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Essay 2 for teaching course 4 on cousera

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Essay 2 for teaching course 4

  1. 1. Planning a teaching and learning session What are the critical factors that you would consider when engaging the three way relationship of the teacher, the curriculum, and the students in planning a teaching and learning session?
  2. 2. Teacher Students Curriculum
  3. 3. Teacher-curriculum Key questions: What does the curriculum say for this topic? ● Are there suggested activities for this topic? ● How do I interpret the topic? ● How am I going to sequence the whole topic? ● What are the learning outcomes from this topic? ●
  4. 4. Teacher-curriculum Planning the lesson: Topic: the atom ● Sub-topic: history of the atom ● Lesson type: class activity ● Aim: to introduce learners to atomic models by using the history of the atom and how atomic theory developed ● Materials: marker pens, large sheets of paper, postit notes, computers or other reference sources ● Misconceptions: No specific misconceptions, just need to be aware that students might become fixed on one person's model of the atom ● Challenges: keeping learners focused, making the activity interesting, ensuring all learners have access to reference materials, ensuring the content is culturally relevant ●
  5. 5. Teacher-learner Implementing the lesson: Begin by explaining the assignment ● Divide class into groups and hand out a scientist to research to each group ● Monitor the groups: are all learners engaged, do all learners know what they need to do, is every learner getting a chance to participate, are all learners voices being heard, can learners find the information they need ● Feedback: Give each group a chance to talk, ensure each learner is heard ● Allow groups time to discuss the other groups work ● Ask learners what they learnt from the lesson ●
  6. 6. Teacher-learner Meeting learners where they are: Is each learner's voice being heard? ● Can each learner handle the task set? Are there learners who may need extra help? ● Have the groups being fairly assigned to ensure that stronger learners work with weaker learners? ● Are the learners actively learning something or are they just making pretty pictures on their sheets of paper? ● Are any learners left out due to cultural differences? ● Do the learners understand how to use reference materials or search online for information? ● Did any learners come to the conclusion that one model of the atom is the only model? ● Do all learners know how they will be marked on this activity? ●
  7. 7. Learner-curriculum Do learners: ● know the goal of the lesson? ● understand what they are being taught? ● feel they have achieved the goal of the lesson? ● have a part to play in setting the goals and choosing activities?
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