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Selling vps presentation
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Selling vps presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Reseller webinarsSelling Virtual Private Servers
  • 2. Overview1. What are Virtual Private Servers (VPS)?2. Who are VPS customers?3. How to position VPS4. Selling VPS through Heart Internet5. Managing VPS6. Free marketing resources
  • 3. What are VPS?Shared Web Hosting Virtual Private Server VPS VPS VPS Root Root Root Applications Applications Applications Bandwidth OS OS OS CPU Library Library Library Ram/ Memory Virtualisation layer Hard disk Hardware
  • 4. What are VPS? High price Dedicated servers Virtual servers Shared hostingLow performance High performance Low price
  • 5. The ProductOur VPS product is built upon the KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) virtualisation technology.You can create your own VPS, beginning with the base spec, and upgrading as required :• Base Spec: 1GB Ram, 50GB disk space, 1vCPU (£8.99)• RAM: up to 32GB (£4.50 per 1GB )• Disk space: up to 500GB (£1.75 per 10GB )• vCPU: up to 12 vCPUs (£3 per vCPU )• OS: CentOS 5 / 6, Windows Standard / Web edition, Ubuntu 11.10 / LTSAll VPS are provided the following as standard: Full root access  100 Mbit/s network speed Unlimited bandwidth  1 Free IP address Out of band VNC/SSH console, and bootable recovery  RAID 10 SAS disks buildThe VPS product is supported by these add-ons which you can sell to your customers:• Plesk : £3-£8 per month (10-100 site licenses)• cPanel: £10 per month (unlimited sites)• VPS back-ups: £1.75 per 10GB (10GB to 500GB)
  • 6. Who are VPS customers? Web designers Web developers • Multi-site hosting • Development platform • Sand box • Sand box • Hosting client’s websites • Bespoke scripts & software Advanced webmasters Businesses • Large website(s) • High resource website • Dynamic functionality • Ecommerce • Multisite hosting • Media streaming • Bespoke scripts & software • Database & email server • Database sever & email server • Data
  • 7. Who are VPS customers? Multiple sites Major online ecommerce Advanced Multiple high Ecommerce resource sitesService usage High Simple resource site Ecommerce Brochure site Dynamic content Shared hosting Virtual server Dedicated server • Web server • Mail server • Database server • File server
  • 8. How to position VPS“VPS are the perfect solution for advanced websites, apps and programslooking for increased flexibility, power and control, without the cost of adedicated server.” Growth: Perfect for multi-site hosting Flexibility: Multiple uses e.g. database server Power: High spec servers, fast disks, dedicated RAM etc. Control: Full root access, rebuild on command, clone-able VPS Value: Cost effective alternative for those who don’t need a full dedicated server Data security: Snapshot back-ups & out of band SSH access A more powerful version of shared hosting
  • 9. Selling VPS through Heart InternetManual set-upHeart Internet customer control panel > Order VPS
  • 10. Selling VPS through Heart InternetHostPayHeart Internet customer control panel > RCC > HostPay> VPS products
  • 11. Selling VPS through Heart InternetHostPay
  • 12. Selling VPS through Heart InternetHeart Internet Reseller APIFeatures overview:• Full power control, List & inspect• Upgrade & downgrade VPS• Change OS, Rebuild VPS• Clone VPS• Associate add-ons with your VPS• & much more!Possible uses:• Process orders from your website in real time• Develop a VPS management interface for your customers• Develop a VPS management interface for yourself• Run reports e.g. sales report• Marketing alerts e.g. Automate upgrade messages to resource hungry customers
  • 13. Managing VPSHeart Internet customer control panel > Manage VPS View server information Refresh, reboot, turn off & rebuild Add or remove resources View IP & DNS information (& add more IP addresses) View bandwidth & I/O usage charts Access out-of-band console Recovery build Add back-ups space & enable snapshot back-ups Setup scripts (coming soon) Demo:
  • 14. Your Customer’s VPS Control PanelHeart Internet customer control panel > RCC > Configure VPS CPWhite label log-in• Sub-domain name on your website e.g. “”• Sub-domain on your customer’s websites e.g. “vps.a-site-”• Generic “”Customise features Console access Modify server metadata (description, saved user/password details) Power Server On/Off Reboot Server Rebuild server (erase all files and return to install state) Graphs and StatisticsYour brand Use your existing eXtend theme Your own logo Add your support URL, phone number and/ or email
  • 15. Free VPS marketing resources Heart Internet customer control panel > RCC > “Marketing”Product marketing Website copy Marketing emails• Product overview & pricing • White label • White label• Industry price information • HTML, PDF & Doc • Compelling sales copy• Cross-selling ideas • Use anywhere• White label resources Blog resources:
  • 16. Questions & Answers Note: The presentation slides & webinar will be made available via our blog in the coming days.