MobiU2012 Summit - Pandora Gatorade targeting Millennials


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Sarah Bild, Sr. Marketing Manager - Gatorade, PepsiCo, and Kim Luegers, Director of Mobile, Pandora, share how they reached Millennials through music to help launch the new G Series product line.

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  • We ’re taking the best of broadcast and digital platforms to redefine radio and the relationships between artists, listeners, and brands. We help people discover/rediscover the music they love. Make radio personalized, giving the listener control and the ability to decide what music they want to hear. (It ’s not about control, that’s on-demand. It’s about personalization and making it simple for consumers.) Elicit a musician ’s middle class where unnamed bands can play along side with top artist, connecting with new fans.
  • Reaching users without boundaries is easy with Pandora ’s multi-platform radio and display ads. Pandora follows consumer behaviors and is accessible anywhere consumers go. Consumers continuously listen to Pandora throughout the day across: more than 400 CE Devices 16 Major Automotive brands BMW, MINI, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Honda, Ford, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Lexus, Toyota and Scion 7 aftermarket manufacturers: Alpine Electronics, Clarion, JVC, Kenwood, Pioneer and Sony. CE and Tablets dominate weekend listening hours.
  • Set up: Brand Challenge – get teens to care about nutrition as part of their fueling. Occasions are a challenge…they don’t understand importance of sports fuel… and furthermore don’t understand the need for different benefits for before, during and after
  • Key insight about listening to music, etc. Relevant engagement: reaching teens in the activities and experiences they are already doing – veggies in ice cream In season creates lots of opportunities to reach athletes when they are at school, in games, programs are an easy fit. Tougher to reach them during the off-season and in the summer months. We knew music is a place where they are always engaged.
  • Pandora lended the opportunity to create a hyper targeted program to reach our audience and reach our goals. Custom stations related to the need states (prime, perform, recover) allowed us to make sure we served relevant product information during the time we knew they were in the mindset to receive it (i.e. prime – getting ready for a work out) We then were able to integrate product benefits throughout the experience: i.e. skins, hyper targeted ad messaging, etc.
  • MobiU2012 Summit - Pandora Gatorade targeting Millennials

    1. 1. Gatorade and Pandora Collaborate to Reach and Engage Millennials on Mobile Kim Luegers, Director of Mobile, Pandora Sarah Bild, Digital Senior Manager, Gatorade @Gatorade, @Pandora_Radio Event hashtag #MobiU2012 Presented by the Heartland Mobile Council
    2. 2. #MobiU2012, @Gatorade, @Pandora_Radio Pandora’s Mission: Redefining Radio • Connect people with music they love • Help people discover new music • Personalize the experience • Create positive bonds between brands, bands and fans Genome Pic:2 Sven Geier
    3. 3. #MobiU2012, @Gatorade, @Pandora_Radio Pandora is Part of Listeners’ Daily Routine 6:30am: Waking Up 8pm: Evening at Home 8am: Commuting 9-5pm: Workplace 6pm: On the Go3
    4. 4. #MobiU2012, @Gatorade, @Pandora_RadioMILLENNIALS 4
    5. 5. #MobiU2012, @Gatorade, @Pandora_Radio The Teen Beat • Today’s teens are extremely diverse but a few things remain consistent. They… • Crave social connection with nearly 80% using social networks or blogs.* • Are mobile natives - more than 80% own a phone.** • Wield $200 billion in spending power.*** Sources: *Nielsen, June 2011; **eMarketer, January 2011;5 ***Research and Markets 2011, Piper Jaffray
    6. 6. #MobiU2012, @Gatorade, @Pandora_Radio Mobile Ads Influence Shopping 194% Mobile Advertising is 194% more likely to influence Brand selection (when shopping) among Millennials. Source: SymphonyIRI “Millennial Shoppers: Tapping into the Next Growth Segment” July 20126
    7. 7. #MobiU2012, @Gatorade, @Pandora_Radio Teens Love Pandora 91% Teen listeners consider Pandora their go-to music service Source: Pandora User Study, August 20127
    8. 8. #MobiU2012, @Gatorade, @Pandora_Radio Teens Are Vocal and Social 80% 2 2 1 Verbally recommend products Index or brand Access a Social to others Networking site or blog almost every day Source: *Pandora User Study, August 2012; **MobiLens, July 20128
    9. 9. #MobiU2012, @Gatorade, @Pandora_RadioCASE STUDY 9
    10. 10. Opportunity with Pandora • Right audience • Relevant Engagement • At the right time
    11. 11. Hyper-targeted ProgramMix Tapes • G occasion stations • Experience integration of benefits • Targeted ad units
    12. 12. #MobiU2012, @Gatorade, @Pandora_RadioGatorade G Series: ResultsThroughout the 2-month campaign, Gatorade received:485,000+ Station Adds •3rd overall when compared to all Pandora campaigns January–August 2012519,000+ Total Listening Hours •4th overall when compared to all Pandora campaigns January–August 2012 •That’s more than 21,000 days of listening! On average, users spent 60 minutes listening to the G Series mixtapes.96% •of station adds and listening hours was driven by mobile 13
    13. 13. #MobiU2012, @Gatorade, @Pandora_RadioGatorade G Series: Key TakeawaysThe results of Gatorade’s teen G Series campaignclearly show that: •Pandora provides an active and engaged teen audience. •Teens on Pandora become highly attracted to and engaged with brands when they are provided with valuable content - in this case, a mixtape. •With mobile leading the way against Gatorade’s success metrics, we proved how crucial our mobile platform is for teen-targeted campaigns. 14
    14. 14. #MobiU2012, @Gatorade, @Pandora_Radio WHAT’S NEXT15
    15. 15. #MobiU2012, @Gatorade, @Pandora_Radio The Pandora Precision Targeting Platform • A multi-faceted approach to precisely reaching your audience through… Audience Segmentations Registration Engagement Interest (examples) AGE GENDER PLAY PAUSE ARTIST ETHNICITY HHI SKIP VOLUME AUTO PARENTS INTENDERS GEO GENRE STATION THUMB CHANGE UP/DOWN GAMING ENTERTAINMENT ENTHUSIASTS ENTHUSIASTS Audience Segments: Hispanic, African-American, Parents, Auto Purchase Intenders, High Household Income, Low Household Income, Business Influencers, Small/Medium Business Owners, Home Entertainment Enthusiasts, Movie Goers, Marital Status: Single, Tech Enthusiasts, Video Game Enthusiasts, College Graduates, Home Owners, Democratic Political Party Affiliation, Republican Political Party Affiliation, Independent Political Party Affiliation16