Drupal con sf 2010 summary

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  • 1. DrupalCon SF 2010 Summary Summary of Sessions/BoFs attended by Hector Iribarne
  • 2. Session: Drupal for Architects
    • Presenter: Jeff Eaton
    • Menu API – handles key tasks (e.g. routing)
    • Database Abstraction Layer (easier in D7)
    • Session Handling (tracking user session)
    • Output filtering (e.g. XSS, file storage, localization, form processing, Batch API, etc.)
    • Team: Architect, Builder, Developer, Designer, Themer and Migration Mule
  • 3. BoF: Semantic Web
    • Presenter: David Seth
    • Slides: http://davidseth.net/bof-drupalcon-rdfa-semantic-web-and-distributed-social-networks
    • FOAF (Friend of a Friend) + SSL : (authentication like Open ID) Create certificate (e.g. FOAF.me) to use across websites
    • RDFa – embed rich metadata, enhance SEO
    • Semantic Web Libraries – http://freebase.com , http://dbpedia.org
  • 4. Session: Services Module (Pg.1)
    • Presenter: Greg Dunlap (started:Scott Nelson)
    • Services make Drupal mashable
    • Services is made up of three Components: Servers, Authentication, Services
    • Servers (receive/render requests): XMLRPC, JSON, JSON-RPC, REST, AMFPHP
    • Authentication: API Keys, Drupal Sessions, oAuth (future of Services)
  • 5. Session: Services Module (Pg.2)
    • Services: Nodes, Users, Files, System, Search, (your stuff here), etc.
    • Extending Services: Implement hook_service()
    • Version 3 (D6 + D7)
      • More flexible endpoints
      • CORE only
      • CRUD-based resources
      • More REST centric
      • Lots of API cleanup and DX improvements
  • 6. BoF: VoIP
    • Presenters: Leo Burd and Chad Phillips
    • Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/leoburd/20100420-vddrupal-consf2010-3803885
    • Currently use the Asterisk module (record a message and post it to a Drupal node)
    • Future: VoIP module (support Asterisk, Freeswitch.org , etc.)
    • Use XMLRPC
  • 7. BoF: High Performace (UI)
    • Slides: http://docs.google.com/present/view?id=dhtnd39r_22fp6tcnfm
    • Use the hash mark (i.e. #) to cache parts of a page (browser ignores everything after #)
    • Jquery BBQ (now in D7) http://benalman.com/projects/jquery-bbq-plugin/
    • DOM is getting bigger
    • Use Views and AJAX VIEWS. JS
  • 8. Session: Mobile App Dev
    • Presenters: Aaron Pavia and Sumit Kataria from Civic Actions
    • Drupal as a base for mobile
    • Looked at Phone Gap (web-kit based, no native functionality) and Titanium mobile (better choice with native functionality)
    • Use JS and WebViews
  • 9. Additional Links
    • Aegir
      • http://github.com/bwood/puppet-aegir
      • http://drupal.org/project/provision_boost
      • http://www.mig5.net/content/drupal-deployments-workflows-version-control-drushmake-and-aegir
    • DrupalCon sessions:
      • http://www.archive.org/search.php?query=drupalcon%20sf%202010