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Mark Sneathen, SVP Media Analytics at Nielsen, provides an overview of the Mobile Millennial and their interesting behaviors at the MobiU2013 Seminar: Mobile Millennials, March 28, 2013

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  • Have all of the content at home. When they leave, they need to make their choices. What comes first.. Phone, tablet, tv Older adults are not first, but they are adopting devices up to oldest boomers
  • When it comes to video consumption, this slide demonstrates the relative size and engagement by platform. Mobile video audience has increased 17% over the prior year Mobile with the smallest reach among the population at only 14%, but a very similar monthly time spent to that of Online. Whereas TV is clearly the preferred way of consuming content still. However, mobile video usage is increasing with 36.0 million mobile phone owners now watch video on their phones—an increase of 26 percent since last year. This is primarily being driven by smartphone adoption with much higher penetration rates of video viewing on smartphones.
  • This particular panelist’s usage revolves around social. After waking up and checking the weather, she quickly turns to Facebook. After this, she spends some time with her Chevy Game Time app, which was a super bowl specific app and this usage was measured the day after the super bowl. She continues to use social apps throughout the afternoon spending time with instagram, twitter and scramble with friends. The only hour her app usage subsides is for the hour following her check-in on foursquare to a place which kept her occupied during that hour. Once she’s back on her phone she uses instagram and facebook – most likely to share the experience she just had and finally gets back into her social games of scramble.
  • Pig is WeReward Box with colored balls is Slice Pyramid thingy is google play Dolphin web browser
  • Email Email Email Camera Android Gallery Shoot the Apple TwLauncher Angry Birds Rio TwLauncher TwLauncher Facebook TwLauncher TwLauncher Messaging TwLauncher TwLauncher TwLauncher Camera TwLauncher Email Android Gallery Android Gallery Email TwLauncher Facebook Facebook TwLauncher Messaging Video Player TwLauncher Facebook Shoot the Apple Angry Birds Facebook Android Gallery Messaging Email Phone Android Gallery Android System Android Gallery Dialer TwLauncher Email Camera Angry Birds Space Mega Millions + Powerball Free Camera Phone Life360 Family Tracker Camera Facebook Facebook Deal or BE Millionaire Email Email Browser Life360 Family Tracker Settings Email Browser Facebook Messaging Android System Browser Google Play Video Player Calendar Browser
  • Interesting that women are more attracted by the browsing/shopping around features, but often are less focused on the final price … still a real opportunity to link discovery and purchase in a meaningful way- a lot are trying it (shopkick, et al), but I still don’t think we’ve seen the perfect business model yet
  • Apple has partnered with Nielsen to measure ad effectiveness of its iAd Network We’ve performed a wide range of brand and ad effectiveness studies over the past two years Aim is to provide performance benchmarks against mobile ads as well as cross platform with online and TV to measure the effectiveness ads as well as assess the overall media mix Overall performance has been very strong, anchored by two examples. A leading retailer and a automotive manufacturer.
  • MobiU2013 Seminar: Mobile Millennials - Presentation

    1. 1. Produced  by  the  Heartland  Mobile  Council MobiU2013  Seminar:  Mobile  Millennials Hosted  by  PepsiCo  -­‐  Chicago March  28,  2013 Brand  Panel:  PepsiCo,  RedBox,  Nielsen Market  Research:  Nielsen Agencies  ModeraGng:  Cramer-­‐Krasselt
    2. 2. #MobiU2013,  @heartlandmobile The  confluence  of  retailers,  CPG  brands,  researchers  and  agencies   –  combined  with  the  presence  of  the  “average  consumer”  –   make  Chicago  and  the  Heartland  the  ideal  locaGon  to  learn  how   to  uGlize  mobile  technologies  to  reach  the  average  consumer TM The  Heartland  Mobile  Council  is  a  Chicago-­‐based   non-­‐profit  whose  mission  is   to  educate  brands  on  how  to  use  mobile  effecGvely
    3. 3. #MobiU2013,  @heartlandmobile TM The  Heartland  Mobile  Council  is  a  Chicago-­‐based   non-­‐profit  whose  mission  is   to  educate  brands  on  how  to  use  mobile  effecGvely Our  Belief  The  HMC  is  the  Trusted  Partner  to  Educate  Brands   on  how  to  use  Mobile
    4. 4. #MobiU2013,  @heartlandmobile Why  the  HMC  Exists •   Know  markeGng •   Can  throw  a  good  party •   Branding,  awareness,  loyalty MarkeGng  conferences  cover  the  best  brand  case  studies Mobile  conferences  covers  the  latest  technology  potenGal • Know  technology • Can  throw  a  good  hackathon • Downloads,  pageviews,  scans
    5. 5. #MobiU2013,  @heartlandmobile Mobile  UniversityTM  events  -­‐  SOLD  OUT MobiU2012:    Couponing,  4/25;  Moms,  6/21;  Summit  9/24 MobiU2013;  Millennials  3/18;  Hispanics  6/13;  Brands+Startups  6/27
    6. 6. See  12+  Brands  Speak  at  the  4th  Annual  #MobiU2013  Summit
    7. 7. #MobiU2013,  @heartlandmobile Mobile  (Scary)  Future “So  what  used  to  fit  in  a  building   now  fits  in  your  pocket, what  fits  in  your  pocket  now  will   fit  inside  a  blood  cell  in  25  years” -­‐  Ray  Kurzwell,  Futurist
    8. 8. #MobiU2013,  @heartlandmobile Mobile  Everything
    9. 9. #MobiU2013,  @heartlandmobile Mobile  Everything 2014    Mobile  MarkeGng  will  be…Mobile  Everything. • Helping  with  the  liele  things:
    10. 10. #MobiU2013,  @heartlandmobile Mobile  Everything 2014    Mobile  MarkeGng  will  be…Mobile  Everything. • Helping  with  the  liele  things: • And  the  big  things:
    11. 11. #MobiU2013,  @heartlandmobile Mobile  Everything 2014    Mobile  MarkeGng  will  be…Mobile  Everything. • Helping  with  the  liele  things: • And  the  big  things: • With  you  all  the  Gme:
    12. 12. #MobiU2013,  @heartlandmobile Mobile  Everything 2014    Mobile  MarkeGng  will  be…Mobile  Everything. • Helping  with  the  liele  things: • And  the  big  things: • With  you  all  the  Gme: • On  you  all  the  Gme:
    13. 13. #MobiU2013,  @heartlandmobile Mobile  Everything 2014    Mobile  MarkeGng  will  be…Mobile  Everything. • Helping  with  the  liele  things: • And  the  big  things: • With  you  all  the  Gme: • On  you  all  the  Gme: • In  you  all  the  Gme: “…what  fits  in  your   pocket  now  will  fit   inside  a  blood  cell…”
    14. 14. #MobiU2013,  @heartlandmobile Join  Our  Mobile  Movement • We  are  looking  for  people  passionate  about  mobile • Network  (of  course) • Learn  about  mobile  (of  course) • Change  history  at  this  crucial  stage  in  history! • Volunteers  needed  for: • MarkeGng  (PR,  Social  Media,  Email,  Web) • Summit  Event  Management • Contact
    15. 15. Produced  by  the  Heartland  Mobile  Council Mark  Sneathen,  SVP  Media  Analy3cs,  Nielsen @nielsen  #MobiU2013 MobiU2013  Seminar:  Mobile  Millennials March  28,  2013 Mobile  Millennials
    16. 16. #MobiU2013,  @nielsen Copyright  ©2012  The  Nielsen  Company.  Confiden3al  and  proprietary. 10 DVD PC w/Internet Video Game DVR Smartphone Tablet Smart TV 4% 16% 56% 44%45% 79% 84% 28% 36% 43% 75% 87% 13% 24% 38% 69% 88% Q3 2008 Q3 2010 Q3 2012 Mobile  and  on  demand  media  devices  are  fueling  digital  growth Devices Owned in TV Households Source: Nielsen Npower for all devices except for Smartphone. Source for Smartphone: Nielsen Mobile Insights +20% +81% +341% +63% from Q1 +63% from Q1
    17. 17. Online  Web   Browsing Online   Video Mobile  Apps Mobile  Web   Browsing Mobile  Video 0 0 1 0 1 #MobiU2013,  @nielsen Copyright  ©2012  The  Nielsen  Company.  Confiden3al  and  proprietary. 2%5% 25% 11% 57% Online  Web  Browsing Online  Video Mobile  Apps Mobile  Web  Browsing Mobile  Video Percentage of Total Duration December 2012 Time Spent Among Users December 2012 DIGITAL INCREASINGLY IS “MOBILE” 36HOURS 34 HOURS
    18. 18. #MobiU2013,  @nielsen Copyright  ©2012  The  Nielsen  Company.  Confiden3al  and  proprietary. Ages  18-­‐24 Ages  50-­‐64 40% 70% 28% 50% Jun-­‐11 Jun-­‐12 Smartphone Penetration Smartphone  ownership  ~2x  for  millennials Smartphone ownership is now the norm Tablet ownership growing rapidly (but still lower than many think) P18-­‐24 P50-­‐64 14.8%15.8% 2.3%2.7% Jun-­‐11 Jun-­‐12 % penetration in tablet homes
    19. 19. #MobiU2013,  @nielsen Copyright  ©2012  The  Nielsen  Company.  Confiden3al  and  proprietary. Video Penetration Total Population, Q2 2012 Based on Total US Population, Persons 2+ for TV and Online, 13+ for Mobile, Q2 2012 Monthly Time Spent Among Video Users (hh:mm) CONSUMER USAGE OF DIGITIAL VIDEO IS SIZEABLE MOBILE 5 2 0 ONLINE 5 5 1 15% TELEVISION 4 5 441 56% 95% Source: Nielsen People Meter, Nielsen Video Census, Mobile Video Report : : : 13
    20. 20. #MobiU2013,  @nielsen Copyright  ©2012  The  Nielsen  Company.  Confiden3al  and  proprietary. Millennials  are  early  adopters  of  mobile  video,  ¼  of  mobile  video   audience  and  2.4X  consumpIon Video  Viewing 24% 10% 7% Persons  18-­‐24 TV Online Mobile Video  Viewing 9% 23% 25% Persons  50-­‐64 TV Online Mobile Source: Nielsen, The State of The Media: The Cross-Platform Report Qtr 2, 2012 Video Viewing Audience Comparison %  of  Population 10% Persons  18-­‐24 %  of  Population 20% Persons  50-­‐64
    21. 21. #MobiU2013,  @nielsen Copyright  ©2012  The  Nielsen  Company.  Confiden3al  and  proprietary. 15 Source: Qtr 1 2012 Mobile Connected Device Report Smartphones  provide  snacks,  tablets  provide  meals Books Movies TV  Shows MagazinesSocial  Networking NewsDownloaded  MusicStreaming  Radio Sports None  of  these 9% 15% 25% 37% 48% 62% 8% 19% 15% 17% 11% 8% 23% 16% 34% 45% 13% 31% 34% 42% Tablet Smartphone Media Content Viewed by P18-24 Through Device Tablet Owners (n=124), Smartphone Owners (n=180)* Q: Which of the following media content do you regularly access through your connected device? . *sample sizes are small and should be used directionally
    22. 22. #MobiU2013,  @nielsen Copyright  ©2012  The  Nielsen  Company.  Confiden3al  and  proprietary. All  Other  Apps 43% 41-­‐50 2% 31-­‐40 3% 21-­‐30 4% 11-­‐20 8% Top  10 40% Distribution of Time Spent in Apps on Android and iOS Smartphone Analytics, Sept 2012 FACEBOOK & OTHER LEADING APPS DOMINATE TIME SPENT Some signs that “App Discovery” improving, but very long tail “All Other Apps” 31% a year ago Source: Nielsen Smartphone Analytics TOP 5 MILLENIAL APPS 1. Facebook 2. Google Maps 3. Google Search 4. YouTube 5. Gmail January 2013 4 of 5 minutes spent w/ Apps vs Mobile Web
    23. 23. #MobiU2013,  @nielsen Copyright  ©2012  The  Nielsen  Company.  Confiden3al  and  proprietary. Day  in  the  Life  –  32  year  old  white  female Social  and  gaming  apps  lead One iPhone User’s Time Spent Engaged with Handset Smartphone Analytics, February 6, 2012 0 12.5000 25.0000 37.5000 50.0000 8am 9am 10am 11am 12pm 1pm 2pm 3pm 4pm 5pm 6pm 7pm 8pm 9pm Minutes Total time spent: 3:20 Nielsen Panelist Profile • Female, 32 years old • Employed full time (income $50-75k) • White • Married Source: Nielsen Smartphone Analytics
    24. 24. Mid-­‐ night 1AM 2AM 3AM 4AM 5AM 6AM 7AM 8AM 9AM 10AM 11AM Noon 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM 5PM 6PM 7PM 8PM 9PM 10PM 11PM #MobiU2013,  @nielsen Copyright  ©2012  The  Nielsen  Company.  Confiden3al  and  proprietary. 18 Day  in  the  Life  –  26  Year  Old  Asian  Male TimeSpent • Heavy App User (over 25 different apps in 1 day) • Highly social; Facebook, gmail, texting, Yelp and IM+ • Extensive browsing with Dolphin web browser Source: Nielsen Smartphone Analytics Nielsen Panelist Profile • Male, 26 years old • Employed full time (income $50-75k) • Asian • HTC EVO 4G
    25. 25. #MobiU2013,  @nielsen Copyright  ©2012  The  Nielsen  Company.  Confiden3al  and  proprietary. 19 Day  in  the  Life  -­‐  36  Year  old  White  Female Mid-­‐ night 1AM 2AM 3AM 4AM 5AM 6AM 7AM 8AM 9AM 10A M 11A M Noon 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM 5PM 6PM 7PM 8PM 9PM 10PM 11PM • Extensive use of camera and gaming applications • Consistent interaction with Facebook, messaging and email • Uses Life 360 app on weekends and around when school gets out Source: Nielsen Smartphone Analytics Nielsen Panelist Profile • Female, 36 years old • Employed part time (income $35-59k) • White • Samsung Infuse 4G
    26. 26. #MobiU2013,  @nielsen Copyright  ©2012  The  Nielsen  Company.  Confiden3al  and  proprietary. 20 50%  of  Young  adults  use  phone  every  day  while  watching  TV Frequency of Simultaneous Usage While Watching TV: Smartphones Smartphone Owners (Q2 2012 Ages 18-24: 215, Ages 50-64: 2,108) 10% 11% 6% 25% 12% 36%    Several  Jmes  a  day          Once  a  day                            Several  Jmes  a  week        Several  Jmes  a  month      Once  a  month  or  less        Never                                   20% 10% 18% 21% 9% 22% P18-24 ~50% per day P50-64 ~30% per day While Watching TV: 45% shop online 26% look up product from a TV Ad
    27. 27. #MobiU2013,  @nielsen Copyright  ©2012  The  Nielsen  Company.  Confiden3al  and  proprietary. 21 SOCIAL NETWORKING GROWTH DRIVEN BY MOBILE 163.6M 171.8M Unique U.S. Audience for Social Networking Source: Nielsen NetView (July 2012), Nielsen Smartphone Analytics (July 2012) People continue to spend more time on social networks than any other category — 29% of mobile app and web time is spent doing Social Networking
    28. 28. #MobiU2013,  @nielsen Copyright  ©2012  The  Nielsen  Company.  Confiden3al  and  proprietary. 22 Facebook Twitter YouTube Gmail Pandora Radio Google Maps Google Search Maps (Apple) Weather Instagram 11 of top 15 Millennial apps have a social and/or local component Stocks, Amazon Mobile, eBay Mobile & Chrome round out top 15 Social  and  local  apps  dominate  the  leaderboard 18-24 Top Mobile Apps and Social / Local Intersection Social Local Source: Nielsen Smartphone Analytics The Weather Channel
    29. 29. #MobiU2013,  @nielsen Copyright  ©2012  The  Nielsen  Company.  Confiden3al  and  proprietary. MOBILE  DEVICES  ALREADY  PREVALENT  IN  CONSUMER   PATH  TO  PURCHASE Searching for/using online coupons Comparing prices online while shopping in a store Scanning a barcode to compare prices/ product info Paying for goods and/ or services at POS at a merchant Discovery Purchase 33% 37% Browsing products through mobile web or apps 42% 33% 26% 18% 15% 22% 7% 9% Purchasing products through mobile sites or apps 24% 22% Women Men Source: Nielsen Mobile Insights
    30. 30. #MobiU2013,  @nielsen Copyright  ©2012  The  Nielsen  Company.  Confiden3al  and  proprietary. 24 Millennials  are  acIve  mobile   shoppers,  with  1/3  comparing  prices  in  store Browsing  products  through  mobile  websites  and/or  apps Comparing  prices  online  while  shopping  in  a  store Purchasing  products  through  mobile  websites  and/or  apps Reading  online  reviews  of  products  you  were  considering  purchasing Searching  for/using  online  coupons Placing  a  bid  on  a  product  through  an  online  aucGon Using  locaGon-­‐based  services  (LBS)  to  find  a  retail  locaGon Scanning  a  barcode  to  compare  prices  /  acquire  more  product  info Purchasing  Gckets  to  events  such  as  concerts,  sporGng  event,  theater Paying  for  goods  /  services  at  point  of  sale  at  a  merchant  (tap&go) 7.7 11.2 12.6 12.4 13.1 24.0 26.1 25.4 32.1 39.5 15.2 13.1 11.9 13.3 14.4 14.5 16.6 19.8 32.1 29.9 M18-­‐24 F18-­‐24 Mobile Shopping Activities 18-24 (% doing activity) Source: Qtr 4 2012 Mobile Insights Report Q: T2123: You said that you used your mobile phone for shopping in the past 30 days. What kinds of shopping activities have you engaged in on your phone?
    31. 31. #MobiU2013,  @nielsen Copyright  ©2012  The  Nielsen  Company.  Confiden3al  and  proprietary. 25 MILLENNIALS  CONCERNED  ABOUT  MOBILE  AD  PRIVACY earn  and  manage  trust  carefully Source: Nielsen Mobile Connected Device Report Disagree 70% Agree 30%30% of users find ads with custom location- based offerings more useful Ages  13-­‐17 Ages  25-­‐34 Ages  18-­‐24 Ages  35-­‐44 Ages  45-­‐54 Ages  55+ 25% 22% 32% 33% 36% 45% Ads with Custom Location-Based Offerings are More Useful - % Agree Q1 2012 Mobile Connected Device Report
    32. 32. Millennials shopping & price checking with mobile • Mobile usage already prevalent during path to purchase • Top apps have Social / Local component • 1/3 checking prices in-store #MobiU2013,  @nielsen Copyright  ©2012  The  Nielsen  Company.  Confiden3al  and  proprietary. 26 WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT MOBILE MILLENNIALS? Millennials are leading the charge in mobile usage • 70%+ of Millennials own a smartphone • Mobile IS digital 1 Apps continue to dominate mobile time spent • 4 of 5 minutes spent in app • Top apps dominate – 40% of time 2 Millennials heaviest mobile video & heavy social users • Meaningful mobile video usage, 25% of mobile video audience is 3 4
    33. 33. #MobiU2013,  @nielsen Copyright  ©2012  The  Nielsen  Company.  Confiden3al  and  proprietary. 27 Appendix
    34. 34. #MobiU2013,  @nielsen Copyright  ©2012  The  Nielsen  Company.  Confiden3al  and  proprietary. 28 Digital  is  core  component  of  American  media  life Average Daily Time Spent on Media Activity (hh:mm) – September 2012 TV OnlineWebBrowsing TimeShiftedTVViewing MobileApp OnlineVideo MobileWebBrowsing 4:16 0:20 0:07 0:04 MobileVideo 0:02 4:23 0:22 0:14 0:09 0:11 TV 0:41 0:57 Based on Total US Population, Persons 2+ for TV and Online, 13+ for Mobile, September 2012 Source: Nielsen People Meter, Nielsen Netview, Nielsen Video Census, Nielsen Mobile Mediaview, Mobile Video Report 0:43 OnlineWebBrowsing 0:10 TimeShiftedTVViewing OnlineVideo MobileApp MobileWebBrowsing MobileVideo 7% 15% 78% 6:57 68% 17% 15% Online TV Mobile Total Population Among Users 5:44
    35. 35. #MobiU2013,  @nielsen Copyright  ©2012  The  Nielsen  Company.  Confiden3al  and  proprietary. 29 Mobile Video time spent strong, audience growing Q2 2009 Q2 2010 Q2 2011 Q2 2012 15,267 21,957 29,916 37,048 Mobile Video Audience (000’s) +143% Source: Nielsen Mobile Insights and Nielsen Mobile Video Report +10%
    36. 36. #MobiU2013,  @nielsen Copyright  ©2012  The  Nielsen  Company.  Confiden3al  and  proprietary. 30 INTERNET USAGE SIMILAR ACROSS GENERATIONS, BUT MILLENNIALS HEAVIER MOBILE / INTERNET VIDEO CONSUMERS Note: Mobile video consumption levels shown only for users Source: Nielsen, The State of The Media: The Cross-Platform Report Qtr 2, 2012 Monthly Time Spent
    37. 37. #MobiU2013,  @nielsen Copyright  ©2012  The  Nielsen  Company.  Confiden3al  and  proprietary. 31 YOUNGER AUDIENCES MUCH HEAVIER MOBILE VIDEO CONSUMERS Weekly  Time  Spent  Consuming  VideoWeekly  Time  Spent  Consuming  VideoWeekly  Time  Spent  Consuming  VideoWeekly  Time  Spent  Consuming  VideoWeekly  Time  Spent  Consuming  VideoWeekly  Time  Spent  Consuming  VideoWeekly  Time  Spent  Consuming  VideoWeekly  Time  Spent  Consuming  Video K   2-­‐11 T   12-­‐17 A   18-­‐24 A   25-­‐34 A 35-­‐49 A   50-­‐64 A 65+ TradiJonal  TV 23:34 21:37 22:32 27:06 32:02 40:02 45:20 DVR   1:55 1:30 1:34 3:04 3:17 3:06 1:59 Internet  Video  0:09  0:23 1:21  1:17  0:58 0:41  0:16 Mobile  Video N/A 0:22 0:23 0:18 0:09 0:03 <0:01 Source: Nielsen Npower Q2 2012, Video Census Q2 2012, Mobile Video Report Q2 2012 Digital Video Usage = 7% of Video Usage (13% for “users”)
    38. 38. #MobiU2013,  @nielsen Copyright  ©2012  The  Nielsen  Company.  Confiden3al  and  proprietary. 32 Ad  Recall Brand  Recall Ad  Recall Brand   Recall Ad   Favorability Purchase   Intent Full  iAd  vs.  Concurrent  TV  Ad  CampaigniAd Banner vs. Online Banner Ad Performance Improvement Ad  Recall Brand  Recall Ad  Recall Brand   Recall Ad   Favorability Purchase   Intent Full  iAd  vs.  Concurrent  TV  Ad  CampaigniAd Banner vs. Online Banner Ad Performance Improvement 1.5x 2x 1.7x 2.5x 2x 4x 3.5x 4x 1.4x 1.9x 2x 2.3x iAd: Leading Retailer Brand Study iAd: New Car Brand Study MOBILE EXPOSURES DRIVE STRONGER RECALL Source: Apple iAd Network