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  • - I research and develop mobile advertising solutions for car dealerships. I’ve been in the mobile industry for approximately 11 years. And we will be speaking about Cross Channel Behaviors
  • How many people here have used to research cars?? We are the leading destination for online car shoppers. Consumers use our website to research cars and contact car dealerships. Owned by several newspapers with over 20 million monthly visits per month. We connect car shoppers with automotive advertisers Our stakeholders are manufacturers/OEMs, Local Dealers, and Private Party sellers. 17,000 Car dealerships Headquartered here in Chicago with 1250 employees, and Field Sales Team of 500
  • - The objectives that I plan to cover are: - the mobile landscape then how auto shopping fits into the mobile landscape how mobile has evolved at and what the future looks like
  • Let’s take a look a close look at the mobile industry
  • How many of you have children? How many of your kids start crying when you take away your smartphone or tablet from them? As you can see my 2 year old niece has a smartphone device in her hand She watches videos, listens to music, and plays games from it. This is our future mobile audience Understanding our audience and adapting to change will equal success in the mobile space.
  • As we all know, mobile is growing From 2010 to 2012 we have seen mobile unit sales grow from 302 million units to 816 million units However, I think the interesting point of this slide is that PC sales are still holding steady This points to a combination of devices rather than one winner. Consumers are using multiple devices when conducting research
  • An increase in mobile unit sales translates to a much larger audience. A larger audience brings advertisers more eyeballs Not surprisingly, Ad dollars follow the audience Mobile ad spends are predicted to triple within 3 years to $6.4 Billion dollars
  • With Ad spending increasing, companies need to find a way to monetize there mobile properties And the easiest transition from desktop to mobile is the infamous banner ad Now I’m sure that some of you don’t think very highly of those little banner ads on a mobile phone and are thinking that no one clicks on them. Well, what we find is that people are using the ads. More than 50% have taken a direct action with regard to the ad.
  • So how does mobile fit into the auto shopping landscape?
  • Well based on a Nielsen study that we conducted, mobile is crucial to the auto shopping process Auto shoppers rely on mobile more often than they expected and information from a mobile device is a factor in their purchase decision. The important thing to take away from this slide is that using a mobile device to research data is very important to a auto shopper.
  • Like I mentioned earlier, consumers use multiple devices when conducting research As you can see in the auto industry, the desktop is still the preferred way to shop But we also continue to see mobile growth in smartphone and tablet usage We really just need to understand that auto shoppers use a combination of devices when shopping for cars
  • Since consumers are using multiple devices, it is important to understand the behavior of consumers when on mobile From a behavior standpoint, consumers are mainly researching product specs, locating a dealer, and checking for available cars. This data really helps us understand where the focus needs to be when enhancing the customer experience.
  • How many of you have had one of the feature phones in this picture? It’s amazing to think that mobile technology has advanced in such a short amount of time I’m interested to see what phones will look like when my 2 year old niece is old enough to shop for a car! - Now that we have a better understanding of how mobile fits within the automotive industry, let’s take a look at how mobile has evolved
  • In 2007, we launched our first mobile property As you can see throughout a short 5 year span, we have developed an iphone app, android app, mobile website, and ipad app The mobile strategy of companies should always be evolving The device sophistication and speed changes so quickly that you really need to be prepared to keep moving along We release features that play on the native features of the device and complement how they use the device. Consumer usage and native device features.
  • As our mobile strategy evolves, so does the way we define our mobile traffic 1/3 of our overall traffic is coming from a mobile device. It is important to monitor the growth of each platform to really understand what the consumer is looking for. Here I talk about the difference between true mobile and tablets, etc. True mobile traffic are consumers that use a smartphone to access any of the mobile properties. Whether it is on the iphone app, android app, mobile web, or even a consumer visiting the desktop site from there phone.
  • Understanding mobile traffic is important, but we can dig a little deeper to understand behavior This slide takes a look at how a consumer contacts a dealership and how shopper behavior changes when using mobile and desktop We have indexed the lead types against our desktop And as you can see here, driving directions, map to dealership, and email this page index higher than emails Emails leads tend to be the lead type of choice for the desktop, while driving directions are the lead type of choice for mobile How many of you hate writing emails from a phone? How many of you have recently looked for directions from your phone? A tool like this helps really helps us understand the mobile behavior vs the desktop behavior, and what we should be looking to enhance
  • Now that we have an understanding of our mobile evolution Let’s take a look at where we are headed
  • Now let’s take a trip into the future. Rather than thinking of the handheld device as something to push content through, let’s think of it as something that helps us create and maintain relationships with our customers. In order to develop that relationship, we need to know what device and where consumers are researching cars Consumers are going to use multiple devices – whether it’s a couple research cars from a tablet on the couch, to a consumer using a smartphone while on the lot, or even using conducting auto research on the train We need to be prepared for the future with a multiple screen strategy In our category, for example, how do we make the experience vital to the car shopper, whether they are on a dealer’s lot, on the train or on their sofa? It is important that we create the products and services that have the contextual framework to be useful to consumers. First and foremost, assume that everything we are talking about is Opt In. This is a very personal medium and it is essential to respect the consumer’s privacy. We now from location based information that the consumer is “on a dealer’s lot”. Perhaps the information that we serve is different than the information we serve when we know they are somewhere else. Pricing tools, negotiating information, etc., might be more important. Maps and driving directions, etc. Then I talk about how we could identify a consumer as a “gold” customer because they have done all the right steps in researching a car. If we can communicate that to the dealer while they are on the lot, than a more sophisticated salesperson can help them.
  • This is what that world could look like. - Tell story about article – One handed device vs. 2 handed device. - We need to understand what device and consumer is using and where in order to provide the consumer with contextual information I think as a mobile industry, we aren’t really thinking far enough into the future and looking for the hidden value on both sides of the equation. Answering questions like Where are consumers using smartphones and why? Or where are consumers using tablets and why? If we get a better understanding or where and when a consumer is using our mobile properties, we would be able to know what exact content to serve them. If we know that a consumer is on a dealership lot, is there a way to better serve them by providing them with information about the dealership or even information about the sales reps that are working that day.
  • This is a heat map that uses latitude and longitude data to understand where consumers are doing research Today we can see how many searches are being conducted in a radius from a dealership or if it is happening on a dealership lot The distance of a search from a dealership helps us really understand what type of content we should be serving the consumer. Understanding this behavior will really provide an understanding of how mobile can connect the digital and physical world. We can provide consumers with incentives based on distance from the dealership Example – consumer within 1 mile, send them a time sensitive incentive “Free Oil Change if you visit this dealership within an hour” Example – consumer 20 miles away, “Get $10 off a car wash on Saturday”
  • As we understand the consumer behavior, it is important to align this with what a dealer values If we can align consumer behavior with dealer values, we will likely receive high engagement We know that auto shoppers use our mobile properties to find a store, compare prices, and to make a final purchase decision. These data points help us understand what a dealer would be willing to invest in. How do we connect a dealer to the consumer? From a mobile standpoint it will be new location-based metrics that will give insight to dealers about walk-in traffic.
  • Next steps – mobile is really a new space. In order to monetize, we need to understand the consumer behavior and align that with the dealer value And we must be willing to test multiple solutions to really figure out what works. We are planning to pilot a new text lead type
  • I was at a TED event, and heard one of the speakers talking about how to predict the future She spoke about the first person who flew a kite, and how this product would be a successful item to sell But the person who saw the kite flying really should have understood that if there is a high volume of sales, then the product would need a vendor to produce the string for the kite or the plastic need for the kite There are going to be many opportunities with mobile, and it’s all about perception Littlest tweaks on the iPhone 5 change the size of the device, and now the world needs more mobile accessories I have several distribution connections in retail so this could be a lucrative opportunity for me Everyone seems to like to take pictures and share them, so how about the ability to share pictures instantly over the air right from your DSLR HTML5 is likely going to be the mobile language of the future, so for me to understand how to write code will be beneficial
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