How important is white card induction training


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Get the best training at white card online.

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How important is white card induction training

  1. 1.  
  2. 2.  A White Card is necessary once you consider starting a career in construction.Basically, White Card is a type of card wherein you can prove to your prospective employer that you have taken the construction induction training in Australia. The states of Australia before have different colors of cards in order to be distinguished. However in order to eliminate the confusion, White Card has been implemented so as to streamline the training.
  3. 3.  Construction induction training generally introduces a lot of information regarding the regulations of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS). You can learn more about OHS when you visit This includes a list of common hazards and the safety protocols on avoiding them. It likewise includes a list of rights and responsibilities of all the construction employees as well as their expected behaviors.
  4. 4.  Today, the induction course are taken online because it is less hassle and more convenient. It can be accessed anytime of day 24 hours a day 7 days a week and anywhere you may be, as long as you have a pc with reliable broadband internet connection.
  5. 5.  Once you have completed the course, identification documents must be then submitted in order to obtain your White Card. Once you have done this you will be issuedyour card which you will be required to carry with you whenever you are on a construction site.
  6. 6.  Is it really necessary to take the induction training course? Australia Worksafe mandate their employees undergo construction induction training so that they can get a White Card. You won’t be granted employment if you do have this induction training ID.
  7. 7.  Also, if an employee doesn’t undergo proper and adequate construction induction training course and do not carry a White Card, he or she could be penalized normally with a very large fine. The penalty can be increased once accidents may occur, and may result in other legal action.
  8. 8.  White Card also serves as a protection to the one who bears it. The induction training will inform the person about the safety procedures in case something happens on the workplace. Moreover, employee’s rights are also introduced all though this construction induction training.
  9. 9.  No one is exempted. Everyone who works on a construction site must take the training and secure their own White Card.On the other hand, nobody is accepted and allowed to work on site unless they have the card. Only the visitors and guests who are merely taking a tour in the site are the only ones who are not obligated to sign up for OHS. But still, they need to be assisted by someone who is trained by OHS.
  10. 10.  Borrowing of the card is unacceptable since it can cause serious trouble. With that being said, White Card is actually mandatory. This will save you huge penalty fees and some more much more serious implications.
  11. 11.  As the demand for a career in construction is getting more and more popular, White Card induction training course can be truly advantageous for you. Take the course and look for a Registered Training Organization having a “Work Safely in the Construction Industry” (CPCCOHS1001A) course.
  12. 12.  You will be issued your White Card as soon as you complete the training course. Once you have it, start applying for whatever job in the construction industry and mention you have it on your resume. For more information you can visit
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