MobiU2012 Summit: Social-Local-Mobile by Walgreens


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MobiU2012 Summit: Social-Local-Mobile by Walgreens

  1. 1. Social Local MobileZach West, Manager, Social Media, Walgreens @ZachDWest; @Walgreens Event hashtag #MobiU2012 Presented by the Heartland Mobile Council
  2. 2. #MobiU2012, @ZachDWest @WalgreensGame Plan • The changing world of “Convenience” • The role of Social, Local, and Mobile • What has Walgreens been doing in these spaces2
  3. 3. #MobiU2012, @ZachDWest @WalgreensConvenience is Evolving Before After •Down the Street •At your Desk •In the Store •In your News Feed •In the Phone Book •In your Pocket •On a website •On your Touch Screen3
  4. 4. #MobiU2012, @ZachDWest @Walgreens Convenience is Personal Stories Matter • Every user is unique • Relevance trumps Reach User First • The user is the constant • The marketing channel changesSource: Google 4
  5. 5. #MobiU2012, @ZachDWest @WalgreensSocial • Data powers personal experiences • Making a great museum exhibit is great, but what if the museum was all about you? • What if you wanted your photo to tell the whole story? • One Customer, One Social Identity • Amplify across friend networks, not ad networks5
  6. 6. #MobiU2012, @ZachDWest @WalgreensMobile • Your Phone Can…. • Take Pictures • Determine your Location • Keep your Calendar • Browse/Connect to the Internet • Play your Music • Make Phone Calls • Etc. • Did we mention apps… • Apps allow companies to create custom experiences, leveraging the phones native abilities. • Convenience of your pocket with the power of a computer • Deal Companies can instantly show you offers near by • Photo Editors can filter and edit pictures, then share them with friends • Social Networks can keep you plugged in anywhere6
  7. 7. #MobiU2012, @ZachDWest @WalgreensLocation • History of Location • The first every map is about 8,000 years old • Zip Codes have been around since 1963 • First GPS Satellite was launched in 1978 • Current State of Location • Your phone can pinpoint your location • Tell your friends where you are right now • Report on where you are for future visitors • Get directions to just about anywhere • Alerts can be trigger based on where you are7
  8. 8. #MobiU2012, @ZachDWest @WalgreensSocial Local Mobile @Walgreens 8
  9. 9. #MobiU2012, @ZachDWest @WalgreensWalgreens Mobile App9
  10. 10. #MobiU2012, @ZachDWest @WalgreensMaking Flu Social with a Good Cause 194,000 check-ins shared with 10MM friends Walgreens 2011 Flu share of voice from 52% to 75%, CVS 28% to 25% Video:
  11. 11. #MobiU2012, @ZachDWest @WalgreensMobile Coupons and Foursquare • November 2011- Walgreens launches in app mobile coupons • March 2012 - Foursquare launches in app mobile coupons with Walgreens11
  12. 12. #MobiU2012, @ZachDWest @WalgreensPrintWorthy12
  13. 13. #MobiU2012, @ZachDWest @WalgreensClosing Thoughts• A Strategy for “What’s Next” • Data driven, personal experiences • Utility that’s worth talking about• What’s on my radar • The Affiliate Marketing Channel’s transition to mobile • APIs as Business Models • The End of the App and the Dawn of the Enterprise
  14. 14. #MobiU2012, @ZachDWest @WalgreensThanks for Listening @ZachDWest