Eng trabajo metales 1ºeso

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  • 1. You are going to learn why metals are so important for us and how we obtain them
  • 2. This time you are going to learn it by yourself using all the information that we can find in Internet
  • 3. What to you have to explain? Metals Classification Metal Obtaining and processing Environmental impact
  • 4. 1º Activity Open Office writer
  • 5. Create a new text document with the name: MetalsName and remember to add a password. PURE METAL PROPERTIES APPLICATIONS There you have to create TWO tables as you have on page 84 and 85 about metals and
  • 6. Table 84 Table 85
  • 7. Everything has to be in English, but you can use pictures instead of texts For example Good electric Conductor =
  • 8. 2º Activity Open Office impress
  • 9. Open a new OpenOffice Impress file and make a presentation about the metal obtaining to From minerals stainless steel
  • 10. Lets see a small summary of the hole iron obtaining process: Raw Materials extraction Chemical reaction Purification Cast
  • 11. Raw Materials extraction The chemical reaction that creates iron needs: Metal minerals Coal heat iron limestone
  • 12. Raw Materials extraction We get metal minerals, coal and limestone from mines around the world
  • 13. Raw materials furnace Raw materials are introduced into the furnace with high temperatures Iron cast Slag
  • 14. In order to obtain pure metal we need to transport the iron cast with specials containers and oxidize the mix with pure O2 specials containers pure O2
  • 15. Liquid metal is introduced into special moulds. Liquid metal fills the mould and get cold and rigid with a special shape.
  • 16. 3º Activity Open Office Calc
  • 17. Let’s study what is the metal environmental impact You are going to be data analyst
  • 18. Create a new open office calc file and copy this data: Country CO2 emissions Energy consumed Tones Mkw Spain 2000 100 France 1500 150 Germany 2500 50 Portugal 3000 75 England 3500 125
  • 19. Now calculate the total amounts of CO2 and the Energy Country CO2 emissions Energy consumed Tones Mkw Spain 2000 100 France 1500 150 Germany 2500 50 Portugal 3000 75 England 3500 125 TOTAL
  • 20. Create a graphic that explains which country consumes more energy or emits more CO2