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Making Near Future Video Scenarios
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Making Near Future Video Scenarios

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I describe my work creating near future video scenarios based on academic and market research for high impact and corporate action.

I describe my work creating near future video scenarios based on academic and market research for high impact and corporate action.

More in: Business , Technology
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  • 1. Video Scenarios APF ProDev Day, TorontoPresented by Heather “vescent” Schlegel The Purple Tornado
  • 2. Academic Research + Trend Extrapolation + Future Scenarios + User Scenarios + Product Development + Indie Filmmaking =Near Future Video Scenarios The Purple Tornado, Inc. @heathervescent | 2
  • 3. Overview• Communicates the Future in the visual medium – Fly Me to the Moon – Flowers for Grandma• Commercial Television Quality• Based on Academic Research and Real Life Experiences The Purple Tornado, Inc. @heathervescent | 3
  • 4. Why Videos• Persuasive• Familiar Medium• Narrative Story• Sensory Experience• Steals from Science Fiction• Based on Reality• Sells an Idea• A lot of Fun! The Purple Tornado, Inc. @heathervescent | 4
  • 5. Values Encoded in the Story• Friendly• Human• Near-Future• Narrative• Positive and Accessible• Plausible yet Pushing the Edge• “You can see yourself in this future”• Address today’s concerns as solvable• Inspire The Purple Tornado, Inc. @heathervescent | 5
  • 6. How• It’s about the Story (narrative)• It’s about People (relatable)• Technology supports (spotlighted cameos) – Device porn• Show the preferred future• Push it farther The Purple Tornado, Inc. @heathervescent | 6
  • 7. Fly Me to the Moon The Purple Tornado, Inc. @heathervescent | 7
  • 8. Fly Me to the Moon The Purple Tornado, Inc. @heathervescent | 8
  • 9. Fly Me to the Moon• 12+ months of primary & secondary research in 3 minutes• An Everyday Experience: It’s about spending time with your friends• Smart Check – Ratings engine – Tied into merchant payment services & payroll – Multi-payment platform• Transactions – Mobile Wallet – Secure Coin – Credit Card – Paying for the wine, pay back for the tickets earlier – Corporate Currency• Gamification – Saving for SubOrbit Flight Award The Purple Tornado, Inc. @heathervescent | 9
  • 10. Flowers for Grandma The Purple Tornado, Inc. @heathervescent | 10
  • 11. Flowers for Grandma• Building upon Fly Me to the Moon• An Everyday Experience: “I’m thinking about you” – Based on VRM: Vendor Relationship Management – Is a Customer RFP: Requesting Flower Delivery Proposal• Request Application – Tied into Merchant Payment Systems – Match-making – Vendors bid for the customer’s business – Vendor data account• Technology is Beautiful (beyond the Apple aesthetic) – Bracelet – Merchant Tablet – Kitchen Computing Device The Purple Tornado, Inc. @heathervescent | 11
  • 12. How?• (Starting from an idea based on research)• Pre-Production – Planning, Narrative, Lining up your resources (actors, crew, props, wardrobe, location, script)• Production – Lights! Camera! Action! – There’s always some “problem.” There’s always some magic!• Post-Production – Movie Magic! Editing, Animation, Music, Sizzle!• (Launch, Show, Promote) The Purple Tornado, Inc. @heathervescent | 12
  • 13. Who’s in a Crew?• Producer / Executive • Actors / Talent (Casting) Producer • Make-up / Wardrobe• Script writer • A Variety of Assistants• Director • Editor• DP (Director of • Animator Photography) • Post Sound• Lights • Music• Sounds • Color Correction• Mechanical Effects & Props The Purple Tornado, Inc. @heathervescent | 13
  • 14. Putting it all together• Like any project, keeping on track• Vision is clarified, iterated• High Excitement• Things change, movie magic, synchronicity• Idea buy-in (by team, crew and clients) – It becomes OUR idea, vision, project, film The Purple Tornado, Inc. @heathervescent | 14
  • 15. Benefits of Video Scenarios• Vision as Fact (see it, believe it)• Higher production = reality• A Familiar Medium• Gain buy-in fast – Internally – Externally • Partners • World at Large• Another step to Manifestation• Encourages Action The Purple Tornado, Inc. @heathervescent | 15
  • 16. Challenges• Doing – Perceived as Optional – Requires Specific Skillset – Might appear as too difficult or expensive• Not Doing Video Scenarios – Will take Longer to Adopt, Change – The Idea is more Susceptible to Criticize, Derail, Sabotage, Ignore – Idea/project is shelved or sent back for “more work” The Purple Tornado, Inc. @heathervescent | 16
  • 17. Let’s Make Movies TogetherContact me to discuss a project Heather Schlegel heather@heathervescent.com @heathervescent 323-363-6393 The Purple Tornado, Inc. @heathervescent | 17
  • 18. Thank you! The Purple Tornado, Inc. @heathervescent | 18