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Power point golden delicious


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Ideas on how to use a book for educational purposes

Ideas on how to use a book for educational purposes

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Golden Delicious: A Cinderella Apple Story Written by Anna Egan Smucker Illustrated by Kathleen Kemly
  • 2. Pre-reading
    • The teacher will have the students retell the story of Cinderella
    • While the front cover is shown, the teacher will have the students predict what is going to happen in the story.
    • The teacher will write the responses down on the board.
    • The teacher will read the story.
  • 3. Reading
    • As the teacher is reading the story, questions will be asked checking for understanding of the story and vocabulary.
    • As the students are going through the story, they will identify and confirm which predictions were true.
    • The students will make new predictions throughout the story.
  • 4. Post Reading
    • The teacher and the students will make a Venn diagram of the book and of the story Cinderella. With doing this activity, the students will be able to compare and contrast the 2 stories.
    • The teacher will have the list of the similarities and different pieces of chart paper.
  • 5. Post reading continued
    • Cendrellan: A Carribean Cinderella story as well as other Cinderella stories from other countries and cultures will be provided to the students.
    • The students will add how the other Cinderella stories are similar and different (compare and contrast) with the first 2 stories.
  • 6. Post Reading Activities
    • The teacher will share that the book Golden Delicious: A Cinderella Apple Story was based on a true story.
    • Many of the facts of how we got the Golden Delicious apple are in the back of the book.
    • The story is part of WV history. One of the locations is in WV.
  • 7. Post reading activities
    • Have the students create a list of different things that can be made from apples
    • Create a graph from the list of apple items
    • Compare and Contrast transportation during the time in the book to the present time
    • Discuss who Johnny Appleseed
  • 8. Cross Curriculum Ideas
    • Map and Globe Skills (locating the states and the countries that are named in the various forms of the story)
    • Various Math Skills (fractions, graphing, adding, subtracting, decimals)
    • Science (experiments)
    • Writing (journal writing, creating books)
    • These are just a few ideas
  • 9. Cross Curriculum Ideas Continue
    • Social Studies (learning about the different cultures and countries)
    • Life Skills
    • English (letter writing, following a recipe)
  • 10. Heather’s Corner
    • For many of the students that I work with, they have difficulty with predicting and compare and contrast (no matter the grade).
    • I have used the Venn diagram with the story Miss Nelson is Missing with the 2 main characters with my 2 nd graders.
    • I have also used predicting (who was and what was going to happen in the story) with my 1 st and 2 nd graders. They confirmed and continued making new predictions.
  • 11. Heather’s Corner
    • I was able to have my 1 st and 2 nd graders tell me the story of Cinderella before reading the Carribean version of it. After completing the story, they completed a writing assingment with picture.
    • For the students that each of us work with, we need to be able to meet them where they are at in order to help build on it.