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Example briefs

  1. 1. Heather Lomas BriefsBriefs are important these days as they give information to a client or person about a specific thing.For example if you were applying for a job, the job application would come with a brief describing toyou what they hope for you within the job and also what they expect from you. A brief is importantto have when applying or entering something, and it is also important to give a brief if you yourselfare creating something as it tells the client what you are going to do and what is going to be createdoverall.Negotiated BriefsNegotiated briefs are important when it comes to creating a video as we need to take into accounttalking to the client and sorting out any differences there may be. Also negotiated briefs areimportant for as well as negotiating different points with the client; we also need to get anunderstanding from them as to what they want. Being able to negotiate fairly with the client cangive us a well-known idea about the kind of picture the client is trying to paint about the course. Forexample the client may prefer specific colour schemes and layouts, I would need to take this intoaccount but also it would give me the view of what they want such as if they wanted the collegecolours as the main background I’d understand that they want the college colours to be usedthroughout. Here I have screen printed a typical meeting with a team. As you can see this is the perfect example of a negotiated brief as they are discussing and negotiating the subject at hand.CompetitionCompetition briefs tell you what they are aiming to do. Within a competition brief you are findingout everything you need to know. The creators of the competition will include a bit about thecompany that are selling the competition, they will also include what it is about but also give you adetailed bit of information on what is going to be the outcome. They also state a deadline date inwhich the completion closes which is important for you to know. Online I found a competition set byNikon who are a camera company based all around creating the best shot within photos and videos.Within the brief to begin with they have included who can enter, they also tell you exactly what theywant from the competition telling you that they require a portfolio of 5-12 of your best digitalimages taken by yourself. They also state within the competition brief that the applicant needs totreat this competition like a job application and include a cover note of 500 words explaining whythe competition should be won by them and why they are entering.
  2. 2. Heather Lomas It states within the brief what you have to do and also what additional bits of information they are after.As you can see above I have taken a screen shot of the brief provided by Nikon. In this you can seewhat they are talking about and how they have laid out their competition brief. The layout of this isperfect for the clients to read about and it is very professional.
  3. 3. Heather LomasI went onto finding another competitionthrough The Suns website. I found one all aboutan oppurtunity to win a flight to Las Vegas. Youget an option of 5 different hotels to stay in soyou could win any. They give you details abouteach one so you can easily research on theinternet to see if the hotels are the thing foryou. After this you can easily enter by enteringyour details into the fields displayed. It also asksyou to give an option of three answers to enterthe competition. As you can see it is briefing youinto when the competition closes and the limitsthat come with the competition.
  4. 4. Heather LomasCo-operative BriefThis is where you work alongside someone to create a brief. When working with someone you areco-operating with them and discussing the points written down on the brief. By being able to co-operate with one another you are able to discuss the points given and get an in depth opinion offone another to change the brief for the better.Formal BriefFormal briefs are a lot more rigid when it comes to the clients. Clients have to stick to the brief andnot change it. A formal brief includes everything you need to know to stick to the brief. Theseinclude all the correct components and instructions that the client needs to know. By having aformal brief this means the client is more likely to stick to it and make the company seem a lot moreprofessional and direct with their approach to the client views.ContractualA contractual brief is where you are placed in the position of being told what to do. A contractualbrief involves a client and you. The client offers you the brief and you have to stick to it. Contractualbriefs are used in many different variousplaces around the world. The most common would be anew job. New jobs offer a brief of what they expect out of you as the worker. You are not able tochange what they have written and when signing the contract brief you must stick to it.InformalIn formal briefs are completely opposite to other formal briefs. The difference is that formal briefsare all the more professional and proper whereas informal is completely different. Informal is less ofa brief but more of an open conversation. By having an informal brief you are allowing yourself andthe client/ proposer to negotiate with each other what is going to be said. You can also change/ editanything one another has come up with and come to a decision together.
  5. 5. Heather LomasCommissionCommission briefs are the process of being commissioned. When creating a brief like this it is whatyou are telling the organisation to do. For example the BBC can offer to commission a short film orprogram. You have to send them the details of what this will include such as budget, deadlines,audience etc. So overall you are sending a proposal type document to the company and then theydecide whether they want to commission you.TenderA tender brief is a type of brief that you would get when being new to an organisation or job whereyou can discuss your ideas amongst the other members of the team. When doing this you can thengo onto leaving the company to decide for themselves whether they want to accept you as theirclient or not. There is a disadvantage that you may not be asked to be the client but a tender brief isless strict overall. In the screen shot it shows the process of a tender brief. As you cansee it states that I am the main proprietor and creator of the brief. I have to give all the information to the company whilst keeping a copy. I also need to make sure I have researched into every area properly finding out all the necessary information.