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Critical Friend Group Jiscv.5

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Group 5 Critical Friend Group Presentation

Group 5 Critical Friend Group Presentation
Morning Session - RePRODUCE
JISC eLearning Programme Meeting - 3.3.09

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  • 1. Critical Friend Partnership in Health
    • Lucy Warman University of Central Lancashire
    • Chara Bala St George’s, University of London
  • 2. The Projects
    • REViP
    • Biology of Pain
    • Environment and Population Health
    • ADAPT
  • 3. Common Aim and Objective Objectives
    • To identify external resources to repurpose
    • To embed RLOs into module delivery
    • To evaluate the process of repurposing and developing RLOs
    • To evaluate the impact of developing RLOs on students learning
  • 4. REViP
    • Repurposing Existing Virtual Patients from Heidelberg University, Germany
    • Delivering tools through OpenLabyrinth
    • Share best practice in repurposing and delivering learning tools.
  • 5. REViP Catherine Miller
  • 6. Biology of Pain
    • To create a visual resource to help students understand the complex biological concepts of pain physiology
    • Delivered in Flash
    • An animation, which can easy be adapted by academics
  • 7. Pain Animation
  • 8. EPH
    • Develop an new module specification for level 6 module.
    • Delivered using Course Genie
    • RLO of resources to support the module delivery
    • Use as on going tool support tool, rather than sit down exercise
  • 9. Environment, Poverty and Health
  • 10. ADAPT
    • To produce a tool to enable students to conceptualise anatomy and physiological concepts.
    • Delivered in Course Genie
    • Develop eLearning tools students can work through in their own time to support lectures and seminars
  • 11. A & P of the Nervous System
  • 12. Student Evaluation
    • Aim - Obtain feedback from students
    • Three resources evaluated
    • Students at SGUL took part (n=34 students with 95 responses)
    • Medical and other healthcare students
    • Session lasted one hour per student
  • 13. Results (1)
  • 14. Results (2) “ I usually depend on what the tutor or institution has to say as they obviously know more about the course than others. Some students are helpful but I still think its better to hear it from the institution . With students, it can be difficult as some are not as willing to help . As for the search engines , the standards are different as some are for those on a higher level than others ie. too detailed .”
  • 15. Results (3)
  • 16. Summary
    • Positive student feedback
    • Combine the lessons learned from all partners to avoid pitfalls
    • Started CFG process earlier
    • Conduct more evaluation
  • 17. Conclusion
    • Concentrate on repurposing unique resources which are:
      • worth the effort to change the context
      • or
      • independent of context
      • or
      • so valuable to either teacher or learner, that context becomes unimportant
  • 18. Thank you
    • [email_address]
    • [email_address]