Installing BOA on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
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Installing BOA on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS



How to install BOA on a VPS to manage Drupal sites.

How to install BOA on a VPS to manage Drupal sites.



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Installing BOA on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Installing BOA on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Presentation Transcript

  • Author: Hector Iribarne @hectoriribarneInstalling BOA 2.0.8 (Barracuda Octopus Aegir)on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS public VPSApril 24, 2013
  • • We have been discussing different ways of installing and/or managing Drupalsince July 2011:• Step-by-step installation guide for Aegir 1.2 on clean Ubuntu 10.04• Installing Drupal Commerce Kickstart on Shared Hosting• This is an update to the July 2012 Broward Drupal presentation. This will coverhow to install BOA 2.0.8 (Barracuda Octopus Aegir) on a clean Ubuntu 12.04 LTSVPS.• Don’t forget to checkout Omega8cc’s website for the latest BOA news:
  • Download and install Acquia Dev Desktop:@hectoriribarneOption1) Install Drupal locally using Acquia Dev Desktop View slide
  • Log into cPanel on your shared host, select Fantastico, and install Drupal:@hectoriribarneOption 2) Install Drupal on a Shared Host usingcPanel/Fantastico View slide
  • Type three commands on clean Ubuntu 12.04 LTS VPS:wget -q -U iCab in-stable public o1 maxTHAT’S IT!!!Note: Items in green italics should be replaced by your specific server, domain,email address, etc.@hectoriribarneOption 3) Install BOA on a VPS to manage Drupal
  • I choose option 3!!!@hectoriribarneWhich option do you choose?
  • BOA stands for Barracuda Octopus Aegir.Barracuda is a bash script to install and/or upgrade, tuned for high performance,the Aegir master instance (i.e. Aegir).Octopus is a bash script to install and/or upgrade, tuned for highperformance, Aegir Satellite Instances (like Commerce Kickstart, Open Public,etc.).@hectoriribarneSo, what is BOA?
  • @hectoriribarneSo, why should I useBOA?
  • BOA will automatically block IP addresses that repeatedly fail root login attempts@hectoriribarneBOA automatically blocks root login hack attempts
  • • All libraries & tools required to install and run Nginx based Aegir system.• BOA runs backups for all your files and databases daily. All backups areversioned and rotated, so there is always a copy of all your files from the last 3days (rotated daily). Checkout the following link for details:•  Autonomous Maintenance & Auto-Healing scripts• New Relic Server and Apps Monitor with per Site/Instance/Server reporting.@hectoriribarneOther things BOA provides
  • Login to your NewRelic dashboard for an individual site on your monitors your server for free(Lite version)
  • You will get a weekly email with stats on each of your sends you weekly emails
  • Droptor is a Drupal module that monitors a is another option for monitoring sites (first sitefree)
  • Droptor can monitor memory has more Drupal specific anlaysis (first sitefree)
  • @hectoriribarneDetailed InstallationInstructions
  • Go to your domain name host (i.e. and point your main domainname (i.e. to the name servers of your host (e.g., or,, etc.)Add a wildcard (i.e. *) A Record for your domain name (i.e. the main domain onyour VPS account).Wait for the information to get propagated (this can take up to several hours).Did I mention to wait for the information to get propagated?@hectoriribarneBefore you run the Barracuda script
  • Via SSH, login as rootDetermine your server ( on Linode, it is part of your prompt. For example, if yourprompt is root@li123-456:~# , then your server is li123-456).@hectoriribarneDetermine the name of your server
  • @hectoriribarneBarracuda and Octopus time!Type three commands at the prompt logged in as root:wget -q -U iCab in-stable public o1 maxNote: Items in green italics should be replaced by your specific server, domain,email address, etc. Also using max in the third line will install all Octopusplatforms.
  • See more options:@hectoriribarneOther options for installing BOA (locally, on public VPS,etc.)
  • @hectoriribarneVoila!
  • Reference for simple BOA install: information on learning Omega8cc’s BOA: (BOA Wiki) (BOA on GDO)
  • Questions?@hectoriribarne
  • Hector Co-organizer @hectoriribarne