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Presentation/Training on Jewellery sold in Fashion-shop

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Jewellery fashion rix

  2. 2. Jewellery line fascinates by craftperfection, love to the detail andunusual design.In more than 30 studios in Asia andFrance “Lucie” jewellery is handmanufacturing without exception.The materials used in creating“Lucie” jewellery is silver rhodiumor golden plated, enamel and realor synthetic stones.
  3. 3. Collections of “Lucie in the sky” are the reflections of feminine image.“Lucie” jewellery is ideal accessoriesfor women who wish to obsess the best. “Lucie” jewellery is not found on the internet, the reason forthat is safety, because the jewellry is often copied. To stayoriginal the company keeps the collection’s designs in secret.Why using synthetic gems/stones? – Keeping environmentsafe and not destroying the nature. Synthetic and real stoneslook exactly the same, they can be distinguished only inlaboratory or in State Prove Commission. Jewellery with naturalreal stones preferably have tags on it - certificates of genuinecharacteristics of the stone.“Lucie in the Sky” is a constant world’s jewelers fairy member.
  4. 4. Such stones as zircon, tourmaline, topaz and others mayvery in colours. Here are some examples of natural crystalsfound in nature to understand the idea why some stones ofone name have different colour and structure. before after polishing zircon tourmaline quartz
  5. 5. topaz Topaz –blue, yellow, golden, pink, cherry, purple, reddish, brown, green, mystic, el-dorado, smoky, white… It is very difficult for theaverage person to distinguish the stones not being aprofessional in particular field, therefore, in every Lucie in theSky jewellery piece one can find a small tag with the name orabbreviation of the stone. emerald sapphireTT
  6. 6. Colour therapy influence mood, brightens up life,therefore offering the jewellery to be not just glamour but also wellness!
  7. 7. “Lucie in the Sky” is exclusive jewellery ofhigh quality, original design and of luxuriousand elegant style.Every piece of “Lucie” jewellery is uniqueand truly deserves to be defined as a workof art.
  8. 8.  First established in 1987, the brand took a strategic choice to move its headquarters to Monte Carlo, Monaco, in 1995. Among the well-known designers who work with the brand is Belgian goldsmith Axel Mees. His work has graced royalty and presidential families, celebrities and the rich and famous, including Princess Stephanie of Monaco and David Bowie.
  9. 9. Misaki pearl in combinationwith fine silver and stainlesssteel causes no allergy to skin.Most people dont have anyproblems wearing sterling silverjewelry. Modern silver alloysdont contain nickel. Akoya pearls are cultured in the PinctadaNatural pearls are those pearls fucata martensii, also known as the akoyathat are formed in oyster. This mollusk is found and farmednature, more or less by primarily in Japan and China. Renowned forchance. Cultured pearls, by their luster, akoya are considered the classiccontrast, are those in which pearl. They are generally white or creamhumans take a helping hand. colored, with overtone colors of rose, silver, or cream. A natural quartz crystal is placed inside the oyster to produce the layers of mother-of-pearl and, two years later, a pearl is fully formed. What’s even more amazing, Misaki’s technicians can control the shape, size and even colour of the pearl. And since contact with perfume or lacquer sprays may affect pearls and jewellery, Misaki’s pearls are finished with anti-perfume coating.
  10. 10. Swiss mechanismSilver numerals & logoMother of pearl/Bronze/Onyx dialStainless steel case (set by crystals)Pearl/Stingray strap Stingray leather has become a new fashion statement trend in the world leather market.
  11. 11. In 1977 Swarovski presents Jewellery line – SwarovskiJeweller’s Collection. What began with a crystal turned into the most beautiful rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Daniel Swarovski’s motto was “Create a Diamond for Everyone!” The reason behind the huge success ofSwarovski crystals lies in the fact that this crystal actually generates a sparkling effect and produces an array ofrainbow colors when light gets refracted on the crystals. Even though they are artificial they allow maximum refraction, along with a perfect cut and clear design. Swarovski particularly has been successful in duplicating actual gemstone colors such as emerald, ruby, blue topaz.
  12. 12. The common metal used for Swarovskijewelry settings is rhodium plated steel. Thecolor of steel blends very well with the crystal.Crystal - is a very high quality glass that canbe colored, cut and responds with sparkle.The term "crystal" also refers to the clearcolorless bead or stone, as well as asemiprecious quartz stone that is colorless.Steel – if it is so-called "surgical steel" marking316L, so it is the stainless metal which causesno allergic body reaction. The surgical steel316L specifies that marked this jewel must notcontain any part of minor metals like nickel.Rhodium – metal – which gives a proper glossand protects metal from mechanical damage.Rhodium doesnt tarnish and is a platinumgroup metal, and a very expensive one.
  13. 13. Other material used for Swarovski Jewelry is a white metalconsisting of:1) Coating of copper2) Palladium alloy3) 22-karat gold/silver/rhodium platingOften Swarovski metal is described as white metal withsilver plating and rhodium finish.Swarovski Fashion Jewellery is created using top-qualitySwarovski crystals and the metal parts are plated. The nickelcontent corresponds to the European norms and has beentested for nickel allergy.Making Swarovski jewellery, tin, ruthenium and titanium arealso used.Swarovski offers collections of beads. Crystal Stardust andSwarovski crystals are sold to other jewelry/fashion/designcompanies. E.g: “Lucie’s” black and white onyx crystalcollection.
  14. 14. At the end of 1976 the administration of SWAROVSKIcompany wanted to surprise and congratulate theiremployees for New Years Celebrations and presentedthem unordinary glass souvenir – a small mouse which wascollected from four pieces of crystals from lustre. Thisinvention turned out to be extremely successful. The crystal mouse admired everyone and afterwards was perfectly sold out. This amusement idea leaded the company to create a new branch of crystal manufacturing. The first figurine ever to be created is still a top seller.
  15. 15. Soon from the conveyor havedescended a hedgehog, turtle,deer, a rhinoceros, and a swan…The Whole zoo from glass.Inspired by nature, theobjects spread a feeling ofhappiness and wellbeing amongcollectors andbuyers all over the world.BACK TO HISTORYCoco Chanel adored Swarovskicrystals and added them to theirjewelry and clothing lines.
  16. 16. Of course, unlike other celebrities, Michael Jackson had notSWAROVSKI JACKET chosen to wear jewellery such as necklace, rings or other jewellrry accessories, and he just selected to wear jewellery jackets, socks and gloves. The military jacket which is decorated with chic and graceful Swarovski crystals made him more handsome and cooler, especially when he danced with the rock songs, the glittery jewellery in the light is so attractive and sparkling. So far, this jacket is always showed on the day when people memorized him. SWAROVSKI SOCKS In addition to this, his moonwalk socks also impressed on all people deeply. It is said that these Swarovski jewellery brought him good luck because the first time when jewelry socks appeared on the stage was his young period. After that time, he became more and more popular in the world.
  17. 17. Nowadays it is impossible to imagine a singledesigner who is not using blazing crystals intheir clothes, jewellery, accessories andinterior collections.(Swarovski ELEMENTS, Swarovski CRYSTALIZED)The SWAROVSKIcompany is confidentlyin one step with latesttechnicalinventions.Headphones,USB cables, notepads,i-phones are presentwith Swarovskicrystallization.
  18. 18. schmuck-art was established in 1984. It’sheadquarters is located inNeufahrn, close to Munich, Germany. German supplier schmuck-art is one ofthe world’s leading manufacturers andwholesalers of costume jewellery andaccessories. The schmuck-art design team strives tocombine trendy colours and shapes withwearable fashion.The appeal of the products lies in theirhigh quality and versatility at attractiveprices.Thanks to the brands long-lastingpartnership with leading travel retailerGebr Heinemann, the collections havebecome an integral part of the range ofgoods in the duty free and Travel Valuestores.
  19. 19. Fashion brand Guess wasestablished in California in 1981. Brothers Paul and Maurice Marianoare responsible for theestablishment. They were born in the South ofFrance but in 1977 the whole familymoved toUSA/California, where Guess wasfound four years later. Guess joins the passion of AmericanWest with European elegance. It quickly found a way to youngpeople and became a true fashionicon by the end of the twentiethcentury.
  20. 20. sexy and seductive or playful and flirty, these styles give every GUESS Girl the opportunity to reflect her individual personality. the GUESS Girl will be ready to hit the streets with a runway walk.