The New England Colonies


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The New England Colonies

  1. 1. JOHN WINTHROP •Puritan leader •Said everyone y must work together for success
  2. 2. MAYFLOWER VOYAGE DISSENTERS – theyy disagreed with England’s official church ffi i l h h SEPARATISITS – also disagreed, disagreed they were persecuted and mistreated by King James
  3. 3. Escaped to Holland, a country known for its tolerance 88.JPG views/770/13958 Later leave om/discover/prev Holland for America http://w
  4. 4. Since they traveled for y religious freedom, they were called PILGRIMS rd/PilgrimsLanding1.jpg http://www.g
  5. 5. MAYFLOWER COMPACT •Agreement signed by pilgrims pact_Bradford.jpg •Established the sgiving/Mayflower_Comp p practice of self- government and majority rule j it l http://davidsonp
  6. 6. p PLYMOUTH Massachusetts , Near Cape Cod, http://www m/contact.html
  7. 7. Time” Almost half died duringg needs-3-325.jpg first winter – “The Starving
  8. 8. Native Americans saved them as they shared with them hints for living from the land
  9. 9. First Thanksgiving g g
  10. 10. PURITANS People that wanted to p reform or “purify” the Church of E l d Ch h f England
  11. 11. GREAT MIGRATION Puritans founded the city y of Boston
  12. 12. Between 1630 and 1640 more than 20,000 settlers crossed the Atlantic Ocean
  13. 13. CONGREGATIONS A group of p p who g p people belong to the same church
  14. 14. 3 Core Puritan Values 1) Hard Work )
  15. 15. 3 Core Puritan Values 2) Education )
  16. 16. 3 Core Puritan Values 3) Representative ) p Government
  17. 17. ROGER WILLIAMS Wanted f W t d four major changes 1) Colonists had no right to take Natives’ ww.americanvision land http://ww
  18. 18. No one should be forced to attend church No imposing religious beliefs b li f
  19. 19. Separation of church and p state
  20. 20. Roger Williams was g banished for his ideas Left and started Rhode Island I l d p:// http
  21. 21. ANNE HUTCHINSON •Questioned church leaders and also fled •She left for S e et o New Hampshire H hi
  22. 22. FUNDAMENTAL ORDERS OF CONNECTICUT •Conservatives moved t d to Connecticut •Wrote laws Wrote that expanded voting rights ti i ht
  23. 23. QUAKERS Women are viewed as equal in the church
  24. 24. blyOfQuakers.jpg humb/d/d0/400px-Assemb om/main/content/wp/en/th Quakers thought Puritan ministers were obstacles i i t b t l to the direct experience of God
  25. 25. TRAITS OF NEW ENGLAND SETTLERS: •Highly skilled and g y educated •Middle level of society •Most were very religious
  26. 26. MAJOR QUESTION Should each colony have y one, dominant, or “ t bli h d” church th t “established” h h that is funded by taxpayers? y p y