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Power point presentation; music and me
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Power point presentation; music and me

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  • 1. Music/Writing and Me. Kavita Kler.
  • 2. Introduction;
    • Who can say that they do not have an interest in music?
    • Who can argue that music hasn’t affected them, in one time in their lives?
    • If anyone can say that music has not affected them, then can someone answer the question of why are there first dances at weddings?
    • Why do we have favourite songs that we class as ‘ours’?
    • I’ve chosen to focus on Music for this presentation, because not only is it something that’s involved in my life daily, it’s something that can relate to a lot of people, if not everyone in the world.
  • 3. Definition of Music
    • an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
    • any agreeable (pleasing and harmonious) sounds; "he fell asleep to the music of the wind chimes"
    • musical activity (singing or whistling etc.); "his music was his central interest"
    • (music) the sounds produced by singers or musical instruments (or reproductions of such sounds)
    • punishment for one's actions; "you have to face the music"; "take your medicine" wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn
  • 4. Statistics
    • According to the study, Kids & Media @ The New Millennium music is a dominant force in kids' lives.   "After TV, music is the medium of choice for most kids, especially older teens," said Donald F. Roberts, Jr., Ph.D., professor of communication at Stanford University and an author of the study.
    • Amount of time kids spend each day, on average:
    • Listening to music       1:27
    • Percent of kids who spend more than an hour a day:
    • Listening to CDs or tapes    19%
    • Amount of time kids spend each week, on average:
    • Listening to music      10:04
    (Key for times: Hour:Minutes)
  • 5. Escapism in Music
    • I began to believe from a very young age that a problem shared was a problem halved, at least. But when there was nobody to share with, I turned to pen and paper. My problems became euphemisms in my poems, which later became lyrics. Instead of feeling engrossed and melancholy from reading my problems on paper, because I had euphemised them subconsciously, I felt pride and relief oozing out of me instead. This figure of ‘nobody’ that I had to share my problems with, became an entity of a whole separate world, that was clear and defined by me. It’s a world I admire and look up to, to this very day.
    • How does this link to my interest in Music?
    • I believe that Music influenced me in writing from the very beginning. To be aware of how to write such things as poems or lyrics, I personally believe an understanding of rhythm is required. Music was always present in my mind, just not one set genre. That’s where writing songs came into the equation.
  • 6.  
  • 7. Religion & Culture
    • My religion plays a part in the music I choose to listen to. It’s influenced me from such a young age, however I class myself as a British-Asian. I will put the ‘British’ at the forefront, so my views on certain Asian things are blurry whereas for certain members of my family, e.g. grandparents, it’s not.
    • I have split my religion and culture, when it comes to Music. I look to Asian music for melodies and rhythm, and I look to British music for lyrics and meaning. This enables me to easily understand and appreciate two wholly different genres, without difficulty.
    • Going back to ‘Definition of Music’, I can link directly to the first definition I found;
    • an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
    • The main words that stand out for me there are ‘artistic’ and ‘communication’. I believe my Religion and Culture, and the two main music I listen to, Western and Asian, provided great aid and inspiration for the lyrics I chose to write, whenever I needed to express some emotion.
  • 8. My Lyrics
    • The lyrics I write are euphemisms for daily negatives, and exaggerations of daily highs. Music is so important to me, because with it, I can give my lyrics a rhythm, and it’s a way to feed my creativity.
    • Many of the songs I have written have upbeat temps, contradicting their meaning. I indulge in making my lyrics the most meaningful, such as most of the Western music lyrics’ are, however, with my influence of Indian music from my cultural background, I always try and put a contagious rhythm to the tune.
  • 9. It’s Personal
    • If I was to pick an aspect of myself that was as important for a stranger to know and understand as say, my beliefs, then that would be my admiration towards the wonder of Music, as a whole.
    • I feel that by writing songs, I am idolising and prioritising something that I love. My previous ‘Statistics’ slide, shows that many people have the same passion towards Music. Although the amount of exposure to Music, the statistics state, could be harmful, these ‘kids’ may feel as though by listening to music, they are actively acknowledging it and openly admiring it, as I do when I write songs.
  • 10. Cultural Representation
    • I personally believe that writing songs puts my ‘Identity’, and how I come across to people, in a different hierarchy, than say to someone who didn’t know I was fond of writing songs.
    • My theory is that a performer, for example, may not be entirely appreciated, as there are so many around, of a certain age group, performing the same material, but a song-writer, or composer may be more valued as they aren’t as common. This can lead onto High Culture and Low Culture. A performer, in this case would be classed as Low Culture, whereas a song-writer or composer would be classed as High Culture, in my eyes, simply because of accessibility.
    • Using that theory of mine, I’ve come to the conclusion that the Music and writing I am capable of producing, although it is a creative, not-so common talent, places me in a Low Culture field. I feel this because, my music steers towards an Indie/Pop fashion, which can link to Socialisation, as most of my peers enjoy listening to that genre of music.
  • 11. ‘ High Culture’ Writing
    • For me, many High and Low Culture materials are all based from stereotypes. Oil paintings, to abstract art, I am sure many people could say what they believe were High and Low Culture from those two examples. The definition that I had chosen to look at in a bit more depth had the word ‘artistic’ within in. The stereotype that is based in many people’s minds concerning art, means that many people see ‘Art’ as a whole, as a High Culture piece.
    • In my opinion, my song writing places me in a Low Culture genre, but the processes that I go through when it comes to writing, I believe, are all High Culture. This is because, I don’t think that many people can go through the same thought process that I go through, and produce some writing that is similar to mine. That’s why I included the word ‘artistic’ above, as for me, song writing is a creative piece, and I believe that is what has made me into the person I am today.
    • This links to my Identity, as it provides me with a reassuring confidence, which enables me to show through my Open Self just how important and natural a thing like song writing is to me.
  • 12. Ideal Self
    • Linking back to my, ‘It’s Personal’ slide, I am able to understand now that the lyrics that I produce, are a way of me trying uncover an Ideal Self, of myself. Because I feel as though I subconsciously euphemise my writing when I’m in a bad mood, it could be down to my Unknown Self, yet I try to cover this with my Open Self, as, due to the fact that I am totally conscious of what I am writing, I unknowingly change the meaning of my songs, as it could be a part of me wanting to escape from the melancholy mood that I’m in.
    • My Blind Self could also be playing a role in this, as I am quite obviously not aware of when I euphemise in my writing, but am made aware of it, later on when I read through my lyrics, as I realise I have completely changed the perspective of the emotion I was feeling.
    • These factors can all link directly to my Identity, as they are all aspects of me that I am or am not aware of.
  • 13. Identity; Influences from my writing
    • I believe that song writing has moulded my Identity over the years. When I deconstructed the definition of Music that I believe reflects me the most, I highlighted the words ‘artistic’ and ‘communication’. I believe now, that Music has become that aspect of my Identity, which enables me to communicate with people easier. I believe that with song writing, I have something to always fall back on, and so I am not afraid of getting involved in daily dramas with my peers, or trying new things out.
    • When I mentioned Socialisation, writing songs enables me to connect with people that I am mostly with and around, as I am forever influenced by them, as I share a part of their daily lives. So in simple terms, song writing has become my defence and offence, as I deal with life. It’s a totally natural way for me to communicate with people, and for me to communicate about people.
  • 14. Kav – Take Me Granted Lyrics
    • Why don’t you just calm down, love?
    • This isn’t no everlasting love
    • Who believes in all that, anyway?
    • It’s Medusas head; it’s a myth to this day
    • And you can’t prove me wrong until you prove it
    • You’ve never had it all; don’t be afraid to lost it
    • Who believe in all that, anyway?
    • Step onto the cracks; is your momma okay?
    • And I wouldn’t call this cocky
    • I wonder if I would feel different, if I didn’t have your body close to me, tonight
    • And I wonder if I would feel different, if I didn’t have your body close to me, tonight, tonight
    • I’ve mistaken streetlights for stars
    • Everything seems so pretty when you look from afar
    • Is that what you think we look like to them?
    • I’d rather play it straight; I am no harlequin
    • And I am not that one to break a promise
    • But they’re so clumsy, happens without notice
    • Who believes in all them, anyway?
    • You’re such a fool; it’s hard to keep a straight face
    • No, I wouldn’t call this cocky
    • I wonder if I would feel different, if I didn’t have your body close to me, tonight
    • I wonder if I would feel different, if I didn’t have your body close to me, tonight
    • And I wonder if I would feel different, if I didn’t have your body close to me, tonight, no, no
    • I will take you for granted, and I wouldn’t call it cocky
    • I will take you for granted, would it be different, without your body
    • I will take you for granted, and I wouldn’t call it cocky
    • I will take you for granted, would it be different, without your body
    • No, I wouldn’t call it cocky
    • I wonder if I would feel different, if I didn’t have your body close to me, tonight
    • I wonder if I would feel different, if I didn’t have your body close to me, tonight
  • 15. Thank you for ‘listening’ to me and Debussy – Clair de Lune
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