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Energy Efficient replacement for skirting and radiators. Better than underfloor heating

Energy Efficient replacement for skirting and radiators. Better than underfloor heating

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  • 1. ® The Skirting Board that heats your home ENERGY SAVING • SPACE SAVING • COST SAVING n on Energy Efficient Room Heating A s seeons’ Drag n De GRAND GY S AV ER E EN DESIGNS M ON S AV E EY and SA Property Ladder ET VE THE PL AN
  • 2. Why should I choose ThermaSkirt® Why should I choose ThermaSkirt®? How Does ThermaSkirt® Work Until very recently there have only been 2 principal forms ThermaSkirt® is a high tech alloy polymer extrusion that of room heating – radiators and under floor heating. replaces the skirting boards and radiators in one. Radiators have dominated the market as they are simple, This distributes the heat quickly and evenly all around responsive and inexpensive, but more recently under the room, at low level – just like under floor heating. floor heating (UFH) has become the desired choice of In addition it frees up your wall space to maximise your the home owner. usable living area. Why? ThermaSkirt® can make the room feel comfortable at Because most of us would prefer not to have ugly lumps lower operating temperatures. This can save up to 25% of metal on the wall, and the heat distribution of UFH on your annual heating costs and significantly reduce makes our rooms feel more comfortable. your carbon footprint. However, under floor has been proven to be less effective ThermaSkirt® is able to respond in minutes, whatever in timber construction and under certain materials such your floor construction or finish, and being able to as laminate and carpet. control the heating so quickly enables you to use just UFHs’ slow response means that it has to be ‘on’ when it enough energy, only when you need it. This can also help should be ‘off’ in order to respond in a reasonable time. reduce your fuel bills. So how can you combine the responsiveness and simplicity of radiator, with the comfort and space saving The larger surface area afforded by ThermaSkirt® enables of under floor heating? renewables such as solar panels or heat pump system to How can you improve the energy efficiency and reduce be used. As it is fitted ‘above ground’ it can be installed the carbon footprint not just of new build developments, in many more existing buildings - something that would but of the millions of existing properties already built? be impossible without the upheaval required of fitting Simple. UFH. ThermaSkirt®. Contents 2. Why ThermaSkirt? 6. Fitted Furniture Plinth Heating 10. Urban LT Profile Technical Data 14. Installation & Approvals 3. How does it work? 7. Renewable Energy Systems 11. Regency OG Profile Technical Data 15. Quick Parts Guide 4. ThermaSkirt Vs Radiators 8/9. Will it work in my house 12. Deco PR Profile Technical Data 5. ThermaSkirt Vs UFH – Application Suggestions 13. Special Solutions. 2 Efficient . . . quiet . . .
  • 3. How does ThermaSkirt® work? Cuts with everyday hand or power tools- Mitre free corners. Simply cut Up to 6M long sections. no special equipment required. to approximate length - the corner Most walls done in a single length. connectors and covers do the rest. Durable colour-coded covers hide all cuts and joints. Unique ‘dual flow’ oval construction allows simple connection to one end Colour matched internal corner Ready painted in tough, stain resistant and even heat all along it’s length. covers available in 90°, 135° and epoxy powder coating. Choice of colours and other angles to order. finishes. Standard external corners in 90°, Highly efficient aluminium composite extrusion gives up to 700btu’s per 225° (and any other angle to order). metre length. What other benefits does ThermaSkirt® Safety have ? ThermaSkirt® can protect precious persons against injury as Aesthetics it hides all pipework and exposed valves and has no sharp Because ThermaSkirt® is beautifully made in a choice of edges. Falls onto radiators account for over 94% of injuries profiles and colours, you’ll be delighted at how it looks as caused by them (Source: 2001 HaSS & LaSS Statistics). Its a skirting. lower operating temperature can also eliminate scalds ThermaSkirt® is also supplied with a removable top ‘caulking and burns, which whilst only accounting for less than 1% gasket’ and bottom ‘cover trim’. of radiator related injuries, is a concern for parents. Low The colour co-ordinated caulking gasket enables you to temperature systems are available for particularly vulnerable remove it for painting and decorating, and replace for a persons. perfect neat finish. The matching bottom cover strip enables speaker & data cables etc to be hidden, and can be trimmed to accommodate uneven floors – just like timber skirting. Radiator edges, valves and pipework are a potential hazard Speed & Reliability ThermaSkirt® uses patented unique plastic push fit connectors Removable 'caulking' strip. to speed installation and to keep total costs down – push fit Simple to paint to and neat is something the whole plumbing world has now adopted. and hassle free re-decorating Like the aluminium Skirting itself, these are warranted against defect for a full 10 years. The unique ColourMatchTM covers and corner pieces are Trimmable - made from Ultra stable uPVC that wont fade or discolour and to cater for Removable cover trim. wont make a noise during operation as the skirting expands laminate and Ideal for routing speaker and carpet data cables, TV and telephone and contracts, sliding silently beneath them. In addition the wires, safely and simply covers are coloured right through making them resilient to knocks and chips. 3 clean . . . . . . and green!
  • 4. ThermaSkirt® Vs Radiators -1°C ON 9 Why is ThermaSkirt Better Than a Radiator? Room Sensor 1 - at 2M Room Sensor 2 - at 1.8M 21°C Because ThermaSkirt heats the room from all directions at Room sensor 3 - at 1.2M Room Sensor 4 - at 600mm 30 Room Sensor 5 - at 300mm low level, you don’t get drafts or hot spots created by the Room Sensor 6 - at 100mm -1°C Room Temp. External ambient temp convection (movement of air) that radiators need to heat the 20 ON 1 21°C room. Heat rises and then cools meaning that radiators heat the ceiling first before you – often requiring radiators to be up 10 to 30% bigger than the room requires to compensate. 0 7 6 -1 COOL HOT 0 30 60 mins Heat rises straight to the ceiling ... Time ON 1 Conventional radiator in operation Heats up quickly but with erratic heat distribution 70°C COOL Tests Prove ThermaSkirt® to be More Dust, marks and staining Efficient Than a Radiator 7 6 In an independent comparative test, undertaken by ... then cools asWARMto the floor it falls BSRIA, the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) of a Heat creates hot spots on the ceiling and cold draughts as it cools room being heated with ThermaSkirt® and the same room being heated with radiators, ThermaSkirt® was Renewable Energy Sources and Over-sized proven to be the most efficient form of heating, giving Radiators the best uniform heat distribution, with only a ±1.3°C To compensate for the lower flow temperatures of renewable variation, compared to a radiator with a massive 13°C sources such as solar and heat pumps, over-sized radiators variation. This equates to at least a 13% improvement in are often specified. Apart from the fact that these may be energy efficiency. up to 100% bigger and thus even more of an eyesore, this Hot spots and cold spots created by radiator convection still does not solve the problems of heat distribution. At low currents cause heating systems to run less efficiently, temperatures conventional radiators ‘micro-climate’ that is and home owners to turn up the thermostat to the heat is confined to a small area near the radiator, as it compensate. does not have the thermal energy to circulate the air as they would do at normal boiler temperatures. Mean Room Model No Min. °C Max. °C ave. °C ThermaSkirt® works perfectly well at low temperatures and heat distribution and thermal comfort levels are Radiator double convector type 16.8 29.3 18.2 indistinguishable from Under Floor heating. (on exterior wall) producing 800w (cold spots) (hot spots) ThermaSkirt® 18.7 21.7 20.2 Producing 800w at ΔT36°C (even heat ±1°C) (+13%) Low temperature radiators ‘micro- Quote & results taken from BSRIA test report 51397/1 climate’ and don’t distribute the heat energy 22.0°C 17.1°C 20.5°C 20.1°C 18.7°C Up to 100% bigger 18.4°C 19.7°C 35 17.3°C 35 20.3°C ThermaSkirt® can often heat a room from cold to comfortable 30 30 25 17.2°C 25 17.7°C in 15 - 20 minutes, because of its unique heat distribution 20 15 20 15 pattern. ThermaSkirt® Comfort Temperature Radiator Comfort Temperature As well as a better radiating material, ThermaSkirt®’s aluminium alloy has better corrosion resistance than steel For a full explanation, computer animated results and - especially as there is no air trapped in the system. summary, e-mail: bsriaresults@discreteheat.co.uk . . . simple, inconspicuous heating with all round comfort 4 TEL: 0845 1238367 FAX: 01942 892836
  • 5. ThermaSkirt® Vs Underfloor Heating COOL HOT 1 - at 2M Room Sensor Room Sensor 2 - at 1.8M 30 Room sensor 3 - at 1.2M Room Sensor 4 - at 600mm Room Sensor 5 - at 300mm Room Sensor 6 - at 100mm -1°C Room Temp. 20 External ambient temp ON 10 9 COOL 21°C 0 -1 90 180 mins Time -1°C WARM ON 1 UFH creates an even heat but needs time to percolate through floor coverings, Underfloor heating in operation 21°C carpet, timber, etc. UFH can take 9 hours (or more) to heat up and cool down ThermaSkirt® Works With Any Floor Finish There’s no doubt that UFH heating works well under hard Where solid surfaces are preferred, ThermaSkirt® can work in 7 surfaces such as tiles and marble, but not every home has conjunction with UFH to provide a responsive and complimentary 6 or would like these floor finishes. The performance of UFH alternative to radiators at 1st floor, or when renewable 1energy ON is severely compromised when carpets or timber flooring heat sources are employed. are used, and when a timber sub floor is the method of construction, the practicality and reliability of under floor Go to www.discreteheat.co.uk/thermaheat.html for an animated pipe work is rarely appropriate or recommended. explanation. 7 6 In addition, the naturally Simple Installation! ThermaSkirt® doesn’t need specially prepared floors to slow response times of UFH install and can be fitted even in timber constructed homes! caused by its thermal mass, Plus - ALL the heat from the ThermaSkirt® goes straight means that it has to be run into the room. ThermaSkirt® can be retrofitted into continuously (sometimes existing buildings regardless of their floor construction. misleadingly referred to as ‘knock back’ mode) in order Requires considerable control for it to have a chance of equipment responding to a sudden drop in temperature. Even complicated control systems and weather compensation sensors cannot overcome this inherent flaw. ANY FLOOR CONSTRUCTION (Including timber joists) ANY FLOOR COVERING Control Systems ThermaSkirt® needs no special control systems (although it INSULATION 25 > 100mm can be controlled by actuated manifold and room sensors if desired), and can be fitted into existing buildings with solid A Typical ThermaSkirt® Installation or timber sub – floors and indeed is unaffected by any sort of final floor covering – all your energy is used in the room, none is lost in the floor or covering. Some energy trapped by Special crack resistant the final floor covering screed required Response Times TYPICAL 65mm Responding in minutes, ThermaSkirt® avoids the problems of under heating as well as overheating, allowing just enough INSULATION MIN. 50mm energy to be used only when it’s needed. None of your Some heat loss into the sub-floor energy is wasted heating the property at times when its unoccupied, or when the weather is warm outside. A Typical UFH Installation 5 info@discreteheat.co.uk www.discreteheat.co.uk
  • 6. Fitted Furniture Plinth Heating Kitchens and Bedrooms can still use ThermaSkirt® Using ThermaSkirt® Plinth Heaters means you can now have units all round the room in the kitchen, bedroom or any room with fitted furniture. The plinth heating panels are easily fixed into place onto the existing plinths if required. The Urban LT 150mm (6”) and Deco PR 125mm (5”) are most suitable for this application. Insulation may be fitted between brackets to maximise the heat into the kitchen or bedroom. DiscreteHeat bring you the solution to heating your kitchen and bedroom without having to use unsightly radiators on the wall. Heating the kitchen with a radiator has always meant fewer kitchen units - until now! Silver Birch LT in contemporary kitchen Cricket White LT in refurbished property Golden Oak LT in designer bedroom Even large fitted wardrobes can accommodate ThermaSkirt®, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice the OPTIONAL warmth or design of your room. INSULATION THERMASKIRT® (between supports) MOUNTING MDF PANEL BRACKET PLINTHS SECTION SHOWING THERMASKIRT® FIXING ONTO Cricket White LT in apartment development MDF PLINTH . . . stylish, practical and energy and space efficient 6 TEL: 0845 1238367 FAX: 01942 892836
  • 7. Eco Friendly Renewable Energy Sources ThermaSkirt® will work with Eco Friendly & Renewable Energy Sources. Renewable energy sources such as ground & air source heat pumps and solar thermal heating systems require compatible emitters to maximise efficiency and to warm up quickly from cold. Until recently the only way to achieve the required surface area of the heating emitters to warm the room at lower flow temperatures was either to fit under floor pipes or to specify over size radiators. In many cases neither of these were an ideal solution, especially in existing buildings or timber construction. (see pages 4 and 5). ThermaSkirt® however provides a very practical and responsive solution for both new and retro fitting applications. The greater surface area of the 200mm (8”) Regency OG makes it particularly suitable for use at lower operating temperatures, SIPPS Construction using a Nibe Heat even in larger rooms and refurbishment projects. The 150mm Pump with URBAN LT (6”) Urban LT may be used in living spaces subject to heat loss calculations, but often is more than adequate for bathrooms, bedrooms, lofts and other 1st floor areas. In addition, ThermaSkirt® may be combined with either oversized radiators or UFH if a mixed system is preferred due to budget restrictions or hard tiled surfaces in certain rooms. Improving Gas Condensing Boiler Economy and the Environment Performance If you can turn your thermostat down Modern construction is especially suited to renewable energy by 1°C, you could save up to 10% of sources, but ThermaSkirt® may also allow conventional your annual heating bills. condensing boilers to run at lower operating temperatures, Doesn’t it make sense with today’s high enabling older and refurbished properties to improve their fuel costs and worries about global energy efficiency. warming to consider the very best and latest technology? If your room is warmed evenly all The installation of a condensing gas boiler with variable around and quickly from cold, you can have just enough flow temperature (VT boiler) in conjunction with weather heat when and where you want it. With ThermaSkirt® compensation would allow operating efficiencies to improve you CAN turn the thermostat down and still feel warm by 18~25% compared to conventional heating technologies. and comfortable. Its payback time in terms of energy A lower flow temperature can ensure the boiler is permanently saving, space saving and labour saving can be measured in condensing mode, something that cannot be guaranteed in weeks, not years. with conventional radiators as they require higher flow temperatures to ensure adequate air movement and thus heat distribution. BRE (Building Reserch Establishment Ltd) has investigated the potential energy savings from low circulation temperature heating systems, for which ThermaSkirt® could be installed. Preliminary results indicate that boiler efficiency improvements of 2% could be achieved if heat emitters are increased in size by 100% relative to traditional installation practice. Rotex Heat Pump Solar Unit 7 info@discreteheat.co.uk www.discreteheat.co.uk
  • 8. Will it work for me . . . . . ? How it works in your home - virtually every situation catered for! ThermaSkirt® is an ideal heating solution for your loft Use an architrave conversion. Space is always at kit for solid floors, a premium so there’s very little where disturbing room for conventional radiators. the floor is ThermaSkirt® fits discretely impractical. This around the perimeter of the continues the flow room, leaving all the usable around the door in space to plan your room. matching LT or OG profile architrave. Wardrobe and kitchen skirting means you don’t have to sacrifice the warmth or design of your room. Using ThermaSkirt® plinth heaters means more kitc hen/bedroom units and no unsightly Flexible connector kits and specially made corner radiators! covers in 135° and other angles can accommodate bay windows or badly aligned walls. If your room has a chimney breast you can end the skirting adjacent to the chimney opening and bury your feed and return pipes under the floor, carrying on the run of the ThermaSkirt® at the other side of the chimney. An MDF version is available to match the ThermaSkirt® in unheated areas around the rest of the house. Industry standard connecting feed and return pipes can come from down, up or through the wall If this is your starting and be hidden point ensure the by the covers. feed and return Exposed pipes or pipes come in at obvious boxing in the correct height. is avoided. This is where your TRV (thermostatic radiator valve) could be located. . . . the Simplicity of a Radiator . . . the Comfort of Underfloor Heating 8 Efficient . . . quiet . . .
  • 9. . . . . . of course it will! ThermaSkirt® can also be controlled by wall mounted digital ���� thermostats, instead of a TRV. These control the flow using an actuated valve or manifold. ThermaSkirt® comes in lengths of up to 6 metres (19’8”) which means most walls can be done using ���� a single length. In-line jointing kits enable virtually any length wall to be ThermaSkirted. Fancy a towel radiator? No problem! ThermaSkirt® integrates simply with any new or existing heating system, so you can pick and choose what you want, where you want. Existing radiators need replacing? Bi-directional TRV units allow flow and return in both directions around the room utilising existing pipework. For additional heating, Deco PR profile can be laid flat at patio doors and across door thresholds. Heating a conservatory? Forget about free standing heaters or obtrusive radiators. ThermaSkirt® is the ideal solution, leaving every wall free to arrange your furniture. At an archway (or doorway), run your feed and return pipes under the floor using a ThermaSkirt® threshold kit. If the remainder of the wall is only a short length, consider fitting a dry length of Standard corner kits in 90° external or internal, skirting. This will finish the look of the room but enable the whole room to be quickly installed with will not detract from the overall ThermaSkirt® ThermaSkirt®. heating potential. . . . the Discreetness of Skirting 9 clean . . . . . . and green!
  • 10. URBAN LT Which Profile? Profiles up to 6 metres (19’8”) long 150mm (6 in.) Conservatory using URBAN LT in golden oak (Note 135° internal 20mm corner) (0.8 in.) Grand Designs Cheltenham house Super slim 20mm profile. Matches typical skirting dimensions. using URBAN LT in cricket white Performance Boiler Temp Dt50 (72°C/160°F flow) 40°C/104°F 45°C/113°F 50°C/122°F 55°C/131°F 60°C/140°F 70°C/158°F 75°C/167°F 80°C/176°F max Watts/m 148.5 44 58 72 87 102 136 152 168 BTU/m 505 149 197 245 297 350 460 517 574 BTU/ft 153 45 60 75 90 106 140 158 175 Typical Applications Urban LT (Lambs Tongue) is the most versatile profile, finding applications in both new build and refurbishment applications. It has been used in Art Deco & Arts & Craft type houses as well as more contemporary apartments and loft conversions. Its clean lines make it also suitable for offices, restaurants, school and public buildings, and versions are available with anti-bacterial coatings to combat infection spread in hospitals and clinics. Available Colours Cricket Vintage Timber Timber Silver Carbon English Golden White Ivory White Ivory Birch Black Oak Oak Renewable Energy Sources Urban LT has been used successfully with Ground and Air source heat pumps and solar thermal heating systems. Its smaller profile make it a perfect complimentary design to the larger OG profile for use upstairs in bedrooms etc. It may also be successfully used with renewable energy in main downstairs rooms, depending on the construction or final insulation values of the property. To order a Sample: Email: sample@discreteheat.co.uk with your choice of colour, address and contact telephone number. You may be charged a nominal amount to cover postage. . . . stylish, practical and energy and space efficient 10 TEL: 0845 1238367 FAX: 01942 892836
  • 11. Which Profile? REGENCY OG Profiles up to 6 metres (19’8”) long 200mm (8 in.) McCarthy & Stone Apartment with Dimplex heat pumps and ThermaSkirt REGENCY OG 20mm Super slim 20mm profile. (0.8 in.) Matches typical skirting dimensions. Performance Boiler Temp Dt50 (72°C/160°F flow) 40°C/104°F 45°C/113°F 50°C/122°F 55°C/131°F 60°C/140°F 70°C/158°F 75°C/167°F 80°C/176°F max Watts/m 202 61 81 100 122 143 189 212 236 BTU/m 690 208 275 342 416 488 643 724 804 BTU/ft 208 64 84 104 127 149 196 221 245 Typical Applications Regency OG (Ogee) profile has been specifically designed for retro fitting into larger and older properties due to its greater output and grander proportions. Being a full 200mm (8”) deep, it has found applications in converted churches, Victorian Villas, Orangeries and conservatories and other habitable spaces that demand higher levels of heating. Its greater surface area also make it perfect for use with renewable energy sources, depending on the final insulation U values of the refurbished property. Available Colours Cricket Vintage Timber Timber English Golden White Ivory White Ivory Oak Oak Renewable Energy Sources The Regency OG has been created especially to work perfectly with renewables such as Ground & air source heat pumps, and solar panels. Its larger surface area means that adequate, evenly distributed heat is provided even at 40~45°C flow temperature, subject to insulation levels. As the ThermaSkirt® is fitted ‘above ground’, its ideal for retro fitting into existing properties, meaning that heat pumps and solar panels may be employed in buildings that otherwise would require major upheaval or structural alteration to provide under-floor heating. To order a Sample: Email: sample@discreteheat.co.uk with your choice of colour, address and contact telephone number. You may be charged a nominal amount to cover postage. 11 info@discreteheat.co.uk www.discreteheat.co.uk
  • 12. DECO PR Which Profile? Profiles up to 6 metres (19’8”) long 125mm (5 in.) DECO PR used at a glass door 20mm threshold (0.8 in.) New build using DECO PR - skirting and Super slim 20mm profile. Matches typical skirting dimensions. patio threshold Performance Boiler Temp Dt50 (72°C/160°F flow) 40°C/104°F 45°C/113°F 50°C/122°F 55°C/131°F 60°C/140°F 70°C/158°F 75°C/167°F 80°C/176°F max Watts/m 130 39 52 64 78 91 122 135 151 BTU/m 443 133 177 218 266 310 416 460 515 BTU/ft 134 40 53 66 80 93 126 139 156 Typical Applications The Deco PR (pencil round) profile is the newest and most simplest profile with a unique and highly efficient fixing method. It has been specifically designed where cost and simplicity are paramount, and is mainly suited to new build applications. It is ideal for starter homes and apartments, as well as timber or SIPP constructed habitable spaces such as student accommodation, holiday lodges and mobile homes. It also is ideal for mounting flat on its back as a threshold or glazed wall perimeter heater, and may be let into the floor or tiled or carpeted flush, where limited wall space is available. Its clean lines make it also suitable for offices, and versions are available with anti-bacterial coatings to combat infection spread in hospitals and clinics. Please note; L.V. cables and wires can only be hidden in the removable centre section, and the bottom edge is not suitable for trimming to uneven floors. Available Colours Fitting Options WALL DOOR THRESHOLD DOOR FRAME OR GLASS WALL DECO PR FLOOR COVERING DECO PR DECO PR SOLID OR TIMBER CONSTRUCTION FLOOR SOLID/TIMBER FLOOR SOLID FLOOR Cricket Vintage Used as heated skirting On top of existing solid or Laid into solid floor screed White Ivory timber contructed floor Renewable Energy Sources Due to its diminutive size and reduced surface Deco PR may not always be suitable for use in low temperature heating systems. Please check with DiscreteHeat and/or your heating engineer before specifying. To order a Sample: Email: sample@discreteheat.co.uk with your choice of colour, address and contact telephone number. You may be charged a nominal amount to cover postage. . . . energy saving, space saving, cost saving! 12 TEL: 0845 1238367 FAX: 01942 892836
  • 13. Special Solutions TIMBER CONSTRUCTION SOLID FLOOR Illustration with covers removed Architrave Kit Threshold Kit For solid sub-floors or where disturbing the floor is For bridging doors, archways or obstructions such as impractical. Continues the flow around the doorway in fireplaces. Pipework continues under the floor in timber complimentary LT or OG profile architrave with patented construction or laid in the screed for solid floors. automatic air valve. MDF version to match other doorways in the same room available. Bay Windows and Curved Walls Threshold/Glass Wall Heating ThermaSkirt may be rolled into both internal and Where available wall space may be limited, the Deco PR external curves. Template required - ask for details. profile can be laid flat, either on the surface or into the floor finish to provide additional heating. Please contact DiscreteHeat to discuss any non-standard items. All the items featured here started life as customer suggestions or applications. 13 info@discreteheat.co.uk www.discreteheat.co.uk
  • 14. Installation and Certification Simply piece it together - no specialist tools required Using the patented ThermaSkirt® connector pieces, lengths are push fit together Choice of mountings are fixed to the wall around corners and end to end as required. The installation is easy and requires no every 1M or so. special tools or soldering. Simple push fit connectors. No drilling, tapping or soldering. The aluminium alloy extruded skirting, once cut to length snaps simply and securely to the mounting brackets. ThermaSkirt® easily flexes to accommodate uneven walls, and the top ‘caulking’ gasket does the rest. The first piece is connected to the system using industry standard ColourFastTM ultra stable UPVC Finally the return manifold piece ensures flow push fit polypipe fittings. An optional ThermaSkirt® thermostatic valve covers provide silent operation & and return are completed, and all that remains unit may be fitted here. permanent colour match is to click into place any corner covers or cover plates. Installation is complete. What sort of system? THERMASKIRT REMOTE MANIFOLD VALVE AND COMBINED WITH CONVENTIONAL WITH MANUAL TRV CONTROL PROGRAMMABLE ROOM THERMOSTAT RADIATORS AND/OR UFH Installation made simple! Approvals and Certification ThermaSkirt® is easy to connect to your existing boiler ThermaSkirt® has undergone and pipework,and can often LH END clockwise installation 120mm 100mm SINGLE TRV INSTALLATION TEMPLATE (SHEET1 of 2) (Through floor pipework) DO NOT SCALE DRG WHEN PRINTING Tel: 0845 1238367 Fax: 01942 892836 exhaustive trialling and extensive replace existing radiators. 0 20 40 testing at the BSRIA. 65mm e-mail: info@discreteheat.co.uk LH END mm web: www.discreteheat.co.uk Cut/fold along here (Place on end of wall or doorway architrave) FEED (TRV VALVE) 100mm 130mm You can download (LT) (OG) Relieve plaster/ surface finish to a depth of 5mm in this ThermaSkirt® fully complies with BS-EN 442, shaded area to allow 75mm for Tectite fittings DOUBLE TRV INSTALLATION TEMPLATE (Sheet 1 of 2) Through floor pipework (Left and right feed) 130mm installation templates that DO NOT SCALE DRG WHEN PRINTING 65mm 65mm 0 20 40mm 130mm 100mm FEED FEED (TRV VALVE) (TRV VALVE) Relieve plaster/ surface finish to a depth of 5mm in 120mm this shaded area to allow for 95mm Tectite fittings 60mm RETURN 95mm (LOCKSHIELD 75mm 45mm VALVE) RETURN (LOCKSHIELD VALVE) 90mm Cut/fold along here for Urban LT template WALL Relieve plaster/surface finish FLOOR to a depth of 25mm in this dark shaded area to allow feed pipe to go behind Tectite fitting Cut/fold along here for Regency OG template WALL FLOOR Drill 2 x 18mm holes (See sheet 2 for location) RETURN STICK TO WALL TO USE 89/106 and carries the CE mark. (LOCKSHIELD VALVE) give you all the dimensions, 45mm 75mm (LT) (OG) Fold along here for Urban LT template WALL ‘size for size’ drilling guides FINISHED FLOOR LEVEL Fold along here for Regency OG template WALL ThermaSkirt® profile and pushfits are warranted for up FINISHED FLOOR LEVEL and pipework positions to Drill 2 x 18mm holes Plan view for drilling feed and return touching wall surface pipe holes in floor 35mm give you a trouble free installation. to 10 years - typically double that of a steel radiator. Ask Go to www.discreteheat.co.uk/technical.html for full details. . . . designed and manufactured for contemporary living 14 Efficient . . . quiet . . .
  • 15. Quick Parts Guide Part Number Common Parts, Spares and Components Generic Part No. (add profile ref. & colour code for complete part no.) Don’t Forget! Skirting Example S3 L T C W S1_ _ _ _ ThermaSkirt (profile/colour) 1m Complete with top/bottom strips and 2 mounting brackets MDFLT MDF Urban LT profile 5.4m S2_ _ _ _ ThermaSkirt (profile/colour) 2m Complete with top/bottom strips and 3 mounting brackets MDFOG MDF Regency OG profile 5.4m S3_ _ _ _ ThermaSkirt (profile/colour) 3m Complete with top/bottom strips and 4 mounting brackets SWMB10 Wall mounting brackets (10 off) S4_ _ _ _ ThermaSkirt (profile/colour) 4m Complete with top/bottom strips and 5 mounting brackets SWMB50 Wall mounting brackets (50 off) S5_ _ _ _ ThermaSkirt (profile/colour) 5m Complete with top/bottom strips and 6 mounting brackets STOOL MDF Urban LT profile 5.4m S6_ _ _ _ ThermaSkirt (profile/colour) 6m Complete with top/bottom strips and 7 mounting brackets DTSK Spares Kit including De-burring tool, O rings, elbow & connector TRV Feed & Return Sets Example RFS15 L T G O } RFS15 _ _ _ _ Right hand feed (clockwise) TRV Feed & Return Manifold Set Complete sets with valves, controls & pushfit connectors & covers LFS15 _ _ _ _ Left hand feed (anti-clockwise) TRV Feed & Return Manifold Set For 16mm or US 1/2” change 15 to 16 DFRS15 _ _ _ _ Double (clockwise & anti-clockwise) TRV Feed & Return manifold Set Components DH040_ _ _ _ Thermostatic valve cover std LH middle of run STVK15 Thermostatic valve kit left/right - no cover (change 15 to 16 for 16mm) DH045_ _ _ _ Thermostatic valve cover std RH middle of run SDTVK15 Double Thermostatic valve kit - no cover (change 15 to 16 for 16mm) DH050_ _ _ _ Thermostatic valve cover to LH end of run SVCK15 Single TRV Tectite Connection Kit, 15mm DH060_ _ _ _ Thermostatic valve cover to RH end of run SVCK25 Double TRV Tectite Connection Kit, 15mm DH110_ _ _ _ Thermostatic valve cover double middle of run SVCK16 Single TRV Tectite Connection Kit, 16mm VKF _ _ _ _ Valve Facia kit includes cover, knob, wax element and spring SVCK26 Double TRV Tectite Connection Kit, 16mm Corners & Straights Example ICS O G V Y } ICS _ _ _ _ Internal 90° Corner set with connectors & cover ECS _ _ _ _ External 90° Corner Set with connectors & cover ILS _ _ _ _ In-line (end-to-end) Connection Set with connectors & cover Complete sets with connectors & covers I135 _ _ _ _ Internal 135° corner set with flexible connectors & cover E135 _ _ _ _ External 135° corner set with flexible connectors & cover Components DH010_ _ _ _ Straight Cover SSCK Straight connection kit Skirting to Skirting - no cover DH020_ _ _ _ External 90° corner cover SECK90 External Corner kit 90° - no cover DH030_ _ _ _ Internal 90° corner cover SICK90 Internal Corner kit 90° - no cover DH025 225° External corner cover SFCK Flexible Connection kit for 90°-180° angles DH035 135° Internal corner cover SFCK Flexible Connection kit for 90°-180° angles Return Manifold Example DH160 P R C W DH160_ _ _ _ Return Manifold cover only LH end of run SRMK Return Manifold kit - no cover DH170_ _ _ _ Return Manifold cover only RH end of run DH205_ _ _ _ Ext corner with LH Return Manifold cover DH215_ _ _ _ Ext corner with RH Return Manifold cover STHK1M Threshold kit 1m - no covers DH180_ _ _ _ Int corner with LH Return manifold/threshold/16 connection cover STHK2M Threshold kit 2m - no covers DH190_ _ _ _ Int corner with RH Return manifold/threshold/16 connection cover STHK4M Threshold kit 4m - no covers } Threshold & Bridging Kits Example DH175 L T T W DTS15 _ _ _ _ Door Threshold bridging system with fittings, connectors & covers Set with pushfit connectors & covers (no pipe) ATS15 _ _ _ _ Patio & Doorway reveal bridging system with fittings, connectors & covers For 16mm or US 1/2” change 15 to 16 Components DH165_ _ _ _ Threshold kit/15/16mm connection cover only LH end of run STHK1M Threshold kit 1m - no covers DH175_ _ _ _ Threshold kit/15/16mm connection cover only RH end of run STHK2M Threshold kit 2m - no covers DH200_ _ _ _ Ext corner with LH threshold/15/16mm connection cover STHK4M Threshold kit 4m - no covers DH210_ _ _ _ Ext corner with RH threshold/15/16mm connection cover Oddballs & Specials Example DH220 O G C W DH220_ _ _ _ LH end cover only inactive skirting DH230_ _ _ _ RH end cover only inactive skirting DH240_ _ _ _ Straight cover for 15/16mm connection kits SSCK15 Connection kit oval to 15mm Tectite Sprint - no cover DH250_ _ _ _ Int 90° corner cover with LH TRV and return manifold on RHS SSCK16 Connection kit oval to 16mm Tectite Sprint - no cover DH260_ _ _ _ Int 90° corner cover with RH TRV and return manifold on LHS STVK10 Thermostatic valve kit left/right - no cover DH270_ _ _ _ Straight cover for RM and TRV flow to left SRMK Return manifold kit no cover DH280_ _ _ _ Straight cover for RM and TRV flow to right DHEIC _ _ _ _ Extended internal corner cover 200mm x 200mm to be cut on site SICK90 Internal Corner kit 90° - no cover DHEEC _ _ _ _ Extended external corner cover 200mm x 200mm to be cut on site SECK90 External Corner kit 90° - no cover DHSIC_ _ _ _ Special Internal Corner cover SFCK Flexible Corner Kit 90-180° - no cover DHSED_ _ _ _ Special External Corner cover Colour Codes Profile Cricket White Vintage Ivory English Oak Golden Oak Timber White Timber Ivory Silver Birch Carbon Black Urban LT (150mm/6”) LT CW VY EO GO TW TY SB CB Regency OG (200mm/8”) OG CW VY EO GO TW TY n/a n/a Deco PR (125mm/5”) PR CW VY n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a Price Code A A B B B B B B For pictures and prices register at www.thermaskirt.com FR FR Anti- Clockwise clockwise DIRECTION OF FLOW DIAGRAM System System 15 clean . . . . . . and green!
  • 16. What our customers say ...... “We chose ThermaSkirt® for our house because it was so stylish, unobtrusive and works perfectly with our ground source heat pump. It heats every room to a nice comfortable temperature and the customer service was absolutely first class!” Tim & Zoe Bawtree, Channel 4’s Grand Designs, ‘The Cheltenham House’. “We bought a 30’s standard build house to which we added a lower ground extension. After research we came across the Thermaskirt® product which seemed to provide an excellent solution.We fitted out the main bedrooms and study with the Thermaskirt® product. The installation was relatively easy and within the capabilities of a skilled amateur to fit. All in all a very efficient product, and a very satisfactory result.” Richard Chan & Isabelle Penao, Channel 4’s Property Ladder, ‘North Lodge’. Grand Designs “We considered electric underfloor (heating) for our new conservatory, but couldn’t get a guarantee as to how well it work. ThermaSkirt® told us what it would do and how, and a friend of ours fitted it. We’ve used our conservatory virtually every day since October, and it’s been fantastic!” Mr. & Mrs. James, Knutsford. “We had just fitted underfloor (heating) & radiators in our refurbished farmhouse, when we saw ThermaSkirt® at an exhibition. We were impressed and fitted it in our annex building & to be honest wished we’d seen it sooner. We prefer it to anything.” Property Ladder Mr. & Mrs. Berry, Chorley. “I’ve been in the building game myself for 30 years, and it’s the best thing since sliced bread. My plumber said it wouldn’t work, but believe me, it does. It’s brilliant” Mick Lever, Self Build.Tyldesley Can I design my own system? How is it supplied? Yes - and it couldn’t be simpler! Log on to our website ThermaSkirt® can be Plan Reference 1 Code DH030CW Description Internal 90 corner Quantity 1 Unit EA Unit Price £ 4.95 Total £ 4.95 cover - www.discreteheat.co.uk and go to the ‘ ’ page. supplied in pre-cut ready-to- DHICK90 Internal corner kit 90 no cover DHLTMCW Skirting made-to- 1 3271 EA MM 5.90 27.95 5.90 91.42 There you’ll see a screen like this. Just follow the install room kits, complete measure (measured wall section 3401mm) 2 DHTHK2M Threshold kit 2m no 1 EA 24.95 24.95 simple steps and you with your numbered room 3 covers DHLTMCW Skirting made-to- measure (measured 2169 MM 27.95 60.62 can create your own plan. You or your installer 4 wall section (2299mm) DH030CW Internal corner 1 EA 4.95 4.95 ThermaSkirt® heating can follow the step-by-step cover system - in minutes! It instructions and in a short 1 2 3 4 will even work out your time your room is skirted heat loss calculation! and heated. You can even order Alternatively you can buy & pay for it on-line. full 2M, 3M and 6M lengths Alternatively, go straight and cut on site. to Full instructions from: www.thermaskirt.com and download the free software. www.discreteheat.co.uk/downloads/technical/instructions.pdf DiscreteHeat Company Limited 1 Victoria Works Industrial Estate, Coal Pit Lane, Atherton, Manchester M46 0RY Tel: 0845 1238367 • Fax: 01942 892836 • E-mail: info@discreteheat.co.uk • Web: www.discreteheat.co.uk DISTRIBUTED BY: MANUFACTURED BY: The ThermaSkirt® product design and ThermaSkirt® and DiscreteHeatTM logos are registered IPR, protected by international patent, copyright and trademark law respectively.