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  • Roxy is a hit because they know their target audience. They have a distinct voice and a consistent vision. They don’t try to be something they are not and encourage individualism and vibrancy. It plays to a young women’s desire to be beautiful yet herself. Roxy portrays an image of adventure and excitement.Their advertising resonates with the customers. They offer bright colors, intriguing graphics, and dynamic photography to capture attention.
  • Roxy was originally started for females into board sports, such as snowboarding and surfing. They brought that adrenaline driven vision and made it more relatable. By keeping that sport-based marketing image but creating simple products, they cater to what a girl needs as well as fulfilling her desire to be daring. A Roxy girl is active, youthful, bright, simple, natural, fresh, and fun!
  • If they could branch that advertising to social media they will then share their artistic advertising with more potential clients. Although they already have a Facebook page, YouTube channel, Instagram feed, and twitter, they could improve a little.Roxy has used various sites to promote their brand, but its social media reach is lacking. With 2.2 million likes on Facebook they are not quite reaching full potential. Billabong, their main competitor, has just as many likes on Facebook. To draw in more likes, and therefore more potential customers, I think Roxy should develop some interactive games that can be posted on their Facebook as well as made into an app for smartphones.
  • There are two interactive applications that should be developed. One could be a surf or snowboarding game for people to not just visit the page but also divulge into it. They more time spent on the page, the more familiar people will feel with the brand. In communication studies it is apparent that familiarity breeds liking. The more comfortable people are with something, the more they grow to admire and like it. If people feel like they relate to Roxy and spend time on the page, this will lead to buyers identifying with the brand and spend money.
  • The second interactive application should be a mobile app that allows users to take a photo of themselves and then create an avatar that looks similar to themselves. This life-like resemblance could then model various articles of clothing or accessories available for sale online. By seeing how the outfits look on the avatar the buyer can get an idea of how it would look on themselves. This allows users to be interactive with Roxy as well as shop with flare. Since this would be an application they could do this from any location, which makes Roxy accessible. Both applications will draw in users to Roxy’s social media sites and build a larger web fan-base.
  • It is also proven that repetition and mere exposure increase liking in the marketing field. The more people hear the Roxy name, they more they will familiarize with the brand and therefore buy its products. To get their name out Roxy has done nation-wide tours before for surfing and various event-appearances. I think Roxy could kick it up a notch by sponsoring various television shows, Hollywood events, and concerts. I also think that Roxy’s partnership with Teen Vogue and Shick are vital but could be expanded. Roxy could partner with other brands to do a joint fashion show or benefit concert. A big event could pull in televised brand-recognition. At this event they can have a Twitter hash-tag, which would lead to potential trending. This will boost their social media presence by utilizing their real-world impact.
  • By sponsoring more well-known athletes Roxy can boost their liking and expand their following. Sean White is an example of how an athlete can become a celebrity by competing in the x-games. Roxy can take advantage of this. More women than ever are following board sports.
  • Roxy gains about 55% of sales from the United States and 35% from Europe. Roxy can target these regions with ads and app availability. Roxy can invest money in only these areas.Since Roxy also makes its most profit from clothing, the mobile application for the virtual closet will help increase profitability.Social media can increase traffic to Roxy site, thereby increasing sales. It will also Increase the familiarity with Roxy and make the brand more popular. They key is to not just get fans, but to keep them. By having live events tied to social networking sites Roxy will become more of a house-hold name. By having interactive apps and games people will devote their time to Roxy and feel the desire to buy.
  • By tracking online traffic, new followers, and change in online purchases, we can see how these changes are influencing they way people feel about Roxy. If Roxy invests more money in these developments it could increase profits by a good margin. It could also be done within the next year so plans should be implemented after the holiday and be deemed a success by the following Christmas.
  • By creating interactive mobile apps as well as expanding marketing partners and hosting live events, Roxy can reach out to people and lead them to their social networking sites. This is just one creative way Roxy cannot just rely and adwords or Internet searches. By drawing in consumers from both real-world and online avenues Roxy will have a well-rounded and intertwined approach to marketing.


  • 1. N M D L P R E S E N TAT I O N B Y H E AT H E R N Y K A M P
  • 2. FACTS ABOUT ROXY• Founded in 1989, Roxy was launched by the male brand Quiksilver.• Roxy is a high-end apparel company that also sponsors professional athlets.• Roxy was created for the lovers of board sports but has expanded its fan-base.
  • 3. • They know their audience• Consistent but not monotonous• Bright, intriguing, dynamic advertising• Relates to a large group of people• Play to girl’s need for adventure
  • 4. WHAT IS A ROXY GIRL?Roxy is colorful, bright, an d youthful.It is for active, adventuro us young women and girls.Target audience is females between the ages of 12-24They have two separate lines for girls and adults
  • 5. ROXY PRODUCTS • Clothing • swimwear • Snowboards etc. • Surfboards etc. • Home goods • Shoes • Fragrance
  • 6. THE NEXT STEP While Roxy uses social media sites, they can improve. • They have 2.2 million likes on Facebook • Competing with Billabong • Draw in more likes • Create reasons to stay on the page and interact • Increase time spent on Roxy sites • Tap into smartphone potential (make Roxy mobile)
  • 7. HOW TO MEET GOALS: DEVELOP APPS1. Developing an interactive game.User will spend more time on site(more likely to link to products)
  • 8. HOW TO MEET GOALS: DEVELOP APPS2. Develop way for user to try on clothing on mobile device (phone or tablet)User will be more likely to make purchase. Shopping will be easy andpersonal
  • 9. • It is proven that repetitionINCREASE EXPOSURE increases liking • Get name out by increasing sponsored events • Increase partnership with other companies • Stream events live on YouTube as well as Instagram photos • Trend on twitter by using event exposure
  • 10. SPONSOR MORE ATHLETES• Roxy already sponsors top athletes• By making more appearances at an invitational or the x-games Roxy can become more desirable.• The Roxy name will be attached with trophies and medals• Athletes can be celebrities
  • 12. ANNUAL MARKETING PROFIT GOALImprovements by December 2013Monitor:• Online traffic• Use of keywords• New followers on social networking sites• Increase in online purchases• Amount of downloaded apps
  • 13. MARKETING PLAN: SUMMARY • Increase social media presence • Use apps • Use events, sponsorship, and partners • Use athletes This will increase Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube following and will direct traffic to Roxy site or blog.