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  • A good relationship is about good communication. Talk to the person you're dating and be clear about your values and what you really want. Don't be shy about what you don't feel comfortable doing. The fact is you don't really need to tell anyone why you don't want to have sex. It's good to be honest with the person you are dating early on that you plan to be abstinent. This way there will be no expectations and you both can avoid situations that could make abstinence difficult, such as going to a party where there's alcohol or being alone in an empty house.
    Don't be fooled by this line! Loving someone doesn't just give them permission for sex. Changing your mind and having sex when you really don't want to is letting yourself down, and it doesn't guarantee that your partner will stay with you either. In the long run, if someone wants to break up with you just because you won't have sex, they really are not worth it.
  • Carly,
    This is Carly from the year 2010. I am in Ms. Spencer’s health class. I just got back from Christmas break and it was so good. I had do much fun with my family and friends. We went sledding, watched movies, visited grandma, and just had a blast. You are probably wondering why I’m writing you today. I’m writing you because...
    Ever since I was a young girl I’ve wanted to be a nurse. I want to help people who are sick and be there to help them feel happy when they are feeling bad. I know it’s only been a year, but the choices you make today are going to affect whether or not you reach your goals. A year ago we talked about being abstinent from sexual activities. I really hope you have kept up with this goal. If you were to be sexually active you could risk becoming pregnant or getting an STD. If you were to have a baby it would make it extremely difficult to get through school to become a nurse. You wouldn’t have time to work and be with your baby and go to school. It would just be too much. I have some advice for you on how to make sure you keep up with that goal. Make sure you always communicate with the boys you date and let them know about your expectations. Always...
    Just one more last thing. I want you to know that you have a lot of potential in life. Don’t let one little thing change the direction in life you want for yourself. It’s not worth it. It is so important to be abstinent because...
    Your’s Truly,
    Carly Who Cares
  • Abstinence

    1. 1. Choosing Abstinence Unit 6:6 Mrs. Ngawaka
    2. 2. Does it seem like your friends are starting to talk about sex?  This is a different answer for everyone.  Some would say YES  Some would say NO  Some would say KIND OF
    3. 3. Do you think more teens these days choose abstinence or not? Why? Abstinence or Risks
    4. 4. The truth is more teens your age choose... Abstinence
    5. 5. Some change for the good  Teens are waiting longer to have sex than they did in the recent past. In 2006–2008, some 11% of nevermarried females aged 15–19 and 14% of never-married males in that agegroup had had sex before age 15, compared with 19% and 21%, respectively, in 1995
    6. 6. What is abstinence?  Choosing to refrain from something. – Drugs – Alcohol – Sexual Activity
    7. 7. What are some consequences of failing to be abstinent? Physical...  831,000 pregnancies occur each year among    persons aged 15 ミ 19 years. 7% of all teens will become pregnant as a teen. 9.1 million cases of sexually transmitted diseases occur each year among persons aged 15 ミ 24 years ½ of all sexually active people will have an STD by age 25 An estimated 4,842 cases of HIV/AIDS occur annually among persons aged 15 ミ 24 years...
    8. 8. What are some consequences of failing to be abstinent? Emotional...    More likely to experience regret. Two-thirds of sexually experienced teens wish they had waited longer to have sex. Teen girls who had sex, took drugs, and/or started drinking were up to three times more likely to be depressed a year later than girls who did not take those risks.
    9. 9. What are advantages to abstinence?      More self respect and respect for others Greater chance of faithfulness in marriage. Better relationships Freedom from memories or regrets Don’t have to worry about – – – – – STD’s Pregnancy Getting hurt Feeling used Loosing self esteem
    10. 10. What are benefits for waiting until you are married?
    11. 11. Why are teens sexually active?        Physical/Emotional Gratification Identity formation Peer pressure Response to stress or abuse Rebellion Substance abuse Curiosity
    12. 12. Why do teens choose not to be sexually active?  Religious views/morals (#1 reason)  Avoid STD’s  Avoid Pregnancy  Avoid Guilt  Wait until married
    13. 13. Do the following factors make you more likely to be sexually active at a young age or less likely? Thumbs up for more likely Thumbs down for less likely.
    14. 14.  Drugs and Alcohol – MORE  Girls participating in sports? – LESS  Doing well in school? – LESS  Teens who have been sexually abused – MORE  Attending kind. – LESS religious services of some
    15. 15. How can we achieve the goal of abstinence?  Make good habits  Identify ways to show caring  Avoid bad situations  Set your goal early  Recognize any problems you are having early and fix them.  Communicate with those you date
    16. 16. Assignment  You are going to write a letter to YOU in the year 2011. It’s a letter to the future you. Your letter is going to be regarding your hopes, knowledge, and advice for your choice to be abstinent. Include your future goals, plan to reach those goals, how you feel about yourself, choices you hope you’ve made, advice for how to keep it up, a reminder of why you think the choice to remain abstinent is important.
    17. 17.  Introduction – Hey this is ... And I’m writing you from Mrs. Ngawaka’s class in 2013. Explain why you’re writing – Talk a little about your present Life  Explanation – – – – –  Talk about future goals and plan to reach them Choices you hope you’ve made How consequences of sex could affect your goals Advice on how to avoid sexual activities. How you feel about yourself and why you deserve to be abstinent and be free from worries. Last word – Explain why you think abstinence is important.
    18. 18. Grading    Points...30 Turn it into the basket and I will correct it and give it back to you by Friday. Grading... A... Ideas are well explained. Letter contains interesting details and thought. No Grammatical Errors B... Ideas are explained but lack detail. Few grammatical errors. C... Ideas are present but not explained well. Several grammatical Errors D.. Relatively few ideas. Several grammatical errors.