bXv (tImSn) (tImSn) (%) HF≥Pnkn 42.70 37.70 88.3% B¿kn-F^v 6.90 3.16 45.8% lnμp-ÿm≥ tIm∏¿ 5.20 2.25 43.6% F≥Sn-]nkn 78.30 12.03 15.4% F≥-Fw-Unkn 39.60 1.86 4.7% Hmbn¬ C¥y 6.01 C√ ˛ F¬-sFkn KWy-amb ]¶m-fnØw hln® Hmlcn tee-߃ e-bnse Hml-cn-Iƒ°v Unam‚ v Ipd ™ncn-s°-bmWv skbn-en- s‚bpw m¬tIm-bp-sSbpw Hml-cn-Iƒ k¿°m¿ hn¬∏bv°v sh®-Xv. Cu taJe sa®-s∏´ ne-bn-te°v Xncn-®p-h-cptºmƒ anI® hne°v hn¬°m≥ km[n-°p-am-bn- cp∂ Hml-cn-I-fmWv Xosc Ipd™ hnebv°v hn‰p-I-f-bp∂-Xv. AtX kabw FÆ-˛-hm-XI taJ-e-bnse ]cn-jvI-c W S-]-Sn-I-fpsS shfn-®-Øn ¬ Unam‚ v Gdnbncn-°p∂ s]mXp-ta-Jem ÿm]--amb Hmbn¬ C¥ybpsS Hmlcn hn‰-t∏mƒ 2.56 aS-ßmWv k_vkvss{I_v sNø-s∏-´-Xv. nt£-]I-cn¬ n∂v anI® {]Xn-I-cWw e`n® Hmbn¬ C¥ybpsS Hmlcn hn¬∏--bn¬ a‰v Iº-n-I-fpsS Hmlcn hn¬∏ hnP-b-I-c-am-°p-∂-Xn¬ n¿Wm-bI ]¶v hln® F¬-sFkn ]s¶- Sp-Ø-Xp-an-√. tNmcp∂ kºØv hn]-Wn-bn¬ enÃv sNø- s∏-´n-cn-°p∂ s]mXp-ta-Jem em¿PvIm∏v Hml-cn-I-fpsS ASn-ÿm--aq-ey-Øn¬ hnizmkw A¿∏n-®ncn-°p∂ sNdp-InS nt£-]-I¿ °mWv k¿°m-cns‚ CØcw CS-°me hn¬∏--I-ƒ aqew jvSw kw`-hn-°p-∂-Xv. skbn¬, m¬tIm XpS-ßn b Hml-cn-I-fn-ep-≠mb CSnhv nt£-]-I-cpsS kº-ØmWv tNm¿Øn-°-f-™-Xv. CØcw nt£-]-I-cpsS Xm¬∏cyw kwc-£n-°p∂ Xc-Øn¬ Hml-cn-Iƒ hn¬°p∂ kwhn-[mw krjvSn°m≥ k¿°m-cnv _m[y-X-bp-≠v. Hmlcn hn¬∏ Imcy-£- a-ambpw A¿ln-°p∂ hne e`y-am-Ip∂ coXnbnepw S-Øp-∂-Xnv imkv{Xo-b-amb kwhn-[mamWv k¿°m¿ BZyw krjvSn- t°-≠-Xv. AØcw kwhn-[m--Øns‚ A`m- h-Øn¬ S-Øp∂ Hmlcn hn¬∏ ΩpsS kºØv mw Xs∂ ]mgm-°p-∂- Xnv Xpey-am-Wv. hn]-Wn-bn¬ ne-hn¬ enÃv sNbvXn-´p≈ Hcp s]mXp-ta- Jem Iº-n-bpsS IqSp-X¬ Hml-cn-Iƒ hn‰-gn-°p-∂p-sh∂ {]Jym-]w k¿°m¿ S-Øp-tºmƒ Xs∂ Hmlcn hne CSn- bp-∂-XmWv Ap-`-hw. AXnp tijw Hmlcn hn¬∏--bpsS {]{Inb ]q¿Øn-bm-Ip-∂Xp hsc B Iº-n-bpsS Hmlcn Ic-Sn-I-fpsS B{I-a-W-Ønv XpS¿®-bmbn Cc-bm-bnsIm-≠n- cn°pw. hn]-Wn-bn¬ hym]mcw sNø-s∏-Sp∂ s]mXp-ta-Jem Iº-n-I-fpsS IqSp-X¬ HmlcnIƒ k¿°m¿ hn¬∏-bv°v sh°p-tºmƒ hn]-Wn-hn-e-tb-°mƒ Xmgv∂ hne-bn¬ hn¬°p- ∂p-sh∂ ap≥Ime Ncn-{X-amWv hn¬∏ {]Jym-]n-°-s∏-´- Xnp tijw Hml-cn-I-fpsS hne CSn-bp-∂-Xnv Imc-W-am-Ip- ∂-Xv. Ign™ kmº-ØnI h¿j-Ønse Ah-km amk-ß- fn¬ Hmlcn hn¬∏- S∂ skbn¬, m¬tIm, B¿kn- F^v F∂o s]mXp-ta-Jem Iº-nIfpsS Hml-cn-Iƒ hn¬∏- °v apºmbn 52 BgvN sØ Db¿∂ hne-bn¬ n∂pw 40-˛45 iX-amw CSn-™p. Cu Hml-cn-I- sf√mw Xs∂ 52 BgvN sØ Xmgv∂ hne-bn-te°v CSn-bpIbpw sNbvXp. Hm lcn hn¬∏ {]Jym-]n- ®-Xnp tijw am¿®v am k-tØmsS Cu Hml-cn-I- fpsS hn]-Wn-aq-ey-Øn¬ D≠mb CSnhv 30,000 tIm Sn cq]-tbm-f-am-Wv. G‰hpw henb almcXv Iº-n- bmb tImƒ C¥y-bpsS 10 iX-amw Hml-cn-Iƒ S∏p kmº-ØnI h¿jw hn¬°p-sa∂v am¿®n¬ {]Jym-]--ap-≠mb Znh kw Xs∂ Hml-cn-bpsS hne Bdv iX-am--amWv CSn-™-Xv. Hmlcn hne CSn-°m-mbn am{Xw hn¬∏
  11. 11. slUvPv Hmlcn G{]n¬ 2013 11
  12. 12. 12 slUvPv Hmlcn G{]n¬ 2013 Xpdp-∏p-No´v BcpsS ssIbn¬? ASpØ temIvk`m sXc-s™- Sp-∏nv apt∂m-Sn-bm-bp≈ cmjv{Sob mS-I-ß-ƒ {]Xo-£n-®- Xn-t-°mƒ tc-sØ- Xs∂ sImgp-Ø-tXmsS Hmlcn hn]-Wn- bn¬ Nm©m-´-߃ i‡-amIp∂ {]h-W-X°v B°w IqSn. {]Xo-£n-®-Xn-t°mƒ Bdv amk-sa-¶n epw aptº Zn√n-bnse cmjv{Sob mSIß ƒ°v Xnc-ioe Db¿∂p. ASpØ temIv k `m sXc-s™-Sp∏v hsc Cu mSIw A{]- Xo-£nX SznÃp-Ifpw cm{„ob tXm-°-fpsS ]©v Ub-tem-Kp-I-fp-aSßnb akmeIq´p- ambn t{]£-Isc ckw ]nSn-∏n-®psIm-≠n- cn-°pw. HSp°w ss¢amIvtkm B‚n ss¢ amIvtkmsb∂v {]h-Nn-°m-m-ImØ hn[w IYm-]m{X _mlp-eyhpw thj-am-‰hpw nd- ™p-n¬°p-∂- Cu mS-I-Ønse SznÃp- Iƒ°v Ap-k-cn®v Hmlcn hn]Wn Nm©m- Sn-s°m-≠n-cn°pIbpw sNøpw. 2013¬ Hmlcn hn]Wn tcnSmn-cn°p ∂ {][m {]iv-ß-fn-sem∂v cmjv{Sob mS-I-ß-fm-bn-cn-°p-sa∂v tcsØ Xs∂ {]h-Nn-°-s∏-´-Xm-Wv. ]t£ {]Xo-£n-®-Xn- t-°mƒ A¬∏w tc-sØ-bmbn Imcy-ß ƒ. A{]-Xo-£nX kw`-h-߃°v ¬tI≠ hne hn]-Wn ¬Ip-I-bpw sNbvXp. UnFwsI tXmhv Fw.-I-cp-Wm-n[n XpS- ßn-sh® cmjv{Sob mS-I-Ønp tijw Hmlcn hn]Wn aq∂v Znh-k-Øn-Iw Xs∂ mev iX-amw CSn-™-t∏mƒ ]e Hml-cn- Ifpw Xo¿Øpw hne Ipd™ hne-bn-se- Øn. ap®o-´p-I-fn-bn-se∂ t]mse Xpdp-∏p-No´v Hfn-∏n-®n-cn-°p-∂Xv Bsc∂v Hcp ]t£ Ifn-bpsS A¥y-Øn¬ am{Xw a-kn-em- Ip∂ {]h-N-m-Xo-X-amb NqXm´Ønte- °mWv Zn√n cmjv{Sobw {]th-in-®n-cn-°p-∂- Xv. F√m-hcpw Hcp ssI tm°m≥ Xs∂- bmWv `mhw. Xt‚-XmWv G‰hpw √ ssIsb∂ ico-c-`mjbmWv Cu Ifn-bnse Hmtcm ]¶m-fn-°p-ap-≈-Xv. B ico-c-`mj hymPtam bYm¿∞tam F∂ Bi-b-°p-g- ∏-Øns‚ An-›n-X-Xz-Øn-emWv a‰p-≈-h¿. Xan-gvmSv cmjv{So-b-Ønse Xm¬∏-cy-ß- fpsS t]cn¬ Zn√n cmjv{So-b-Øn¬ Im¿Uv Cd-°nb Icp-Wm-n[n BtWm _olm¿ cm{„o-b-Ønse hnP-b-Ønp th≠n H∏w n¬°p∂ _nsP-]nsbbpw X≈n-∏-d-bm≥ Xbm-dp≈ nXojv Ipam-dmtWm AtXm at‰sX--¶nepw Iui-e-°m-c-mb Ifn-°m-c- ap®o-´p-I-fn-bn-se An-›n- X-Xz-Øn-se∂ t]mse Xp dp-∏p-No´v Hfn-∏n-®n-cn-°p∂ Xv Bsc∂v Hcp ]t£ Ifn- bpsS A¥y-Øn¬ am{Xw a -kn-em-Ip∂ {]h-N-m-Xo X-amb NqXm´Ønte°m Wv Zn√n cmjv{Sobw {]th-in- ®n-cn-°p-∂-Xv. Political Theatre mtWm Cu Ifn-bnse A¥na hnPbn F∂v Ifn-bpsS ]e L´- ߃°p tijta hy‡-am-Iq. C¥y≥ Hmlcn hn]Wn G‰hpw IqSp- X¬ _‘-s∏´p n¬°p-∂Xv cmjv{So-b- tØm-Sm-Wv. H∂mw bp]nF k¿°m-cns‚ cq]o-I-cWw apX¬ Hmlcn hn]Wn kΩni- {i-amb {]Xn-I-c-W-amWv {]I-Sn-∏n-®-Xv. CS- Xp-]m¿´n-I-fpsS ]n¥p-W-tbmsS S-Ønb k¿°m¿ cq]o-I-c-W-Ønv ]n∂nse cmjv{Sob ka-hmIyw BZy-sam∂pw hn]-Wn- °v A{X Zln®n-√. F∂m¬ H∂mw bp]nF k¿°m-cns‚ `c-W-Im-eØv hn]Wn ]n∂oSv i‡-amb apt∂‰w ImgvN sh°pI Xs∂ sNbvXp. H∂mw bp]nF k¿°m-cnv CS- Xp-]m¿´n-Iƒ ]n ¥pW ]n≥h-en-®-t∏mƒ CSXp ]£ cmjv{So-b-tØmSv B`n-ap-Jy-an-√mØ Hmlcn hn]Wn AXn-tmSv {]Xn-I-cn-®Xv DW¿hv {]I-Sn-∏n-®p-sIm-≠m-Wv. `c-W-X-e- Øn¬ cmjv{Sob ÿncX XncnsI hcp∂p sh∂ {]XoXn krjvSn®psIm≠v bp]nF Ign™ temIvk`m sXc-s™-Sp-∏n¬ hnP- bn-®-Xnp tij-amWv C¥y≥ Hmlcn hn]Wnbn¬ Ncn-{X-Ønse G‰hpw henb apt∂-‰-ß-fn-sem∂v D≠m-b-Xv. UnFwsI krjvSn® {]Xn-k-‘ntbmSpw KmV-ambn Xs∂ hn]Wn {]Xn-I-cn-®p. Nm©m-´-ß- fpsS then-tb-‰hpw then-bn-d-°hpw Bbn- cn°pw Cn hn]-Wnsb `cn-°p-∂-Xv. cmjv{So-b-t-Xm-°-fmWv G‰hpw henb tImam-fn-Iƒ F∂v shfn-s∏-Sp-Øpw hn[w k¿°kv IqSm-c-Ønse …m]vÃn°v tIm aUnsb Ap-kva-cn-∏n-°p∂ Zriy-ß-fmWv Zn√n-bnse cmjv{Sob mS-I-Øn¬ I≠-Xv. ]n¥pW ]n≥h-en® UnFw-sI-bpsS tXm hv Ãmens‚ ho´n¬ kn_nsF sdbvUv S- Øp-Ibpw sdbvUv icn-b-s√∂ Akw-_‘ lmkyw ap‰n-n¬°p-∂- U-b-temKv ]d-bm ≥ s]mXpsh apn-bmb {][m--a{¥n t]m epw apt∂m-´p-h-cn-Ibpw {]tIm-]n-X-mb apem-bsØ Ap--bn-∏n-°m≥ ]m¿e-sa‚n s‚ AI-Ø-fØn¬ sh®p-Xs∂ tkmWnb Iq∏p-ssI-bp-ambn Imep-]n-Sn-°m≥ sN√p- ∂Xpw t]mep≈ Iem-]-cn-]m-Sn-I-fn-eqsS Akw-_‘ lmkyw th≠{X hnf-ºm≥ {ian-°p-∂p≠v Zn√n-bnse tImam-fn Xmc-ß ƒ. mSIw sImgn-°p-tºmgpw CXn-t-°mƒ sImgpØ tImamfn Zriy-߃ {]Xo£n °mw. ap®o-´p-I-fn-bn¬ tImam-fn-(tPm°¿)°m- Wt√m G‰hpw {][m ÿmw!
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  17. 17. slUvPv Hmlcn G{]n¬ 2013 17 hfsc ]cn-an-X-am-bn-cn-°p-Ibpw sNøp-∂Xv F¥p-sIm-≠mWv? ImcWw hy‡w. Hmlcn nt£-]hpw Hmlcn _‘nX D¬∏-∂- ßfnse nt£-]hpw A¬∏w k¶o¿W- am-sW-∂Xp sIm≠p Xs∂ C¥y t]m ep≈ cmPy-ß-fn¬ CØcw nt£] am¿K- ß-fn-te°v nt£-]-Isc BI¿jn-°-W-sa- ¶n¬ hfsc kPo-h-amb Iymws]bv ≥ Bh- iy-am-Wv. AXn-√m-Ø-XmWv nt£-]-I-cpsS ]¶m-fnØw Zp¿_-e-am-Ip-∂-Xnv Imc-Ww. GXmpw h¿jw apºv bpen]v D¬∏-∂- ß-fpsS hn¬∏ s]mSn-s]m-Sn-®Xv hn]p-e- amb Iymws]-bvn-eq-sS-bm-bn-cp-∂p. Atß- b‰w Aim-kv{Xo-bhpw sX‰n-≤m-cWm P- I-hp-am-bn-cp∂p B Iymws]-bv≥ F∂Xv adp- hiw. AXnp ]Icw imkv{Xo-bhpw kpXm- cy-hp-amb {]Nm-c-W-ß-fn-eqsS nt£-]-Isc BI¿jn-s®-¶n¬ am{Xta C¥y t]mep≈ aq∂mw temI cmPy-ß-fn¬ nt£-]-I¿ Hmlcn, Hmlcn _‘nX nt£-]ßfpsS taJ-e-bn-te°v IS-∂p-h-cn-I-bp-≈q. "bpen]v Ipw`--tImW'Ønp tijw Hmlcn hn]-Wn- bn¬ n∂v AI-∂p-t]mb nt£-]-Isc tcmb coXn-bn¬ Hmlcn nt£-]-Øn- te°v BI¿jn-°p∂ ]≤-Xn-Itfm {]Nm- cW ]cn-]m-Sn-Itfm D≠m-bn-´n-√. ]ns∂- ßs sNdp-InS nt£-]-I-cpsS ]¶m-fnØw kPo-h-amIpw? kz¿W-Øn¬ Aan-X-ambn nt£-]n®v Id‚ v A°u≠v IΩn Iq´p-Ibpw AXp- hgn cmPy-Ønv _m[yX hcp-Øn-sh- °pIbpw sNøp-∂ sNdp-InS nt£-]-I¿ "tZi-kvt-ln'-I-fmbn amd-W-sa-¶n¬ k¿°m¿ IqSn akv sh°Ww. AXnv Ap-tbm-Py-amb kºm-Zy, nt£] ]≤- Xn-Iƒ cmPysØ hnZ-Kv[-cpsS klm- btØmsS cq]-s∏-Sp-ØpIbpw ]pXnb Hcp nt£] kwkvImcw Icp-]n-Sn-∏n-°m≥ k¿°m¿ ap≥ssI-sb-Sp-°p-Ibpw thWw. ]ªnIv t{]mhn-U‚ v ^≠v t]mep≈ nt£] ]≤-Xn-IfneqsS Hmlcn hn]-Wn- bn¬ nt£]w S-Øm-p≈ am¿Kw sXc- s™-Sp-°p-∂-Xnv Xm¬∏-cy-ap≈ nt£-]- I¿°v Ah-kcw ¬Ip-I, yq s]≥j≥ kvIow hgn-bp≈ Hmlcn nt£-]Ønv {]Nm-c-Whpw t{]m’m-lhpw ¬IpI F∂n-h-sb√mw Hmlcn nt£-]-tØmSv kulm¿Z-]-c-amb A¥-co£w Hcp-°p-∂- Xnv k¿°m-cnv Ct∏mƒ sNøm-hp∂ Imcy- ß-fm-Wv. cmPo-hvKm‘n CIzn‰n tkhnwKvkv kvIow t]mep≈ ]≤-Xn-Iƒ t]cnv {]Jym-]n-®Xp amkw A‰nt£]w (tImSn cq]) 2012 Pp-hcn 10,357.70 2012 s^{_p-hcn 25,212.10 2012 am¿®v 8,381.10 2012 G{]n¬ -˛-1,109.10 2012 sabv -˛347.10 2012 Pq¨ ˛-501.30 2012 Pqsse 10,272.70 2012 HmKÃv 10,803.90 2012 sk]v‰w-_¿ 19,261.50 2012 HIvtSm-_¿ 11,364.20 2012 hw-_¿ 9,577.20 2012 Unkw-_¿ 25,087.80 2013 Pp-hcn 22,059.20 2013 s^{_p-hcn 24,439.30 2013 am¿®v 21 hsc 7,135.60 2012epw 2013epw hntZi nt£-]I ÿm]--߃ C¥y≥ Hmlcn hn]-Wn-bn¬ S-Ønb A‰--n-t£-]w kz¿W-Øn¬ Aan-X-ambn nt£-]n®v Id‚v A°u ≠v IΩn Iq´p-Ibpw A Xp-hgn cmPy-Ønv _m[y X hcp-Øn-sh-°pIbpw sNøp-∂ sNdp-InS n t£-]-I¿ "tZi-kvt-ln'- I-fmbn amd-W-sa-¶n¬ AXnv k¿°m¿ IqSn akv sh°Ww. i‡-amb ASn-ÿm--ß-fp≈ Iºn-I-fpsS Imcy-Øn¬ hntZi nt£-]I ÿm]--߃ F√m-bvt∏mgpw "_p≈njv' Bbn-cn-°p-sa∂v Icp-Xmmhn√. kml- N-cy-ß-ƒ°v Ap-k-cn-®v Imf-Iƒ Ic-Sn-I-fmbn thj-am‰w S-Ømw. sIm≠p am{Xw sNdp-InS nt£-]-I¿ Hmlcn hn]-Wn-bn-te°v BI¿jn-°-s∏-Sn- √. CØcw ]≤-Xn-I-fpsS cq]-L-S km[m- c-W-°m-¿°v Ffp-∏-Øn¬ a-kn-em-°m≥ km[n-°p-∂Xmbn-cn-°-Ww, Ahsc nt£- ]-Ønv t{]cn-∏n--°p∂ A[nI Bp-Iq-ey- ߃ Ap-h-Zn-°-s∏-SWw, Ah P-ß-fn- se-Øm≥ th≠ {]Nm-cWw S-Ø-Ww. CsXm∂pw sNømsX nt£] ]≤-Xn- Iƒ {]Jym-]n-®Xp sIm≠p am{Xw NnZw- _cw B{K-ln-°p-∂Xp t]mse kz¿Ww hmßn kq£n-°p-∂Xnv ]Icw D¬∏m-Z- -£-a-amb nt£]w S-Øp∂ coXn°v Hcp kp{]-`mXØn¬ {]mcw`w Ipdn-°-s∏- Sn-√.
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  19. 19. slUvPv Hmlcn G{]n¬ 2013 19
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  24. 24. 24 slUvPv Hmlcn G{]n¬ 2013 Agri Culture ]∏mb Irjn-bn-eqsS anI® hcp-amw tSmw Hcp G°¿ ÿesØ ]∏mb Irjn-bn¬ n∂pw H∂c h¿j-Øn-p-≈n¬ Ipd-™Xv A©v e£w cq]bn-tesd em`w tSmw. kn.-l-cn-l-c≥ IrjnbneqsS hmWn- Pym-Sn-ÿm--Øn¬ apt∂-dm≥ B{K-ln-°p- ∂-h¿°v sXc-s™-Sp- °m-hp∂XmWv ]∏mb Irjn. temIhn]-Wn- bn¬ Unam‚p≈ ]g- h¿K-ß-fn¬ {][m-- s∏´ H∂mWv ]∏m-b. tIc-f-Ønse Imem-h-ÿ-bn¬ anI® hcp- am--ap-≠m-°m-hp∂ coXn-bn¬ ]∏mb Irjn sNøm-hp-∂-Xm-Wv. a‰v Irjn-Isf At]- £n®v Ipd™ sNehpw ]cn-N-c-Whpw aXn-sb-∂Xpw hn]-Wn-bn¬ h≥Un-am‚ v ne-n¬°p-∂Xpw ]∏mb Irjnsb BI ¿j-I-am-°p-∂p. ]∏m-b-bpsS hymh-kmbnI {]m[myw IW-°n-se-Sp-°p-tºmƒ h≥km-[y-X-I-fm- Wp-≈-Xv. C¥ybnse {]Xn-h¿j ]∏mb D¬∏m-Zw aq∂v Zi-e£w S¨ BsW- ∂mWv IW-°m-°p-∂-Xv. B{‘m-{]-tZ-iv, ]›n-a-_w-Kmƒ, I¿Wm-S-Iw, Hdo-k, KpP- dm-Øv, Xan-gvm-Sv, tIc-fw, alm-cm-jv{S, B kmw F∂o kwÿm--ß-fn-emWv {][m-- ambpw ]∏mb Irjn sNøp-∂-Xv. samØw Bh-iy-I-X-bpsS 0.08 iX-amw am{X-amWv Ct∏m-gsØ ]∏mb D¬∏m-Z-w F∂Xv hymh-km- bnI ASn-ÿm--Øn¬ ]∏mb IrjnbpsS km [y-X-IsfbmWv hy‡- am-°p-∂-Xv. C¥y-bn¬ Zn√nbpw apwss_-bp- amWv {][m hn]-Wn- Iƒ. hntZ-i-cm-Py-ß-fn¬ ]∏m-b°v hfsc henb hn]-Wn-bmWp-≈-Xv. C¥y- bn¬ n∂v _lvdn≥, Ip ssh-‰v, JØ¿, kuZn Atd- _y, bpF-C, sX¿em‚ vkv F∂o cmPy-ß-fn-te-°mWv {][m--ambpw ]∏mb Ib-‰p- aXn sNøp-∂-Xv. ]∏m-b-bn¬ ssh‰-an≥ F, ssh‰-an≥ _n F∂nh [mcm-f- ambn AS-ßn-bn-cn-°p-∂p. ]e acp-∂p-I-fnepw ]∏m-b-bpsS k Øv {][m tNcp-h-bm-Wv. ]∏mb Nd-Øn¬ n∂v ]∏-bn≥ th¿Xn-cn- s®-SpØv D]-tbm-Kn-®p-h-cp-∂p. kuμ- cy-h¿[I hkvXp-°ƒ, `£yD¬ ∏-∂-߃, t_°dn D¬∏-∂-߃, hkv{X- ߃ F∂n-h-bpsS n¿amW taJ-e-I-fn¬ ]∏mb D]-tbm-Kn-®p-h-cp-∂p. tIc-f-Ønepw ]´-W-ß-fnepw {Kma-ß-fn- ep-ap≈ {^q´v Ãmfp-I-fnepw ]®-°dn IS- I-fnepw kq∏¿ am¿°‰p-I-fnepw ]∏m-b°v Bh-iy-°m¿ Gsd-bmWv. Hcp Intembv°v 25 cq] apX¬ 30 cq] hsc-bmWv hne. qdv iX-amw ssPh-Irjn coXn-Iƒ Ah-ew-_n-®p-sIm≠v ]∏mb Irjn sNøm- m-Ipw. IrXy-amb ]cn-N-c-W-Øn-eqsS IoS- tcmK _m[-Iƒ nb-{¥n®pw {Un]v Cdn- tK-j≥, anI® s^¿´n-sse-tk-j≥ coXn- I-ƒ F∂nh D]-tbm-Kn®v IqSp-X¬ hnfhv Dd-∏p-h-cp-Ønbpw ssPh-Ir-jn- coXn hnP- b-I-c-am-°mw. c≠c h¿jw hsc D¬∏m-Z w Xcp∂ anI® ssl{_nUv ssXIƒ e `y-am-Wv. 100 Intem apX¬ 130 Intem hsc Hcp sNSn-bn¬ n∂v hnf-sh-Sp-°m-m-hpw. Irjn-coXn Aæ-Xz-ap≈ aÆn¬ IpΩm-btam o‰p- I-°tbm tN¿Øp-sIm-SpØv HcmgvN Ign™v NmW-I-s∏m-Sn, th∏n≥ ]nÆm-°v, F√ps]mSn F∂nh tN¿Øv XS-sa-Sp-°mw. XS-߃°v 50-˛60 sk‚n-ao-‰¿ Db-c-ap-≠m-h- Ww. XS-߃ XΩn¬ 1.8-˛2 ao‰¿ AI-e-ap- ≠m-h-Ww. Htc-°¿ ÿeØv 1100 sNSn- Iƒ Sm≥ km[n-°pw. Hcp {Kmw ]∏m-b- hnØv GI-tZiw 60-˛80 FÆw D≠m-hpw. Htc-°-dnse Irjn°v 25-˛30 {Kmw hnØp- Iƒ aXn-bm-hpw. 4.5 sk‚n-ao-‰¿ dia-bp≈ πmÃnIv t{SIƒ C¥ybnse {]Xn-h¿j ]∏m b D¬∏m-Zw aq∂v Zi-e£w S¨ BsW-∂mWv IW-°m- °p-∂-Xv. samØw Bh-iy-I- X-bpsS 0.08 iX-amw am{X- amWv Ct∏m-gsØ ]∏mb D¬∏m-Z-w F∂Xv hymh-km- bnI ASn-ÿm--Øn¬ ]∏m b IrjnbpsS km[y-X-Isf bmWv hy‡-am-°p-∂-Xv. 24 slUvPv Hmlcn G{]n¬ 2013
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  27. 27. slUvPv Hmlcn G{]n¬ 2013 27 Tech Time KmeIvkn Fkv t^m¿ IqSn ]pd-Øn-d- °n-b-tXmsS kmwkMv kvam¿´vt^m¨ hn]- Wn-bn¬ Hcp NphSv IqSn apt∂m-´p-sh-°pI- bmWv sNbvX-Xv. Z£n-W-sIm-dn-b≥ Iº- n-bmb kmwkMv KmeIvkn Fkv 4 ]pd- Øn-d-°n-bXv bpF-kn-em-Wv. kmwk-Mns‚ KmeIvkn kocn-knse D¬∏∂Øns‚ B tKmf hn]-W-tm-ZvLm-Sw bpF-kns‚ a Æn¬ S-Øp-∂Xv BZyam-bm-Wv. Xß-fpsS sFt^m¨ 5s sh√m≥ kmwk-Mns‚ KymeIvkn s4 kvam¿´vt^m¨ hn]-Wn-bn¬ B∏n-fp-ambn S-°p∂ t]mcn¬ ap∂n-se- Øm-mbn kmwkMv KymeIvkn Fkv kocn-knse mem-as ]pd-Øn-d-°p- ∂Xv IqSp-X¬ khn-ti-j-X-I-tfm-sS-bm-Wv. Xncn-®p-]n-Sn-®p. IqSp-X¬ khn-ti-j-X-I-fp- ambn Fkv 4 hn]-Wn-bn-se-Øn°p∂ kmwkMns‚ e£yw hy‡w. Hmtcm XhW KmeIvkn Fkns‚ ]pXnb cq]w hn]-Wn-bn-se-Øn-°p-tºmgpw hen∏w Iq´m-mWv kmwkMv {i≤n-°p-∂- Xv. KmeIvkn Fkv3bpsS hen∏w 4.8 C©v Bbncp-∂p. Fkv3bp-ambn Xmc-Xayw sNøp- tºmƒ Fkv4se _m‰dn 20 iX-amw hep- XmWv. AtX kabw CXv _m‰-dn-bpsS sse^v Iq´p-tam-sb∂v Iºn hy‡-am-°n- bn-´n-√. Fkv 3bqsS kv{Io≥ sdk-eyq-j≥ 1280 X 720 ]nIvk-em-sW-¶n¬ 1920 X 1080 ]nIvk- emWv Fkv 4s‚ kv{Io≥ sdk-eyq-j≥. H∏w lm¿Uvshbdns‚ tijnbpw Iyma-d- bpsS anIhpw Hcp ]Sn ap∂n-se-Øp-∂p. Fkv3-bnse Iymad F´v saKm-]n-Ivkem sW-¶n¬ Fkv 4s‚ Iymad 13 saKm-]n-Ivk- epw. 1.4 PnKm-ssl‰vkv tijn-bp≈ IzmUv tIm¿ t{]mk-k-dmWv Fkv 3 bq-tS-Xv. Fkv 4t‚Xv 1.9 PnKm-ssl‰vkv tijn-bp≈ Izm¿ Uv tIm¿ t{]mk-k-dpw. Fkv 3 B≥t{Um- bnUns‚ sFkv{Iow km≥hn®v ]Xn-∏n- emWv ]pd-Øn-d-°n-b-Xv. AtX kabw Fkv 4 B≥t{Um-bn-Uns‚ G‰hpw ]pXnb ]Xn- ∏mb Pn√n _on-emWv ]pd-Øn-d-ßp-∂-Xv. D]-tbmKw Imcy-£-a-am-°m-mbn ]pXnb kmt¶-Xn-I-hn-Zy-Iƒ D]-tbm-Kn-®mWv Fkv 4 Hcp-°n-bn-cn-°p-∂-Xv. DZm-l-c-WØv kv{Ionv ASpØmbn hnc-ep-Iƒ FØp- tºmƒ Xs∂ Nne Bπn-t°-j-p-Iƒ {]Xn- I-cn®p XpS-ßpw. Nne Bπn-t°-j-p-Iƒ nb-{¥n-°p-∂-Xnv t^mWnv apI-fn-embn hnc-ep-Iƒ hmbp-hn¬ Nen-∏n-®m¬ am{Xw aXn. Features Galaxy S4 iPhone 5 Screen size 5-inch 4-inch Resolution 1,920x1,080 1,136x640 Thickness 7.9 mm 7.6 mm Processor 1.9 GHz quad-core A6 or 1.6 GHz octa-core Camera (rear/front) 13MP/2MP 8MP/0.9MP RAM 2GB 1GB Video recording 1,080p 080p/30fps Weight 130g 112g Platform Android(Jelly Bean) iOS6 Battery life 2,600 mAh 8 hrs talk time/ 225 hrs standby ASpØ amk-ß-fn¬ Fkv 4 hn]-Wn- bn¬ hn¬∏--bvs°-Øp-sa-∂mWv {]Xo-£n- °p-∂-Xv. temI-sa-ºmSpw Fkv 3 °v e`n- °p∂ anI® kzoImcyX Xs∂-bmWv IqSp- X¬ khn-ti-j-X-I-fp-ambn Fkv 4 ]pd-Øn- d-°m≥ kmwk-ßnp t{]c-W-bm-b-Xv. A ©v C©v hen-∏-ap≈ Fkv 4v sFt^m¨ 5D-ambn Xmc-Xayw sNøp-tºmƒ hen-∏-°q- Sp-X-ep-≠v. Bi-b-߃ tNm¿Øp-∂p-sh∂ t]cn¬ nb-a-bp-≤w {]Jym-]n® B∏n-fns Ah- cpsS cmPyØv sN∂v sh√p-hn-fn-°p-I-bmWv CXn-eqsS kmwkMvv sNbvXXv. B t K m f kvam¿´v t^m ¨ hn]-Wn-bn ¬ B∏n-fp-am bn Ct©m-Sn©v t]mcm´amWv kmwkMv S Øp-∂-Xv. 2010 ¬ B∏n-fns‚ sFt^m-Wns‚ hn¬∏--bpsS ]IpXnt]mepw kmwk-Mns‚ KmeIvkn F kv t^mWpIƒ °v ssIh-cn-°m- m-bn-s√-¶nepw ]n∂oSv hn]Wn ]¶mfnØØn¬ Gsd apt∂m-´p-t]m-Im≥ kmwk-Mnp Ign-™p. Ct∏mƒ G‰hpw IqSp-X¬ hn¬∏ ssIh- cn-°p∂ kvam¿´vt^m¨ F∂ ÿm-Øn- mbn a’-cn-°p-I-bmWv Ccp-I-º-n-I-fpw. Ign™ h¿jw aq∂mw ss{Xam-k-Øn¬ sFt^m¨ 5s ]n∂n-em°n temI-Ønse G‰hpw IqSp-X¬ hn¬°-s∏-Sp∂ kvam¿´v t^m¨ Bbn Kme-Ivkn Fkv 3 amdn. AtX kabw memw ss{Xam-k- Øn¬ sFt^m¨ 5 H∂mw ÿmw slUvPv Hmlcn G{]n¬ 2013 27 KmeIvkn Fkv4Dw sFt^m¨5Dw: Hcp Xmc-Xayw
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  35. 35. slUvPv Hmlcn G{]n¬ 2013 35 ]W-s∏-cp-∏-Øn¬ nt£]aqeyw tNmcm-Xn-cn-°m≥ ]pXnb ]≤Xn ]W-s∏-cp∏ nc-°n-t-°mƒ Db¿∂ t´w Dd-∏p-¬Ip∂ C≥^vtf-j≥ C≥UIvkvUv t_m≠p-Iƒ C¥y-bnse nt£-]-I¿°v ap∂n-se-Øp∂ ]pXnb nt£]am¿Kw B-bn-cn-°pw. Km¿lnI kºmZyw IpØs Ipd-™p- h-cp∂ kml-N-cy-sØbmWv C¥y tcn-Sp- ∂-Xv. Km¿lnI kºmZysØ t{]m’m-ln- ∏n-°p∂ nt£] ]≤-Xn-Iƒ {]Jym-]n- °m≥ k¿°m¿ {]tXyI Xm¬∏cyw Imt´- ≠-Xp-≠v. F∂m¬ _P-‰n¬ B Zni-bn¬ Imcy-amb n¿tZ-i-ß-sfm∂pw D≠m-bn-√. ]W-s∏-cp-∏- nc-°n-t-°mƒ Db¿∂ t´w e`n-°p∂ C≥^vtf-j≥ C≥UIvkvUv t_m≠p-Iƒ ]pd-Øn-d-°p-sa∂ {]Jym-]w am{X-amWv hyXy-kvX-am-b-Xv. Db¿∂ ]W-s∏-cp∏ nc°v IW-°m-°p- tºmƒ ]c-º-cm-KX nt£] am¿K-ß-fn¬ n∂p≈ t´w H´pw BI¿j-Wo-b-a-√. Cu kml-Ncyw c≠v Xc-Øn-emWv nt£-], kºmZy ioe-ßsf kzm[o-n-°p-∂-Xv. H∂v, C¥y-°m¿°v nt£]coXn F∂-Xn-ep-]-cn- bmbn a-im-kv{X-]-c-ambn B`n-ap-Jy-ap≈ kz¿W-Øn¬ IqSp-X-embn nt£]w S- Øm≥ t{]cn-∏n-°-s∏-Sp-∂p. Ign™ A©p h¿j-Øn-nsS kz¿Ww CXc nt£] am¿ K-ß-tf-°mƒ hfsc anI® t´w ¬In-bXv Cu t{]c-W°v B°w Iq´p-∂p. c≠v, bphm- °-fnepw a‰pw kºmZn°p-∂-Xn-t-°mƒ sNe-hm-°m-p≈ t{]cW h¿[n-°p-∂p. ]cn- an-X-amb t´w nt£-]-tØm-Sp≈ Xm¬∏ cyw ]cn-an-X-s∏-Sp-Øp-Ibpw D]-t`m-K-Øn- ep≈ Xm¬∏cyw h¿[n-∏n-°p-Ibpw sNøp- ∂p. Cu c≠v coXn-Ifpw C¥y≥ kºZvhyh- ÿbv°v tZmj-I-c-am-Wv. kz¿W D]-t`mKw h¿[n-°p-∂Xv kz¿W Cd-°p-aXn h¿[n°p ∂-Xnpw AXphgn Id‚ v A°u≠v IΩn (C-¥y-bn-te°v Cd-°p-aXn sNøp∂ km[- -ß-fp-sSbpw tkh--ß-fp-sSbpw aqeyhpw Ib‰p-aXn sNøp∂ km[--ß-fp-sSbpw tkh- -ß-fp-sSbpw aqeyhpw XΩn-ep≈ A¥-cw) IqSp-∂-Xnpw hgn-sh-°p- ∂p. Km¿lnI kºmZyw Ipd- bp-∂Xv D]-t`mKw i‡- am-Ip-∂-Xnv Imc-W-am- Ip-sa-∂n-cns° AXv ]W-s∏-cp-∏sØ Xz cn-X-s∏-Sp∂ LSI- ambn XpS-cpw. Cu kml-N- cy-Øn-emWv Investment Avenues ]W-s∏-cp∏ nc-°n-t-°mƒ Db¿∂ t´w Dd-∏p-n¬Ip∂ C≥^vtf-j≥ C≥UIvkvUv t_m≠p-Iƒ ]pd-Øn-d-°m-p≈ o°w. _P‰v {]Jym-]--Øn¬ Xs∂ kz¿W-tØm- Sp≈ A`n-n-thiw Ipd-bv°pI F∂ e£y- tØm-sS-bmWv Cu ]pXnb nt£] ]≤Xn Bcw-`n-°p-∂-sX∂v NnZw-_cw hy‡-am-°n- bn-cp-∂p. Zo¿L-amb nt£] Ime-b-f- hp≈ IS-∏-{X-ß-fm-b C≥^vtf- j≥ C≥UIvkvUv t_m≠p- Iƒ ne-hn-ep≈ t_m ≠p-I-fn¬ n∂v hy Xy-kvX-amb co Xn-bn-em-bn- cn°pw nt£- ]-I¿°v t ´w ¬Ip-∂-Xv. D Zm-l-c-W-Ønv 100 cq] apJ-hn-ebpw aq∂v iX-amw Iq∏¨ nc-°p-ap≈ Hcp t_m ≠ns‚ apJhne ]W-s∏-cp∏ nc°v 10 iX-amambn h¿[n-°p-I-bm-sW-¶n¬ 110 cq]-bmbn h¿[n-°pw. Iq∏¨n-c°v 3.3 iX-am-ambpw h¿[n-°pw. nt£-]-Is‚ aqe-[-hpw ]en-ibpw ]W-s∏-cp∏ nc-°n v Ap-k-cn®v h¿[n-°pI-bmWv sNøp-∂- Xv. AtX kabw CØcw nt£] ]≤-Xn- Iƒ F{X-tØmfw hnP-bn°psa-∂Xv kw_- ‘n®v kwi-b-߃ ne-n¬°p-∂p-≠v. ]W- s∏-cp∏ nc-°n¬ Imcy-amb hyXn-bmw kw`-hn-°mØ hnI-knX cmPy-ß-fn¬ C≥ ^vtf-j≥ C≥UIvkvUv t_m≠p-Iƒ°v kzoIm-cy-X-bp-s≠¶nepw ]W-s∏-cp∏ nc- °n¬ i‡-amb hyXn-bm--߃ kw`-hn-°p ∂ hnI-kzc cmPy-ß-fn¬ Xmc-X-tay Cu D¬∏-∂-߃°v {]Nmcw Ipd-hm-Wv. {_ko- epw Z£n-Wm-{^n-°bpw am{X-amWv CØcw nt£] ]≤-Xn-Iƒ ne-hn-en-ep≈ hnI- kzc cmPy-߃. kpc-£n-X-am-sW-¶nepw t_m≠p-Iƒ t]mep≈ nt£] ]≤-Xn-I-fn¬ sNdp-InS 100 cq] apJ-hn-ebpw aq∂v iX-amw Iq∏¨ nc-°p- ap≈ Hcp t_m≠ns‚ apJ hne ]W-s∏-cp∏ nc°v 10 iX-amambn h¿[n-°p-I-bm- sW-¶n¬ 110 cq]-bmbpw Iq ∏¨ n-c°v 3.3 iX-am- ambpw h¿[n-°pw. aqe-[ hpw ]en-ibpw ]W-s∏-cp∏ nc-°nv Ap-k-cn®v h¿[n- °pI-bmWv sNøp-I. nt£-]-I-cpsS ]¶m- fnØw Xmc-X-tay Ipd-hm- sW-∂Xpw Cu nt£] ]≤-Xn- bpsS hnPbsØ Ipdn-®p≈ kwi-b- ߃°v _ew ]I-cp-∂p. C¥y≥ kml-N- cy-Ønv Ap-tbm-Py-amb coXn-bn¬ Cu nt£] ]≤-Xn-°v cq]w ¬Ip-I-bm-sW- ¶n¬ t]mepw kz¿W-tØm-Sp≈ A`n-n- thiw Ipd-bv°pI F∂ e£yw nd-th- ‰pIbpw sNdp-InS nt£--]I-cpsS n t£] Xm¬∏-cy-ßsf am‰n-sb-Sp-°p-Ibpw sNøpI F∂Xv Xo¿Øpw {ia-I-c-amb Zu- XyamWv. slUvPv Hmlcn G{]n¬ 2013