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WGU Kappa Delta Pi Informational Meeting
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WGU Kappa Delta Pi Informational Meeting


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Kappa Delta Pi is an international education honor society. This PowerPoint will give you an overview of Kappa Delta Pi at Western Governors University. We welcome your interest and hope you apply …

Kappa Delta Pi is an international education honor society. This PowerPoint will give you an overview of Kappa Delta Pi at Western Governors University. We welcome your interest and hope you apply for membership!

Published in: Education, Career
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  • ·       The benefits and services offered by KDP are intended to support educators throughout their careers. It is not a college-only activity.
  • Slide Five: History - Kendraattendees to the History section of the KDP Web site for major historical milestones.·       Kappa Delta Pi was founded as a coeducational society, a radical statement at that time. 
  • Slide Six: History, cont. - Kendra·       The Society has four types of chapters: community college chapters, institutional chapters based on college and university campuses (WGU), professional chapters, and school-based chapters. There are also informal networking groups called Chalk Talk Cafés.
  • ·       The KDP Web site is a vehicle for staying current on KDP offerings and benefits. 
  • ·       The ABC’s of Job-Hunting for Teachers. This comprehensive guide is available at a member-discounted price through the KDP Store.ABC’s of Job-Hunting:Interview typesSample Questions and answersNegotiatingEven a Job Search Checklist·       The Career Assistance page under the Membership section of KDP Online offers sample interview questions and objective statements and tips from principals.
  • ·       The New Teacher Advocate is designed for pre-service and beginning teachers. It is free during the first year of membership.·       The KDP Record addresses current issues and trends in education.  It is free to undergraduate students after they renew their memberships and to active members.·       The Educational Forum is a research-oriented journal offered to members at a discounted rate.
  • ·       All KDP publications are available to members at a discounted price. Books and other items can be purchased online or by calling KDP Headquarters.
  • ·       Novice Notes are one-page handouts that are sent to students.·       Ideas to Go are electronically sent monthly communiqués that offer practical tips from KDP members and National Teachers of the Year.
  • Slide Twelve: KDP Educational Foundation - Orleatha·       New scholarships and other funding are available to members every year. First two National Headquarters gives out. Final one – chapter.
  • ·       Information on upcoming conferences can be found in the Conferences section of the KDP Web site.·       KDP conferences provide networking opportunities and access to award-winning educators.
  • Literacy Alive! is a national initiative to encourage lifelong learning through literacy. This initiative encompasses various programs, from basic book drives to a semester-long partnership with a school, to strengthen reading skills and enrich lives. Each spring, the KDP Educational Foundation supports KDP chapter programs that bring literacy to life through special refunding grants.
  • ·       
  • Slide Eighteen: WGU KDP Prerequisites - Heather
  • KDP is an honor and distinguishes them from other education students. KDP is also a professional organization that provides resources for educators throughout their careers.
  • Transcript

    • 1.   
      Kappa Delta Pi
      International Honor Society in Education
    • 2. Membership
      What is Kappa Delta Pi?
      50,000 members worldwide
      Top 20% of educators in the country
      Educators in all stages of their careers
      students, novice and practicing teachers, administrators, collegiate professors, and retirees
    • 3. What is Kappa Delta Pi?
      MISSION: To support and recognize scholarship and excellence in education
       stands for: Knowledge, Duty, Power
      Founding ideals: science, service, toil, and fidelity to humanity
    • 4. What is Kappa Delta Pi?
      The Seal
      Scroll and stylus symbolize the first tools used to record and pass on knowledge
      Beehive symbolizes toil
    • 5. 5
      What is Kappa Delta Pi?
      1904-1910: William Chandler Bagley stated and refined basic concepts that provided the foundation for the Society's ideals.  Since then KDP has been coeducational; which means men and women are allowed to become members.
       1911: The first chapter installed on March 8 at University of Illinois.
       1912: KDP decides to not join with Phi Delta Kappa because there was not an opportunity to secure the admission of women.   Phi Delta Kappa believed that women did not enter a work force as a profession and that they do not need to.  KDP believed it was a place for women just as well as men so the two remained separate.
       1981: The first international chapter is installed at the University of Calgary on October 28.
       1993: The New Teacher Advocate is released and sent to all initiates.
       1994: Chapter chartering and reactivations set a record. The number of KDP chapters exceeds 500.
       1996: Kappa Delta Pi's Web site—KDP Online—is established.
    • 6. What is Kappa Delta Pi?
       2003: Novice Notes, a quarterly publication addressing topics of interest to pre-service and novice teachers, is launched.
       2007: First online chapter is installed at Northcentral University, Arizona.
       January 2008: WGU is contacted to determine interest in setting up a chapter.
       May 2009: WGU faculty volunteer to help organize the chapter.
       September 2009: WGU student officers are selected and begin meeting monthly to build our chapter.
       February 19, 2010: WGU chapter chartering ceremony planned for Salt Lake City, Utah.
       ***We are only the 4th online university to have a KDP chapter!***
       There are many things that have changed over time to make KDP easily accessible for students attending virtual chapters such as WGU. 
    • 7. What can KDP do for me?
      Recognition for your achievements
      Networking with educators across the country
      Local and national leadership opportunities
      Teaching resources
      Scholarships and grants to support your educational endeavors
      Member-only discounts on products and services
      National Benefits
      As a member, you belong to an international network of the world’s finest educators!
    • 8. What can KDP do for me?
      Job Search Assistance
      Access to job openings through partners such as and American Association for Employment in Education
      Certification information for all 50 states
      Sample résumés, cover letters, and portfolios
      Directory to Licensure Departments by state
    • 9. Quarterly Publications
      What can KDP do for me?
      New Teacher Advocate
      • receive free your 1st year of membership
      • 10. a great resource for beginning teachers
      The Educational Forum
      • research-based articles on important educational issues
      • 11. only $16/year for members
      Kappa Delta Pi Record
      • useful classroom ideas for practicing educators
      • 12. free to undergraduate student members after they renew their memberships and to active members (included in membership dues)
      For sample articles, or to learn how to publish in any of these journals, visit the Publications section at
    • 13. Educational Books
      KDP books are available in numerous titles on diverse educational topics
      What can KDP do for me?
      Best-selling books include:
      • ABC’s of Job-Hunting for Teachers
      • 14. Life Cycle of the Career Teacher
      • 15. Experiencing Dewey: Insights for Today’s Classroom
      New at KDP!
      • ABC’s of Classroom Management
    • What can KDP do for me?
      Education Practices
      Novice Notes – 4 issues per academic year
      Ideas to Go – Monthly tips and suggestions
      Teacher Hotline/Ask Miss Ruth
    • 16. 12
      What can KDP do for me?
      KDP Educational Foundation
      Over $100,000 annually in scholarships for undergraduates, graduates, and doctoral students.
      $7,500 annually in Teacher Classroom Grants for K–12 teachers.
      Chapter grants provide financial support to an active member of a local Kappa Delta Pi chapter each year from now until perpetuity.
      You and your chapter can play an important role in helping to fund these programs by making a 100% tax-deductible donation to the Kappa Delta Pi Educational Foundation.
    • 17. What can KDP do for me?
      Professional Conferences
      Award-winning conferences prepare you for the first years of teaching and give you an opportunity to learn from the country’s top educators. Connect with a large network of peers, experienced teachers, and renowned educators at KDP conferences.
      Every two years, KDP hosts its preeminent international educational conference for professional development. The next convocation will mark KDP’s 100th anniversary and will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana in 2011.
      Are you ready for the classroom? The workshops, discussion panels, and keynote speakers at these conferences boost the novice teacher’s ability to jump into the classroom!
    • 18. 14
      At Convocation:
      Make new friends!
      Present your ideas!
      Win a chapter award for service, attendance, going above and beyond!
    • 19. 15
      What can KDP do for me?
      Commercial Discounts
      Save money through:
      Discount professional liability, student teaching, medical, auto, and life insurance
      15% off Choice Hotels
      10% off teacher supplies
      10% off
      Up to 20% off National Car Rental
      Up to 10% off Alamo Car Rental
    • 20. 16
      What can KDP do for me?
      Your Local Chapter
      To enhance your personal and professional growth and to gain the most from your membership, get involved with leadership and volunteer opportunities.
      • Participate in chapter programs and activities
      • 21. Serve in a leadership role
      • 22. Contribute to your local community through service projects
      • 23. Support literacy with aLiteracy Alive program
      • 24. Network with peers
    • Your academic achievements and credit hours distinguish you as an outstanding student of education
      The next application period to join KDP at WGU will be January 4 through February 5, 2010.
      A digital application link will be published to the Facebook group and to all WGU student sources.
      National annual dues: $38
      Local chapter dues: $12
      One-time initiation fee: $10
      How do I join Kappa Delta Pi?
    • 25. WGU Prerequisites for Current Students
      • Be  enrolled in Western Governors University Teachers College
      • 26. Have an 80% cumulative SAP at the end of your most recent past term.
      • 27. Be currently enrolled in the term following the completion of Schools and Society or if Foundations of Teaching is not in your Teachers College program, be enrolled in second term.
      • 28. You must have Mentor of Record consent.
      • 29. Pay $50.00 annual dues.
      Alumni and WGU Faculty & Staff will have special application instructions.
    • 30. Membership renewal and address changes can be done online at or by calling KDP Headquarters at 800-284-3167.
      StayingActive in Kappa Delta Pi
      • Attend a regional or national conference
      • 31. Publish in one of KDP’s quarterlies or on KDP Online
      • 32. Serve on a national standing or ad hoc committee
      • 33. Start a local networking group after graduation
      • 34. Connect with other committed educators online
      • 35. Stay informed on Society news through The Kadelpian electronic newsletter
    • 20
    • 36. 21
      So to TEACH
      that our words inspire a will to learn;
      So to SERVE
      that each day may enhance the growth of exploring minds;
      So to LIVE
      that we may guide young and old to know the truth and love the right.
    • 37.   
      K a p p a D e l t a P I
      International Honor Society in Education