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Placing A Value On World Class Skills
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Placing A Value On World Class Skills


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Head line results from John Lewis ROI Case Study. Main interest is the Performance Pound model for the ITQ - ( a generic IT qualification for non-IT specialists).

Head line results from John Lewis ROI Case Study. Main interest is the Performance Pound model for the ITQ - ( a generic IT qualification for non-IT specialists).

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  • Notes : The ROI Academy™ is a division of 3C Associates Ltd, a learning & development consultancy. The ROI Academy™ was founded by Hedda Bird MBA, and much of the intellectual property you will study today has been developed by her in response to client need. Hedda Bird has a first degree in Mathematics from the University of London, and after some years in business she completed an MBA with distinction from the University of Warwick. The Academy tools and processes are based on well respected business models, taught in business schools and used by leading management consultancies across the world.
  • These statement (some paraphrased) are from Workplace Basic Skills Impact Evaluation Report commissioned by Leonardo Da Vinci WoLLNET Project, and written by Marchmont Observatory. (links to it from our website) Can you see a slight disconnect between the two? And yet, we have conversations like this every week. In a recent ROI Workshop a delegate working for a major govt dept said her role was to see that training was ‘fit for purpose’. Her day consisted of sitting in on training events to see that learning objectives were delivered well. She also said it was imperative that they did ROI – and outlined many of the points on the left. During the day we looked at ways to do this – practical and straight forward, but none the less requiring time and thought. Her reaction – I haven’t got time to do this, I’ve got to get on with my job. Many such people don’t seek real answers or solutions, they seek a magic bullet. They think the more the training event is ‘improved’ the better the training will be.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Placing a Value on World Class Skills The ITQ at John Lewis – Case Study Presented by Hedda Bird MBA, BSc
    • 2. The ROI Academy™ - measuring success 100% focussed on measuring and maximising the success of training & work based learning projects. Consulting Off the Shelf solutions Software Training
    • 3. You set us a challenge!
      • Elements of an ‘IDEAL’ evaluation
      • Credible with senior management
      • Generates results that are valued in the workplace
      • Combines hard and soft evidence
      • Separates training impacts from other factors
      • Highlights trends
      • Shows ROI
      • Shows Value for Money
      • Benchmarks….
      • And also….
      • Does not require your time
      • Is easy for all participants
      • Does not put any pressure on trainees
      • Is very quick
      • Generates all the reports for you
      • Answers all the questions anybody could ask
      • will always say
      • you did a great job!
    • 4. Why measure success…
      • E-skills UK wanted to
      • Understand the impact of ITQ on an organisation
      • Measure the value of the ITQ to the organisation
      • Gather evidence to promote the ITQ to other employers
      • John Lewis undertook the ITQ because
      • Partner survey showed this group of partner felt their performance hindered through lack of training/ confidence in using basic IT
      • It offered a qualification as well as training
      • It is highly flexible for each delegate
      “ We chose The ROI Academy to do the work because they have a practical, business model approach to valuing training” Genny Dixon, Programme Manager, e-skills UK
    • 5. The Process
      • Worked with JL Partners to create a value model for the ITQ
      • Devised self assessment form for all delegates
      • JL distributed and returned the assessments
      • Analysed assessments against the model
      • Established a level of performance improvement
      • Translated the model into ‘real money’
      • Checked the results against specific anecdotal evidence
    • 6. The ITQ Performance Pound™     Netiquette       Using Charts & Graphs Sourcing external information Risk Reduction Working with/for Senior Managers Effective emailing Use of mass Communications (mail merge etc) Risk Management Working with peers Presentations – readability and structure Data Analysis Sourcing internal information Support and train my team Written Reports – readability, getting the message across Data Extraction Application of skills cross many different tasks Know what I know Written Reports – content Document Creation ‘ Big Picture’ Understanding 10p Confidence 20p Improved Communication 30p Productivity 40p
    • 7. Headline Results
      • The minimum value of this ITQ programme is £40,000.
      • The Return on Investment in the programme, 12 months after completion, is approx. 140%.
      Copy of Case Study available from us
    • 8. If you measure success you will… Motivate Instructors Boost your professional reputation Demonstrate Value Increase demand for qualifications Drive Employer Engagement MEASURE SUCCESS
    • 9. You are not alone… “ I loved the ROI Academy’s tools.” Wendy Lander, L&D, Nationwide The performance measurement process gave us so much more than we expected” Jackie Avery, HR Director Creating our Performance Pound was an incredible value adding day” Claire Zuurbier, Head of e-commerce “ Lucid, clear and straightforward” Paul Mercer, L&D Manager