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Building an online marketing strategy
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Building an online marketing strategy


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Building an online marketing strategy …

Building an online marketing strategy

Software, database, management, and search engine marketing consulting to businesses and professionals who prefer innovation to infrastructure.
Rockville Innovation Center
155 Gibbs Street, Suite 530
Rockville, Maryland 20850

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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Turning random online travelers
    into loyal customers
    Aaron Overton
    CEO, Heatherstone
    Building anOnline Marketing Strategy
  • 2. Revenue comes from visitors that meet your goals.
    1000 visitors x 1% conversion x $500 per conversion = $5000
    Generating Revenue
  • 3. A visitor “converts” when he does the thing you want him to do.
    What do you want your visitors to do?
    Buy something
    Read an article
    Sign up for a newsletter
    Contact you for an appointment
    Conversion Goals
  • 4. When a visitor meets a goal, it has a value.
    Knowing the value is key to measuring your results.
    What is it worth to convert a visitor?
    Becomes advertiser for a year: $4000
    Donates to my charitable organization: $250
    Calls for appointment: $180
    Conversion Valuation
  • 5. Use the worksheet to define goals
    Identify your conversion goals.
    Determine the value.
    Describe the audience.
    Extra Credit
    Write task list to make conversion better (or even possible!)
    Your Turn
  • 6. Nothing is more important than having the right keywords.
    What words lead traffic to you?
    Keyword Evaluation
  • 7. Google AdWords Example
  • 8. Brainstorm keywords
    Work with a partner and write down as many as you can.
    Rate them for relevance on a scale of 1 to 4.
    Be specific!
    Extra Credit
    Add two hours to your calendar to evaluate your list.
    Your Turn
  • 9. Visitors come to your site through search and advertising.
    How will you get visitors to your site?
    Email campaigns
    Direct mail
    Search engine optimization
    Social networking
    Building Traffic
  • 10. An inexpensive, highly targeted tool to drive traffic and measure results.
    How do you leverage your other networking?
    Use a Good Tool
    Examples: Constant Contact, Heatherstone’s Campaign Monitor
    Avoid spam filters
    Abide by opt-in standards
    Offer unsubscribe and use suppression lists
    Tie directly to website for better results and tracking
    Email newsletters
  • 11. Pay per click advertising brings traffic by buying ads.
    Your ads appear on search engine portals, email portals, and other sites.
    You only pay when someone clicks on your ad.
    $500 of advertising ÷ $2 price per click = 250 visitors
    Pay Per Click Advertising
  • 12. Relevancy is the key to being found via search.
    There are other ways to make your site found even easier.
    How will visitors find your site via search?
    Be relevant
    Add new content regularly
    Connect to and from related sites
    Use a search engine friendly content management tool
    Search Engine Optimization
  • 13. Keeping up with social networks can be time consuming.
    It can drive more traffic.
    How will you conduct outreach?
    Networking Success
    Wide reach: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more
    If possible, add it to someone’s regularly duties
    Present as an organization
    Be prepared to work
    Social Networking
  • 14. Define Your Strategy
    Use the worksheet to define your strategy.
    Fill in what you could do in all areas first.
    Narrow it down to those you will actually do.
    Extra Credit
    Pick one more thing than you did already and do it.
    Your Turn
  • 15. Traffic, conversion, revenue. Check.
    How will you get this stuff to happen?
    Your Plan
    Get a site, any site, up and running
    Begin measuring
    No visitors? Buy ads. You need a conversion rate.
    Get conversion rate up
    Keep advertising so you continue to make money
    Optimize for search engines
    Measure, revise, test, repeat
    Getting it Done
  • 16. It seems hard. I need help.
    What if you are already too busy, but need this done?
    Our Call to Action
  • 17. More stuff we might not get to in the time we have.
  • 18. Content is king.
    How do you keep your site up to date?
    Key Features
    Separates content from design
    Requires no extra software
    Descriptive URLs
    Notifies search engines of changes
    Automatic RSS feeds
    Consider: Dreamweaver, Contribute, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
    Content Management
  • 19. You know your goal. Does your visitor?
    You need clear calls to action.
    Form follows function.
    How will you achieve conversion?
    Include prominent calls to action
    Provide at least two calls to action so visitors have alternatives
    Using landing pages with your advertisements
    Achieving Conversion
  • 20. Ad copy: Make your next home green.
    Which will convert a visitor more often?
    Landing Pages
  • 21. A few basic guidelines will dramatically increase your success rate.
    It will also decrease your costs.
    How do your visitors get to the call to action?
    Google Ads 101
    Keywords. Repeat them. Keywords.
    Keywords as the title
    Benefit, then feature
    Landing page, not home page
    Effective PPC Advertisements
  • 22. Your first ads will probably produce only lackluster results.
    Testing will improve them.
    How do you know what ads will produce results?
    Making Ads Better
    Build two ad campaigns
    Fund both and monitor results
    Delete the one with less performance and replace
    Repeat until you have the best ad you can get
    Improving Ads
  • 23. There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Eww.
    How do you optimize a site for search engines?
    Know your keywords and focus on the best
    Include 200-800 words of relevant content
    Use your metatags: title, description
    Note: keywords metatag is no longer of value!
    Examine your site in SEO browser and adjust
    Acquire incoming links from other relevant sites
    Components of SEO