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Audition key scene analysis.ppt [read only]

  1. 1. AuditionA close analysis of a key scene
  2. 2. Shot 112 sScene – Aoyama in his office.Narrative – Asami has disappeared. He has been thinking and dreaming about her. He is tempted to try and call her again. His assistant (who he has clearly had an affair with at some time) has just left him alone in his office.Shot – Mid shot, plainly lit, laptop in foreground.Performance - Aoyama’s eyes flick and then doubletake to his desk phone and he bites his lip as he considers phoning again.
  3. 3. Shot 23sScene – Aoyama in his officeNarrative – He is thinking about telephoning AsamiShot – Medium shot of telephone – Aoyama’s POV – part of shot/reverse to establish the narrative point of what Aoyama is thinking about – it follows the previous shot focusing on Aoyama’s double take of the phone.Performance – n/a
  4. 4. Shot 33sScene – In Aoyama’s officeNarrative - Reinforcing contact with AsamiShot – Low Angle m/s of Aoyama with phone foregrounded and blurredPerformance - How much is Aoyama acting out ‘I want to phone her’ and how much do we just read this in from the framing and editing?
  5. 5. Shot 43sScene – Asami’s apartment (second look at it)Narrative - Iconographic link with phone, hugely fore grounded, linked to previous shot.Shot – Tatami shot. Foregrounded phone, deep focus to hold on mysterious bag in centre of shot.Sound - echoing windy sparse soundscape – significant difference in ambient noise from Aoyama’s workplace.
  6. 6. Shot 54sScene – Still in Asami’s apartmentNarrative - She is there – but not moving, not answering the phone. Narrative strangeness.Shot – Low aeriel shot, Asami half out of frame, made strange.Performance – Asami is still but curled into this strange shape with her almost reptillian spine dominating centre screen.Sound – still in the slightly otherworldly soundscape of Asami’s apartment
  7. 7. Scene 607s – the shot duration is increasing, giving us time to think about what we’re seeingScene – Still in Asami’s apartmentNarrative – The phone is ringing and Asami is ignoring it. More implied information about her from the strangeness of her apartmentShot – Apartment in m/s tatami shot. Phone/bag in middle of shot to give us bearings from shot 4Performance – Asami’s stillness and strange body shape.Sound – Still in strange soundscape of Asami’s apartment
  8. 8. Shot 70m 20sScene – Back in Aoyama’s officeNarrative - He decides to call her, picks up the phone, then changes his mind and starts to leaveShot - Repeat of shot 3, leading to…Camera Movement – follows Aoyama as he stands and starts to move away from the ‘phonePerformance – Aoyama’s pose is held from shot 3, his indecisiveness and rejection of the idea of calling. He’s all eyes and mouth.
  9. 9. Shot 813sScene – Aoyama’s office and out into the corridorNarrative He decides not to call her and starts to leaveShot – M/s on AoyamaCamera Movement - Tracking shot back from Aoyama as he walks forwardsPerformance – Aoyama is demonstrating his conflict about calling/not calling
  10. 10. Shot 99sScene – Corridor outside Aoyama’s officeNarrative – Aoyama decides to go back and call AsamiShot - Aoyama in midshot, still camera again after the tracking shotPerformance – Through his facial expressions and his movement back to the office Aoyama demonstrates the decision he’s come to.
  11. 11. Shot 10a10sScene – Cut back to Asami’s apartmentNarrative – The phone rings and slowly Asami smilesShot – C/U, dark, face framed by falling hairPerformance – Asami’s gradual smile is not very cheerySound- Strange soundscape of the flat plus the phone ringing
  12. 12. Shot 1110sScene - Still in Asami’s apartmentNarrative – She is smiling at the ringing phone. And then…Shot – mid shot, Asami in foreground (and again the strangeness of the foregrounded phone shot is highlighted) and The Sack is mid shot, coming into clear view as she moves. And then…Sound – strange soundscape of her apartment. Phone. And then…Performance Asami’s gradual unbending and her unnerving smile
  13. 13. Shot 122sScene – Still in Asami’s apartmentNarrative – the sudden shock – we knew everything wasn’t right and the sound and vision combined suggested that anything could happen. And then it did, out of nowhere.Shot MCU tatami shotSound – strange soundscape of Asami’s apartment and the crash and moan of the sack.
  14. 14. Shot 1301sScene – Still in Asami’s apartmentNarrative – Linking shot – parallel editing to make absolutely clear thatit is she and Aoyoma who re talking on the phone in the next shot.Shot CU Asami pov of the phone and her hand coming in to answer itSound – The phone. The strange soundscape of Asami’s apartment.