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Published in: Health & Medicine
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  • Studies show that when given a portion that appears bigger from volume participants felt more satiated. Ex)took exactly same ingred and put them in a blender for different amounts of time which created more air the longer blended. When given to participants in three sizes ½ glass, ¾ glass and full glass the larger volume given the less eaten at the following lunch meal…despite the fact that the calories were the same in all three smoothies
  • Starting with chew toys as a baby we learn to put things in our mouth!
  • Portions have literally blown up…but we don’t want this to affect our weight! Have to make a serious effort to choose the smaller they make mini sized cans of many beverages to show people what a portion actually looks like
  • Juice is not ideal because it contains a lot more calories then the whole fruit and none of the fiber and some nutrients Although it is still nutritious and not a bad choice, it is not as satiating as the whole fruit As we saw with the water content in F/V…80=95% water you can satisfy thirst as well as hunger w/ F/V!
  • Transcript

    • 1.
      • Fabulous
      • Fluids!
      By: Heidi Kerman
    • 2. Role of H 2 O
    • 3. What is a common symptom of dehydration?
      • A) weight loss
      • B) increased sweating
      • C) headache
      • D) dry skin
    • 4. … Headache!
      • 3 out of 4 Americans
      • don't drink enough
      • water, and it is a
      • major cause of
      • headaches.
    • 5. Why Choose Water?
      • Completely quenches thirst
      • No calories!
          • Be careful of Vitamin water with added sugar
      • Inexpensive
      • Accessible
          • re usable water bottle + bubbler
    • 6. True or False???
      • Drinking water before a meal will cause you to eat less at the meal?
    • 7.
      • Drinking water before a meal has no effect on calories consumed during the meal.
      • But…
        • Two main benefits of water
        • Best thirst quencher
        • No additional calories
    • 8. Soup is Super!
      • Drinkable Food
      • Water content in soup has been shown to increase fullness
      • Satisfying visual cue
      • H earty not H eavy or salty
        • Ex) low sodium broth soup versus cream based
      Result = consume less calories!
    • 9. Hungry or Thirsty?
      • Thirst can be confused with hunger
        • Both occur at the same time around meal times
        • Urge to put something in the mouth
    • 10. Solution…
      • T est T hirst F irst!
          • Listen to your body
          • Prevents uneccessary munching
    • 11. Water Content of Food more satiating then in a beverage
    • 12. Drinking our Calories
      • Do not always consider beverage calories…
      • High Sugar - soda, lemonade, sports drinks, smoothies
            • Less thirst quenching
            • Energy dense
    • 13. 16 oz w/o whipped Cream= 360 calories
    • 14. Calories Quickly Add up! 145 cal. 240 cal 385 cal Growth of Portion Sizes 12 oz 20 0z 32 0z
    • 15. A real Portion…WOW!
    • 16. Other Beverages
      • Diet Drinks- less calories, but still don’t quench thirst as well
      • Coffee/Tea- low in calories
    • 17. Beverages that curb Hunger
      • Milk or Soy milk - protein promotes satiety
      • Vegetable Juice - studies show less food intake after consumption
    • 18. Low Calorie Drink Ideas
      • Spritzer- half juice + half seltzer
      • Crystal Light Packets
      • ½ lemonade ½ unsweetened ice tea
      • Dilute Juice
      • Seltzer water
    • 19. Homemade Iced Tea
          • Place 2 tea bags + 1 ½ tbsp of sugar in cold water.
          • Let sit for 20 minutes
          • remove tea bags
          • add ice
          • Enjoy!
    • 20.
      • YES!
      • Alcohol adds calories
        • Do we account for them?
      • Contains no nutrients
      • Stimulates the appetite
      • Does not cause satiety
      • Social drinking = social eating
      Does it affect how much we eat?
    • 21. Alcohol and weight Gain beer or pizza you eat with beer cause weight gain?
      • Combination of both!
      • Hinders fat metabolism= more fat storage
      • essentially stored as fat
      • Alcohol is considered a toxin therefore
      • the body deals with it first and puts food
      • metabolism on hold.
    • 22. Calories in Drinks
    • 23. Shapiro, HM. Picture Perfect Weight Loss 30 Day Plan Does this satisfy?
    • 24. Or this?!
    • 25. Don’t Fret- moderation is key!
      • Alcohol can still be enjoyed in moderation
      • Drink low energy dense beverages
      • Be aware of stimulated appetite when drinking
      • Remember to adjust for extra calories
      • Drinking with meals is preferable as it may not lead to additional eating.