Edu 324 the history of american education


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Edu 324 the history of american education

  1. 1. The History of American Education Heather Wilson EDU 324 Instructor: John Glover July 1, 2013
  2. 2. April 23, 1635 – The Founding of the Boston Public School This was the very first public school that was created. This school was made for boys from the ages of eight to fifteen and was created to prepare the young men for college. This school was meant to prepare the young men for leadership for the court, state, and church.
  3. 3. April 26, 1636 – Harvard College was Established Established in Newtowne, Massachusetts. This college was the very first college in the United States. The school was named after John Harvard.
  4. 4. April 14, 1642 – The Massachusetts Bay School Law This was the first place to pass a law in the New World declaring that the children should be taught how to read and to write. The law was based on the Puritan lifestyle.
  5. 5. January 24, 1690 – The New England Primer More than five million copies of this text book was sold. This was the textbook that was used in New England and in many other English settlements in America.
  6. 6. August 13, 1751 – The First American Academy Founded in Philadelphia by Benjamin Franklin. The purpose of this academy was to prepare the students for employment.
  7. 7. April 16, 1779 – Proposal of the Two-Track System Created by Thomas Jefferson. The two tracks were the laborers and the learners. This was a way to separate the wealthy from the less fortunate.
  8. 8. April 16, 1785 – The Land Ordinance of 1785 This ordinance divided the western territories, making them into townships. One of the townships was set aside to be the maintenance of the public schools.
  9. 9. May 27, 1787 – Young Ladies Academy This was the very first academy made for girls. It was established in Philadelphia.
  10. 10. January 1, 1805 – The First Monitorial School System Created by Joseph Lancaster and Andrew Bell. The purpose of the school was to crate masses by having one of the better and educated students be taught by the teacher and then that student would teach to the other students.
  11. 11. April 16, 1817 – Connecticut Asylum at Hartford Founded by Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and Laurent Clerc. It was created for Instruction of Deaf and Special Ed people.
  12. 12. 1821 – Boston English High School This was the first public high school. The high school opened in Boston, Massachusetts.
  13. 13. 1837- Horace Mann joined the Board of Education He was the Secretary of the Massachusetts State Board of Education. He believed that school should be free and also worked to increase funding for the public schools and tried to better teachers training.
  14. 14. 1856 – The First Kindergarten Founded in Watertown, Wisconsin by Margarethe Schurz.
  15. 15. 1867- The Department of Education Created to help the states create effective school systems.
  16. 16. October 16, 1896 – Plessy vs. Ferguson This was a Supreme Court case that was “separate but equal”. This case helped with the segregation laws.
  17. 17. May 7, 1919 – Transportation This was a law that was passed by the states to provided funds for the transportation to and from school.
  18. 18. April 17, 1962 – Engal vs. Vitale In this Supreme Court case it is rules that the state of New York’s prayer is a violation of the First Amendment. This is a lawsuit that happened to end prayer in the schools throughout the United States.
  19. 19. July 2, 1964 – Civil Rights Act This is a law that prohibits discrimination based on race, sex, color, religion, or national origin.
  20. 20. April 17, 1975 – Education of All Handicapped Children Act This act requires a free; public school education that is suited to the individual handicapped child’s needs, and has to be offered in the least restrictive way.
  21. 21. January 8, 2002 – No Child Left Behind Law (NCLB) This law holds schools accountable for the student achievement levels. It also provides penalties to those schools that do no progress toward the goals of the NCLB.
  22. 22. January 24, 2012 – State of Union Address President Barack Obama wants to require students to stay in school until they either graduate or until they are at the age of eighteen years old.
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