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HedgeCo Websites Presentation 2010

  1. 1. TM Copyright ©2010 :::: HedgeCo Websites :::: All Rights reserved The Benefits of the HedgeCo Website Platform
  2. 2. WHO IS HEDGECO? HedgeCo LLC has been an active player in the Hedge Fund industry since the company was formed and the HedgeCo.Net Hedge Fund Database was launched in 2001. Since its launch, both the technology and company that powers HedgeCo.Net has grown. The HedgeCo.Net database currently tracks over 6000 Hedge Funds, serving over 25,000 accredited investors with timely information, statis- tics and graphs on Hedge Funds. HedgeCo LLC, currently offers a wide range of Hedge Fund specific services out of its offices in New York, and West Palm Beach, FL. In April of 2008 announced it's first round of Venture Capital Funding*. WWW.HEDGECO.NET Copyright ©2010:::: HedgeCo Websites :::: All Rights reserved
  3. 3. THE HEDGECO WEBSITE EDGE Using the experience gained from developing the HedgeCo.Net database platform, HedgeCo developed the HedgeCo Websites platform which brings the power and scalability of HedgeCo.Net platform to an individual fund level. In the two years since we developed the platform, we have deployed it to over 400 individual hedge fund websites. Each page of the website comes with a dedicated “adminis- trative panel” which will allow easy updating of the website. Absolutely no technical knowledge is needed to edit or add data to your website. The platform has grown over the years and is currently in its fourth major version. WWW.HEDGECOWEBSITES.COM Copyright ©2010 :::: HedgeCo Websites :::: All Rights reserved
  4. 4. DESIGN LEADDOG CAPITAL PARTNERS, INC HedgeCo's design team created a distinctive web presence for LeadDOG Capital by choosing recognizable imagery, clean text and strong branding. The homepage is a striking "on-line business card" with access to other pages limited to qualified investors. Our design for the logo was simple and modern but clearly portrays the fast-paced strategy of LeadDog's fund. WWW.LEADDOGCAPITAL.COM Copyright ©2010 :::: HedgeCo Websites :::: All Rights reserved
  5. 5. DESIGN Design Considerations Punta Bocana is a real estate project to create a resort community overlooking Herradura Bay and the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica. The resort has been designed to preserve the natural beauty and tranquility of its own rain forests, beaches and exquisite topography, and the website needed to reflect this natural beauty. The secondary focus was on the investment side: to create a unique experience to for each investor interested in becom- ing part of this unique investment opportunity. Functionality The primary site offers website users the ability to view information about the project, download documents, and stay up-to-date on construction efforts. The secondary site is specifically for investors who are interested in joining the "Resident Club". We have enjoyed working on this website and look forward to getting more updates on the building progress of this great new resort. WWW.PUNTABOCANA.COM Copyright ©2010 :::: HedgeCo Websites :::: All Rights reserved
  6. 6. INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT AMERICAVEST A Miami-based advisory firm, AmericaVest offers a full array of financial planning and wealth management services including turnkey Captive Insurance services and solutions. Being a registered adviser, AmericaVest was able to keep much of their information open to the public. In addition, though, they required a suite of funds and information available only to registered investors. Our strategy was to organize multiple levels of site naviga- tion in a clean, attractive layout, while allowing users to easily switch between the English and Spanish translations. The logo was designed in the tradition of conservative, established financial corporations, but with a fresh, univer- sal appeal. WWW.AMERICAVEST.NET Copyright ©2010 :::: HedgeCo Websites :::: All Rights reserved
  7. 7. FUND OF FUNDS Design Considerations Passport Capital is a San Francisco-based fund of funds which manages over $2 billion in assets. Their successful investment strategies have been based on conservative risk-tolerant invest- ment along many different market sectors, and they wanted their website to reflect these goals. After several logo revisions a typographical logo design was settled upon. The chosen serif font characterized the stability of the investment strategies. The global theme throughout the site reflected the broad international scope of Passport Capital's investments. Compliance Passport Capital is a Registered as an Investment Advisory firm in the state of California. This status allows the firm to publish more information than a non-registered hedge fund. With a primary on transparency we built out a extensive front for non-accredited investors, and a back end system which would contain the specific investment information and only be available to accredited investors. Functionality The investor-specific portion of the site was created using our multi-fund website product. This allows Passport Capital to manage multiple funds on the website. Because of the specific requirements of this project we needed to build several unique components. These additional compo- nents included the Employment Opportunities page and the categorized Management Team page. WWW.PASSPORTCAPITAL.COM Copyright ©2010 :::: HedgeCo Websites :::: All Rights reserved
  8. 8. THE DESIGN DEVELOPMENT PROCESS Project Spedification During this phase we discuss the project in depth and put together our internal documents which map out the specifics of your Hedge Fund Website project. Contarct & Initial Payment Once the specification and final cost has been agreed on, we require a contract and 50% down payment. We require that a point of contact be established who will make design decisions on behalf of the company. Design Phase Our Creative Director will work with you during the Logo and Website design phase. We require the point of contact to sign off on the design before moving to the implementation phase. This phase typically takes one to three weeks. Implimentation Phase When the design has been completed will move to the implemen- tation phase where our programmers will implement the design into our website platform. This phase typically takes four to ten days. Training & Data Entry Once the implementation is completed we will walk you through the platform and explain how to use the system to add all your data. Once this phase is completed, and final payment is made the site is ready to "go live". Delivery of Final Product After the site is finalized we will provide you with a hard copy of your design elements by mailing them directly to your office. WWW.HEDGECOWEBSITES.COM Copyright ©2010 :::: HedgeCo Websites :::: All Rights reserved
  9. 9. THE HEDGE FUND CALCULATOR PACKAGE The Hedge Fund Calculator Package provides your website with the ability to generate statistics, graphs, and PDF investor reports* All the administration team is required to do is enter the fund's net gain/loss, and the hedge fund calculator will handle the rest. Some statistics generated through the Hedge Fund Calcula- tor are: QUANTITATIVE STATISTICS * Sharpe Ratio * Sortino Ratio * Treynor Ratio * Alpha * Beta *R * R Squared RETURN STATISTICS * Highest/Lowest Returns * Average Returns / CAGR * Average Gain / Loss * Drawdown Analysis * Profitable Percentage * Standard Deviation * Downside Deviation WWW.HEDGECOWEBSITES.COM Copyright ©2010 :::: HedgeCo Websites :::: All Rights reserved
  10. 10. We look forward to working with you! TM 101 N. Clematis St. 1350 Avenue of the Americas Suite 511 24th Floor West Palm Beach, FL 33401 New York, NY 10019 Phone: (561) 835-8690 Fax: (561) 828-3181 Phone: (212) 584-6115 Copyright ©2010 :::: HedgeCo Websites :::: All Rights reserved
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