webOS App by Example: Sorting Thoughts


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- What is webOS?
- Mojo™ Framework
- Software Developer Kit
- Close inspection of Sorting Thoughts™ App
- App Catalog

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  • one of the great early-apps for notetaking & organising. (still installed on my Palm Pre 1gen)
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  • webOS App by Example: Sorting Thoughts

    1. 1. webOS App by Example Hendrik Ebel - Dec. 2009 Sorting Thoughts™
    2. 2. Agenda What is webOS? Mojo™ Framework Software Developer Kit Close inspection of Sorting Thoughts™ App App Catalog Conclusion
    3. 3. What is webOS? Palm© webOS™ is Palm's next generation operating system. Designed around an incredibly fast and beautiful user experience and optimized for the multi-tasking user, webOS integrates the power of a window-based operating system with the simplicity of a browser. Applications are built using standard web technologies and languages, but have access to device-based services and data. [1]
    4. 4. Application Model „The webOS application model combines the ease of development and maintenance of a web application with the deep integration available to native applications, significantly advancing the mobile user experience while keeping application develop- ment simple.“ [1]
    5. 5. webOS Architecture Applications Source [1]
    6. 6. It looks like a Card Background Foreground Notification Icons Banner Notification Dashboard
    7. 7. Stages & Scenes Stage represent a browser tab Apps have one or more stages Scenes are views within a stage Each scene has a JS assistant and a HTML view Scenes are managed like a stack
    8. 8. Mojo Framework Mojo includes: Application level functions UI widgets Access to local storage System Services bundled with Prototyp Javascript Framework
    9. 9. Software Developer Kit no 64 Bit WinXP Mojo™ SDK for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X Ubuntu (special 64 Bit Issues) Inspector for DOM analysis Command Line Tools (Debugger, Logger, ...) Mojo Framework and Examples Sun VirtualBox Sup port Eclipse Plugin n o 3.5 Download from http://developer.palm.com/
    10. 10. Sorting Thoughts ™ A simple app to collect notes and thoughts. Source code is available on http://code.google.com/p/sorting-thoughts/
    11. 11. App Structure Controller MVC Model Patt ern View Configuration Information I18N Resources Source Catalog CSS styles
    12. 12. Controller & Assistant AppController AppAssistant StageController StageAssistant SceneController SceneAssistant Assistant: setup, activate, deactivate, cleanup Scene Stack: pushScene, popScene, ...
    13. 13. Data Storage Cookies (for preferences, max 4kB) Depot (simple, no schema design) HTML 5 database (SQLite) use „ext:“ prefix to avoid 1MB limit
    14. 14. L10N & I18N Use format functions like Mojo.Format.formatNumber() $L(„Text“) reads translated text from strings.json „Prelude“ font supports no Japanese or Chinese
    15. 15. App Catalog Read Checklists before submission P. & L. (min 99¢ per App and 99$ per year) OpenSource Apps in Catalog? Global Store? Vanished Apps after 1.3.1 Update in German Catalog :-(
    16. 16. App Submission
    17. 17. App in Catalog With hopefully many happy users...
    18. 18. Conclusion webOS make it pretty simple to build an app but the apps are also simple - maybe too simple? JavaScript is not Java™ SDK is okay but Ares[4] make it much simpler App Catalog is currently a little bit confuse p le s im It “s
    19. 19. Thanks! Any Questions?
    20. 20. Sources [1] „Palm webOS“ by Mitch Allen ISBN: 0596155255 [2] „TealPoint & Normsoft on webOS: It's Great, But We Want C“ http://by.ly/hkhx5zagzv [3] Sorting Thoughts http://www.sortingthoughts.com [4] „Palm Shows Ares WebOS Development Tool“ http://by.ly/8nhaxdqs5i webOS, Mojo and Palm are among the trademarks or registered trademarks owned by or licensed to Palm, Inc. Sorting Thoughts is trademark by Hendrik Ebel