String instruments

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  • 1. The String Instruments Second Year Music Class ©MsKeleghan’sEducationBlog
  • 2. Did you know the strings are the biggest section of the orchestra?! Yes I did! There are four instruments in the string section. Do you know what they are? ©MsKeleghan’sEducationBlog
  • 3. Each Instrument has four strings and is played with a bow. All string instruments make their sound the same way. Musicians press down on the strings with their fingers of the left hand and draw the bow across the strings with the right hand like shown in the picture below: ©MsKeleghan’sEducationBlog
  • 4. Oh and one important thing to remember before we begin! The smaller the instrument the higher the sound. The bigger the instrument the lower the sound! ©MsKeleghan’sEducationBlog
  • 5. The Violin The Violin is the smallest string instrument. They are divided into two groups called first violins and second violins. It fits under the chin while being played. Well known player: Cora Venus Lunny ©MsKeleghan’sEducationBlog
  • 6. The Viola  The viola is a little larger than the violin.  It has a warmer and lower tone.  It is pitch a 5th lower than the violin.  It fits under the chin when being played. ©MsKeleghan’sEducationBlog
  • 7. The Cello  The Cello is a large instrument.  It has thicker strings than the violin and viola.  It is played with a shorter thicker bow.  The player sits when playing the cello and rests it against their knees. ©MsKeleghan’sEducationBlog
  • 8. Double Bass The double bass is the largest of all the string instruments. The player usually stands or sits on a high stool. The strings of the double bass are very long and very thick. They produce a very deep sound. ©MsKeleghan’sEducationBlog
  • 9. Listen to these cool video clips demonstrating the string instruments! Compare and Contrast the sound of each instrument in these videos: ©MsKeleghan’sEducationBlog