Heather LomasUnits 4, 5, & 62 EvaluationAnswering the BriefAnswering the brief is important in any task as the brief is wh...
Heather Lomasthe shot at all times. I used a bland blue background to the shots as I didn’t want the attention tocome off ...
Heather Lomasvideo, I also put text down such as ‘Cheadle &Marple Sixth Form College’ to represent that I will beputting i...
Heather Lomas4. Would you prefer to see more images or less?“The images were of a right amount. I didn’t feel that there w...
Heather Lomasthis college and as part of the college policy we do not discriminate against any religion and followevery ru...
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  1. 1. Heather LomasUnits 4, 5, & 62 EvaluationAnswering the BriefAnswering the brief is important in any task as the brief is what you have been set and yourunderstanding of the upcoming task. In the brief I stated that the Creative Media department haveasked me to create a promotional video for the course so that parents and students can get a fullunderstanding of the course itself and it not mixed with other subjects such as Media. Answeringthis brief was easy as I instantly knew that I needed to make sure I had information about the courseitself and show the students a bit around college also. To begin with I did a walk in with the camerainto the creative media department of the college which is a relative distance away from the Mediadepartment. I also had the students talking about Creative Media and telling the viewer’s exactlywhat they thought of the course itself.Fitness for PurposeThe purpose of creating this Creative Media video was for parents and students to be able tounderstand the course at its full potential and not get confused between this subject and Media asthey both correspond with the same name. I personally think that within the video I think it isperfect when it comes to the purpose as it highlights what you do in creative media and what youcan achieve. The purpose of creative media s to be able to use computers to their full potential andgain the experience of programs that you may never have used before including Photoshop andPremiere Elements etc. By interviewing two students also from the creative media subject who studyit in great detail and are achieving high grades gives the potential students and their parents a reallygood insight to the course from a relevant enthusiast.Target AudienceTarget Audience was yet another very important factor to the product I was making. As I was talkingabout a Creative Media College course based at A level qualification I decided that my video wasmainly based at students aged around 16 – 21 and at the age of leaving school. College is the nextstep for student after school if they are looking to further their education and achieve the best theycan in life. Making sure that my video is targeted at this age is important for me. As well as this pointI am also making my video parent friendly. I want parents to be able to watch this video also andretrieve information from it that their sons/daughters can get information on the subject also.Making sure that my target audience is happy with the video and understands it at its full potential isthe most important benefactor for me at this point of making the video. I felt that throughoutmaking the video I took my target audience into account at all times. Using photos and captions keptmy audience happy when watching the video. I also ensured that I kept college colours for thecaptions using a mix of green and blue on different words. I used a backing track that was releasedback in 2008 which means the song is only around 6 years old. This means that the track is stillaround and students watching will know the track instantly.Technical QualitiesI used many different shots in my video when it came to shooting different parts. When it came tothe interviews I wanted to make sure that I had a reasonable view of the student, I didn’t want tocut out any part of their upper body when they were talking to the camera. I made sure they were in
  2. 2. Heather Lomasthe shot at all times. I used a bland blue background to the shots as I didn’t want the attention tocome off the student I just wanted the viewer to focus on the main point of that particular shot, thestudent. In another shot I filmed the college sign at the front gates. I used a tripod so that thecamera was in the same place at all times. I then held the shot for a few seconds in the same placesfacing the sign and then slowly zoomed in to initially show the sign and that we were at the collegecampus. I then zoomed out and went onto my next shot. The reason I waited a few seconds beforemoving the shot to zoom in was because when it came to the editing side of the video creation Ineeded enough time at the beginning and end of shots in order to add effective transitions betweenthem. Within my video I made a slideshow of images around college. So before making this I had totake the photos. When it came to camera angles on the images I had to take into account whatexactly I was picturing and why I was doing it. I then had to particularly focus on the specific itemand ensure I get the entire thing within the shot. One particular shot was of the quad. I wanted toshow the viewers that the college is spacious and there is plenty of room in the summer to relax andenjoy the sun. To get this particular shot I moved to a higher level of the college and took the photofrom a college window which shows the entire perimeter of the quad. Another technical quality ofthe video I created was the sound that I have mentioned below in the resolution point. The sound isimportant in the video so making sure it all completely works is very important to me.ResolutionWhen it came to filming there were a lot of issues with this process. When filming we were given anormal video camera to film the initial scenes with. This was great as we could film as much as wewanted and the quality would be reasonable enough for the video. As I began editing though therewere a few issues when it came to the interviews, we filmed a range of interviews so we could eachselect a certain one that we wanted. All the videos came out perfect when it came to image qualitybut when it came to hearing the student there were some issues as the volume wasn’t quite loudenough. We changed camera after this to re shoot the scenes to see if it would be any better on aHigh Definition camera. On a few interviews with a particular student the quality of sound wasbrilliant, but with another student it wasn’t so good. As we had taken rather a lot of time filmingthese same interviews over and over again we decided to accept what we had and try and work withit. In Premiere elements is the software that we were using for editing and when it came too it I hadto edit the sound as best as I could to hear the student’s voice. When it came to the interview Ilowered the music so I could hardly hear it and boosted the student’s voice volume on theproperties panel. With everything done I could no longer project the voice any further so I had to gowith what I had done and hope for the best. Even now the sound is not brilliant but I had done all Icould do.There were a range of photos that I had to import in order to include into my video andthese all had to be a good size and resolution. The image quality worked out well for the video whichmeant I didn’t have to re take them. Also having the pictures come out perfect meant the viewerscould see in great detail what the college has to offer.Production SkillsHaving a good set of production skills within this product was important as I needed to do all thecorrect planning and detailed documents in preparation for the upcoming creation. I made a set ofmood boards to start with, the reason I made these was so I knew exactly what fonts and text I wasgoing to use. Within the mood board I put colours to represent the colours I will be using in the
  3. 3. Heather Lomasvideo, I also put text down such as ‘Cheadle &Marple Sixth Form College’ to represent that I will beputting it onto my video, as well as the college logo. Next I created storyboards for each differentslide. We made 2 storyboards overall with 8 different scenes, the reason we make storyboards is sothat we can use them in production to know exactly what we are doing at all times and the nextscenes that we will be creating. This is so that we ensure we have every bit of work in our video andany pictures and videos we have created. I think the product was well thought out but when it cameto working with the storyboards a few of us went off on our own plan and only used the storyboardsfor certain scenes. In the future I would prefer to think about my production in more detail and planthe storyboards thoroughly and stick to them.Workflow & Time ManagementThe timings of this project varied throughout the weeks that we had to make it. To begin with theinitial plan was to spend a few lessons on filming and collecting all the right assets and then the restto complete any documentation and the creation of the video. The timings in which I completed theproject were on target but I was not impressed overall with my performance due to a few technicaldifficulties that I had as I filmed. The filming side went well and I had planned and documentedeverything right down to my shot logs and assets table. But when it came to creating the video andpiecing everything filmed together I did struggle. Having only used the program Premiere Elements amere few times I wasn’t sure exactly how to do everything and did need some help when it came toadding transitions and other effects to make my video stand out from the rest. This made the overalllength of my production a little longer but only by an hour or so. There were other issues also after Ihad planned and documented my work. I went onto filming and sorted out all the right clips that Iwanted and managed to use them in my video. There were a few technical issues though when itcame to the overall putting together of the product. A few of our clips did not come out too well onthe computer meaning we had to film them again many times over. With this it slowed us down a bitand we were unable to focus our lesson particularly on the piecing together of the video. With allthis taken into account the product was still produced in time and it came out well.FeedbackFeedback is yet another very important factor in a production like this. By collecting feedback I cansee what I have done well from the overall product and also what I could improve on. I created aquestionnaire to hand out to many different members of the class (not immediate friends) to seewhat they thought of the product and get their very own thoughts on what I could improve on. Thequestions that I asked and the answers I was given by students were;1. What is your initial thought of the video when you have viewed it?“I enjoyed it. I liked how the start goes walking into college which is a particularlygood feature that I never thought about using.”2. Do you think the backing track is of a reasonable volume?“The backing track was of a reasonable volume there was only an issue with one ofthe interviews, I couldn’t really hear it.”3. When it comes to the interviews, has enough information been given by each student?“I’d say some more information could have been put in, maybe a bit more about thetutors, but from you have already put in there is a reasonable amount and it is of agood length before getting bored.”
  4. 4. Heather Lomas4. Would you prefer to see more images or less?“The images were of a right amount. I didn’t feel that there were too many or toolittle.”5. Did you think the video was smooth running?“Yes, to begin with no because the walk in is a bit bouncy but the rest was good andstable when filming. All the transitions added worked well which made each scenesmoother.”6. I added in many Transitions between each scene, did you notice these?“Yes I did, they were a great feature.”7. Do you think the worked well with the video?“Yes, they made the video smoother and consistent.”8. If I were too re-make the video, would there be anything you suggest I changed or diddifferently?“When it comes to editing I would suggest that changing the volume of the music tothe interviews. As I mentioned in the first question the interviewee needs to belouder so maybe find someone who can project their voice more.”From the questionnaire above I got a range of feedback. I chose the most positive comments withsome criticism. A few people commented on the questionnaire with ‘Yes’ & ‘No’ answers so it wasdifficult to make anything of it. From the feedback I got off people who were willing to comment Iput them above. As I originally said in my Resolution point that there some issues with a particularstudent talking too quietly for me to hear through the microphone on the camera. We triedeverything we could but coming down to it he was just not projecting his voice loud enough. As Ididn’t have much more time left I had to go with what I had but I did include another interviewwhich you can hear fine as she has projected her voice. The overall comments from above werepositive and I was happy with the range of feedback I got from students who saw my video.I then went and saw my client to show him the finished product. As he was the most importantperson in this project I needed and valued his opinion. He mentioned mainly about the imageswithin the video. He stated that with the images I could have taken them at a busier time within thecollege, say a lunchtime because in the photos I already had they were sparse when it came tostudents. I thought showing the refectory and other parts of the college such as the hub when therewere no students would show it at its full potential but my client said otherwise. Apart from that andmy interview that was rather quiet he was impressed with the transitions and other features I hadincluded. He also stated that he liked my slideshow effect when it came to the images.ConstraintsThe constraints were easy to stick too. There were a range of constraints that we were told to sticktoo and understood before creating the video. Creating the video had to be private and confidentialwhich was 100% stuck too as the video has not been seen by anyone apart from myself and will notbe until the permission is granted. Another factor to include was the racism part to any creation torepresent a college. I mentioned that I would not discriminate against any religion or genderthroughout the video. I continued to film and take photos around college as I would normally do. Idid not wait for anything to change in college as I wanted new students and parents to see thecollege in its everyday life and to make it out to be something it isn’t. Many different people attend
  5. 5. Heather Lomasthis college and as part of the college policy we do not discriminate against any religion and followevery rule of every religion depending on what students we have in the college. I didn’t outline thisin the video as it was about Creative Media but I didn’t make any attempt to discriminate againstthese facts.ManagementThe management side to any production is very important. To begin with we were all based in agroup to collect assets, film selected parts and put the planning documents together. It was onlywhen we were making the video that we were allowed to branch off and go our own way. I struggledwith dealing with the fact we were in a group as my team members were not always in lessons so itwas difficult for me to get anything done without them here to have an input. I found myself doing arather lot of work based on this alongside another team member as we were always in. When itcame to filming we struggled as every member of the team had to be in to film so when memberswere off we couldn’t film. There wasn’t in particular a certain manager to the team we were onlyfollowing the brief set and if there were any changes they would be down to the opinions of theclient. As a team we worked together well in my opinion but if I were to do the project again I wouldprefer to do the entire product on my own as I think my time flow would improve and I would beable to film and produce the video all in my own time.ProductThe product itself worked out better than expected. When it came to creating the products we allwent individually instead of being in a group. This meant that we could work at our own pace and allcreate the product to our own satisfaction. My product was a great success to me and I was verypleased with the overall outcome. There were a few blips along the way of creating as I havementioned because of filming etc. but these were all sorted. I wanted to make a slideshow of imagesas part of my product. I had no idea when it came to making one on how to do it etc. but with theprogram open I did a bit of research online to see how others had done it. I then was able to createthe slideshow that I wanted so this was a particular feature that I enjoyed and was proud about.When it came to filming also I put my interviews onto the computer and managed to boost thesound on each interview to make them sufficient enough to hear when the video is played. I alsoadded text onto the video when the interviews were being played as I wanted to highlight the keypart to what they were saying. I stuck well to the mood boards I had produced and used all thecolours that I said I would. I also used all the clips that I said I would in my shot log so that alsocorresponded well to my finished piece. When it came to colours and the college logo I had the logobased in the bottom right hand corner of the video at all times from start to finish. I then also hadthe college colours running through with my text I either had blue or green colour on the text as thevideo ran through.Overall I am very pleased with the product that I created and the overall management that wascarried out on the video and the preparation. There were a few major improvements that I wouldlike to improve if I were to do this again but didn’t have the time this time round.