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2 4 personality
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2 4 personality


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Published in: Technology, Education

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  • Refrigerator activity
  • Possible answers: Interests, abilities, talents, beliefs, behaviors, physical attributes, emotions, intelligence, preferences, values
  • Make a Piece of paper with 6 categories titled these different papers. Have classes in groups assign each of the following into the category they think it goes into.
  • Word Document Directions: Go to and click take the two personality tests linked through the blog. Answer the following questions regarding the results of your personality tests. John Holland Personality test What were your top three areas? Do you think this test was accurate why and/or why not? What is a future career you have considered? How did the results of the test relate to this career choice? Color Personality Test What personality color were you? What did you find to be accurate about the test? What did you find to be innacurate? Conclusion Describe your personality traits and tendencies. What are your strengths and weaknesses regarding personality and tendencies? Why is it important to understand your personality? Give and support at least three reasons. How can you improve your life now that you’ve identified some of your weaknesses? What personality test did you find most interesting? Why? Which was more helpful? Why?
  • Transcript

    • 1. PERSONALITYPERSONALITY UNIT 2-4UNIT 2-4 Mental Health Unit Need Computer Lab
    • 2. WHO AREYOU MOST LIKE?  Pooh is friendly, laid-back, and cheerful.  Rabbit is quick, organized, and busy.  Tigger is optimistic, funny, and social.  Eeyore is pessimistic, glum, and logical.
    • 3. PERSONALITYPERSONALITY  The combination of a person’sThe combination of a person’s characteristics and traits that makecharacteristics and traits that make him/her a unique human beinghim/her a unique human being
    • 5. PERSONALITY TYPESPERSONALITY TYPES  John Holland found there were 6 basic personality types
    • 6. DOERDOER  DESCRIPTION: Active, likes outdoors, often athletic, enjoys working with tools and equipment  Avoids some social activities  LEARNING STYLES: bodily/ kinesthetic, intrapersonal, interpersonal
    • 7. THINKERTHINKER  DESCRIPTION: Enjoys math and science, likes to use the mind to solve problems, enjoys games that require logic. Generally avoids leading.  LEARNING STYLES: mathematical/ logical, intrapersonal,
    • 8. CREATORCREATOR  DESCRIPTION: Expresses himself/herself through activities such as art, music, dance, writing, and acting; is most comfortable with free, unstructured environments  LEARNING STYLES: visual/ spatial, bodily/ kinesthetic, musical/ rhythmic
    • 9. HELPERHELPER  DESCRIPTION: Enjoys interaction with other people, relationships with friends and/or family are a top priority, good listening abilities  LEARNING STYLES: interpersonalve verbal/ linguistic
    • 10. PERSUADERPERSUADER  DESCRIPTION: Likes leading others and talking others into doing things, natural sales ability  LEARNING STYLES: interpersonalve rbal/ linguistic
    • 11. ORGAINZERORGAINZER  DESCRIPTION: Likes to collect and organize things, enjoys using a planner, is able to keep accurate records  LEARNING STYLES: intrapersonal, visual/ spatial, mathematical/ logical
    • 12. Doer Thinker Creator Helper Persuader Organizer Dentist Engineer Marine Biologist Medical Technician Pilot Veterinarian Nurse Police Officer Sales Person Clothes Designer Dancer Fashion model Counselor Coach Physical therapist Aircraft Mechanic Cabinet Maker Cook/Chef Farmer Truck Driver Real Estate Agent Advertising Executive Hotel Manager Accountant Bank Teller Payroll Clerk Postal service worker Secretary Word/data processing Principal Travel Agent 3 Jobs in each list
    • 13. DOERDOER  Aircraft Mechanic  Cabinetmaker  Cook/chef  Farmer  Plumber  Truck Driver
    • 14. THINKERTHINKER  Dentist  Engineer  Marine Biologist  Medical Technician  Pilot  Veterinarian
    • 15. CREATORCREATOR  Clothes Designer  Dancer  Fashion model  Editor  Interior Decorator  News Reporter
    • 16. HELPERHELPER  Counselor  Coach  Physical therapist  Nurse  Police Officer  Teacher
    • 17. PERSUADERPERSUADER  Real Estate Agent  Advertising Executive  Hotel Manager  Salesperson  Travel Agent  Principal
    • 18. ORGANIZERORGANIZER  Accountant  BankTeller  Payroll Clerk  Postal ServiceWorker  Secretary  Word/Data Processing
    • 19. WHAT’SWHAT’SYOUR PERSONALITY TYPE?  Are you a Creator, Helper, Persuader, Organzier, Doer or Thinker?  What are 4 careers that would suit your personality?  People are more than one
    • 20. COMPUTER LAB ONLINE PERSONALITY TEST  Color Personality Profile  John Holland Personality Career Test  Requires an email  MUST CLICK ON A FEW EMAILSTO GET RESULTS