MobiU2012 Summit Closing Keynote - Michael Bayle, SVP/GM of Mobile, ESPN on Mobile & Passion Marketing


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Michael Bayle, SVP/GM of Mobile for ESPN, closes the MobiU2012 Summit with his closing keynote on Mobile & Passion Marketing. If our brands could inspire the same passion as ESPN, you can see what the possibilities are. With mobile your brands have the potential to create passion similar to ESPN.

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  • Why mobile is important to ESPN… ESPN’s Mission – Taken literally
  • 2007 smarpthones accounted for 7% of phones in the market. 2012 51% of all phones (only)
  • Billions… 101 million app users – 129 billion total minutes 95 million mobile web users – 28 billion total minutes
  • Love for apps
  • #1 Sports website since 2007 – Beginning of measurement
  • AMA 183K
  • “ Friday Night” Out or home and can’t have the tv, follow your scores or get scoring alerts 157K downloads since relaunch – 800K daily uniques on Sunday AMA 110K - Sunday
  • “ Saturday” Follow your school, team, conference, get in game highlights Ama 11K
  • “ Sunday” Follow your team Week 1 138K AMA
  • Week 1 of NFL apps surpassed MW for the first time ever with an AMA of 265K compared to 183K for MW
  • The kickoff of the NFL season pushed Sunday to be the top traffic day ever for ESPN Digital Media with an average minute audience of 904K across, Mobile Web, Apps and WatchESPN .  Our total average minute audience was split essentially 50/50 with the combined total for Mobile Web and Apps at 448K and’s average minute audience at 447K.  .com not declining
  • 15,638 total sports minutes Obviously apps are the primary way that users consume content, but how many apps do users, more specifically sports users, use to access content? Over the course of a month 62% of time spent with apps
  • How many sports apps do people use? Through surveys in the past, we’ve seen anywhere from 2-4 sports apps. Now that we’ve been able to passively monitor usage, we’ve found that number to be even lower. Sports users as a whole used an average of 1.3 sports apps. Thinking we could get a clearer picture by looking at only the heaviest sports users, we looked at the usage of the heaviest sports users in terms of time spent and found that they used an average of 1.8 different sports apps—so even the heaviest users generally aren’t getting content from more than 2 or 3 apps. We also looked at Scorecenter users, who average 1.4 different sport apps. We wanted to see whether these users of our primary app are satisfied with scorecenter, and we found that they are right about average. We’ll see later on that NCAA March on Demand users, consumers of video, tend to be much heavier users. While we didn’t go in depth looking at WatchESPN content with this study, we think that this fact has great ramifications for the product
  • Now that we’ve done our market overview, I want to focus on the metered data from March 15-18. We started by segmenting our users in a sports user category—this includes all users who accessed a sports app or visited a sports website any time during these four days On average, iPhone users spent 58 minutes a day using either apps or web Sports users spent an average of 81 minutes per day from March 15-18—41% higher than the average Of these 81 minutes of total use…
  • …an average of 8 minutes per day were spent with either sports apps or sports on the web. So, on average, ESPN has only 8 minutes a day to reach a sports user. Now, keep in mind that this is an average Now if we want to relate that to social media, our SPORTS users…
  • …spent an average of 30 minutes a day using social apps or on social websites on their phones. Keep in mind that these are our SPORTS users, and they average nearly 4 times as much time on social content as they do sports. 93% of our sports users also used a social app or accessed a social media site on their phones
  • Here is that same Friday, but here its broken down by sports use, social use, and other use (such as games, weather applications, etc) As you can see, this user’s heavy use in the afternoon is a combination of scorecenter and facebook used in tandem with one another. In the evening, use shifts more exclusively to scorecenter content, but there is still facebook use interspersed throughout. In this case, use of scorecenter is higher right around the start of games during the day, and continues throughout the events. Its safe to say that in this case, basketball games were driving this user’s scorecenter use and phone use as a whole
  • The ESPN Feed
  • Digital Pie is growing - - Mobile is not there to replace PC usage, Mobile is on all the time when PC is not around Through mobile we can engage the users whenever we want through alerts. Breaking news, scores, customization allows us to better serve the fan when they used to have to sign on to a computer or wait for SportsCenter. Mobile should not be in it’s own digital silo – Digital products should be thought of as one. One experience across all platforms. One look and feel.
  • One Experience The Feed
  • Why we did it? Need to understand how devices play together – how people are really using them, not just that they are using them Across TV, PC, Phone, Tablet, Radio Proactive
  • MobiU2012 Summit Closing Keynote - Michael Bayle, SVP/GM of Mobile, ESPN on Mobile & Passion Marketing

    1. 1. Mobile & Passion MarketingMichael Bayle, SVP, GM of Mobile, ESPN @roppongit, #MobiU2012 Presented by the Heartland Mobile Council
    2. 2. #MobiU2012, @roppongit [HEADLINE]• [Bullet1]• [Bullet2]
    3. 3. #MobiU2012, @roppongit [HEADLINE]• [Bullet1]• [Bullet2]
    4. 4. #MobiU2012, @roppongitTo Serve Sports Fans. Anytime. Anywhere. Why mobile is important to ESPN… ESPN’s Mission – Taken literally
    5. 5. #MobiU2012, @roppongitMobile Landscape ESPN Mobile Day in the Life of a Mobile Sports fan
    6. 6. #MobiU2012, @roppongitMobile landscape
    7. 7. #MobiU2012, @roppongitThen and Now…
    8. 8. #MobiU2012, @roppongit SmartphonesSource: comScore; Adobe
    9. 9. #MobiU2012, @roppongit 102 million mobile Web & App Users Time Spent on Mobile Platforms Mobile Apps 129 Billion Mobile Web 28 Billion Facebook (app) 27.9 BillionSource: Nielsen
    10. 10. #MobiU2012, @roppongit
    11. 11. #MobiU2012, @roppongitESPN Mobile
    12. 12. #MobiU2012, @roppongitEspn digital media – Mobile’s role
    13. 13. Espn’s mobile leadership #MobiU2012, @roppongit #1Sports App #1 Sports Mobile SiteSource: Nielsen
    14. 14. #MobiU2012, @roppongitSource: Adobe SiteCatalyst
    15. 15. #MobiU2012, @roppongitSource: Adobe SiteCatalyst
    16. 16. #MobiU2012, @roppongitSource: Adobe SiteCatalyst
    17. 17. #MobiU2012, @roppongitSource: Adobe SiteCatalyst
    18. 18. #MobiU2012, @roppongit App & web 183K Average 265K Average Minute Audience Minute AudienceSource: Adobe SiteCatalyst
    19. 19. #MobiU2012, @roppongit Pc & mobile NFL Week 1: Top traffic day ever for ESPN Digital MediaSource: Adobe SiteCatalyst
    20. 20. #MobiU2012, @roppongitDay in the life of a mobilesports fan
    21. 21. #MobiU2012, @roppongit Sports Usage: Time By Platform Web 17% Web 38% Apps 62% 83%Source: Nielsen
    22. 22. #MobiU2012, @roppongit 1.3 Average 1.8 Heaviest Sports UsersSource: Nielsen
    23. 23. #MobiU2012, @roppongit Sports users: Time March 15-18Source: Nielsen
    24. 24. #MobiU2012, @roppongit Sports users: Time March 15-18Source: Nielsen
    25. 25. #MobiU2012, @roppongit Sports users: Time March 15-18Source: Nielsen
    26. 26. #MobiU2012, @roppongit Day in the life March 16Source: Nielsen
    27. 27. #MobiU2012, @roppongit Day in the life March 18Source: Nielsen
    28. 28. #MobiU2012, @roppongitgoing forward
    29. 29. #MobiU2012, @roppongitComplete digital picture PC PC Mobile Web Mobile Web & Apps Tablet Web & Apps Video Gaming
    30. 30. #MobiU2012, @roppongit
    31. 31. #MobiU2012, @roppongit
    32. 32. #MobiU2012, @roppongitIn the fans voice
    33. 33. #MobiU2012, @roppongit