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Presentacion heart for change and colombia
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Presentacion heart for change and colombia


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Published in: Travel, Business

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  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3. What is Heart for Change?
    Heart for Change, Colombia Volunteer Program is a social enterprise founded by a philanthropic group of Colombians to encourage intercultural exchanges with a service component. Whether volunteering in a local organization, learning Spanish and other subjects in a unique setting, or traveling with a guide to diverse regions, participants learn about service work as well. This is made possible through Heart for Change’s alliances with foundations across the country to support their causes with the help of international volunteers and visitors.
  • 4. Mission
    To bring socially-aware foreigners to have an intercultural exchange with a service component at foundations and social enterprises across Colombia.  
  • 5. Vision
    • We want to create ambassadors for our causes: social action and Colombia, so that participants multiply a positive image of Colombia while sharing their social action experiences.
    • 6. Through our programs, we will empower and strengthen the local organizations with the knowledge, vision, and innovation that foreign volunteers bring.
    • 7. Our academic program participants will be able to come to Colombia to gain academic credits and grow personally and professionally while helping a good cause.
    • 8. We plan to establish the concept of Social Tourism and “Voluntourism” in Colombia, to attract more socially committed people to our country.
  • History
    • After returning from her fellowship program in Atlas Service Corps, spending time in South Africa and the US, Andrea CalderĂłn realized that international volunteer support can be developed in her own country. Andrea and a group supporters decided to create a social enterprise in order to provide the economic and professional support for nonprofits in Colombia.
    • 9. In response to the positive feedback from volunteers and Colombian organizations, the dream has expanded to assist and support foundations and social enterprises across Colombia. Heart for Change has become a reality, bringing people together from around the world.
  • Our Program
    • Heart for Change provides university students, young professionals and other motivated and socially concerned people the opportunity to volunteer, intern, study and travel in a developing country while supporting service work.
    • 10. Participants can choose this program not just as a way to spend their holidays or earn class credits, but also as a way to help at-risk communities and through the experience to grow both professionally and personally.
  • Why Colombia?
    • Colombia is a land of juxtapositions.
    • 11. Hemisphere’s oldest university, yet adequate education services fail to reach many
    • 12. Stark economic differences, blackberries and horse-drawn carts on the streets
    • 13. It has many achievements and positive qualities.
    • 14. Recognized as one of the happiest nations in the world during the past decade.
    • 15. A warm and friendly people and a range of climates for every preference.
    • 16. Wild natural beauty, jungles to mountains to coast
    • 17. Natural bounties and delicious foods, exotic fruits and coffee
    • 18. It faces many challenges and their aftermath.
    • 19. History of internal conflicts, and natural disasters.
    • 20. Approx. half the population still lives under the poverty line
    • 21. World's largest population of internally displaced persons.
    • 22. To make Colombians’ future better, your help is needed.
    • 23. Volunteer
    • 24. Donate
    • 25. Visit Colombia as a tourist or student and learn the story in person
    • 26. Spread the story
  • What Heart for Change Can Do for Colombia
    • Empower local organizations who lack resources to improve their community’s quality of life
    • 27. Improve Colombia’s international image through participant experiences
    • 28. Build or highlight a culture of volunteering and service work in Colombia
    • 29. Boost social tourism as a positive trend in global responsibility
    • 30. Promote Colombia as a tourist destination and
    • 31. Strengthen the local economy by bringing foreigners
    • 32. Share Colombia’s rich culture with the world
  • Why Help with Heart for Change?
    • Take a break from the fast-paced student or corporate world and enjoy the warmth of life among Colombians
    • 33. Sight-see and experience the culture of Colombia while making a meaningful impact through your volunteer service or donation.
    • 34. Cultivate skills and gain practical experience valued by current and future employers.
    • 35. Earn credits toward your major
    • 36. Improve your Spanish through practical usage
    • 37. Learn through hands-on service in a field of your choice
    • 38. Gain first-hand insight into Colombian and Latin American culture
    • 39. Create life-long memories and relationships
  • Programs
  • 40. Wide Range of Options
    Heart for Change has agreements with a series of established social enterprises and charitable foundations. These Host Organizations accept volunteers that meet their project needs. Host organizations work in different social action categories and their needs are diverse. For example, volunteers may work directly with children, teach English in the community, manage projects, or provide nutritional or health counseling. Volunteers work at their placement site for an average of 5 hours per day during the week. Here are the social action categories of our Host Organizations:
    (Human rights, mine victims, conflict resolution, international cooperation)
  • 55. Volunteer Locations
    • Locations Across Colombia
    • 56. Featured opportunities in Bogotá, Cartagena, MedellĂ­n, and smaller cities such as Girardot and Funza
    • 57. This list of featured locations is permanently expanding as we build partnerships with more organizations.
  • Program Details
    · Volunteer Locations
    Bogota, Cartagena, MedellĂ­n,, Girardot, Funza
    and more to come!
    · Program Dates
    Programs are offered year round and begin every Friday. You can stay for as little as 1 week or as long as 6 months.
    · Program Fees
    Program costs vary depending on volunteer length of stay and program options (prices from as low as $200 a month!)
    · Program Features
    The program includes, host organization placement, lodging, meals, orientation, training, cellphone with prepaid calltime, 24/7 emergency support, comprehensive medical and travel insurance, and more depending on volunteer!!
  • 58. Day in the Life
    Wake up to the smell of arepas and fresh Colombian coffee.
    After a tradtional breakfast, program participant heads off to start their day: volunteering, or studying. Lunch is enjoyed with foundation co-workers, or friends the participant makes.
    Afternoon could see the participant at their foundation or lessons several hours more or enjoying some hours of free time and then sharing a family dinner at the homestay.
    Free time activities:
    • Sightseeing/ Tours
    • 59. Spanish lessons
    • 60. Dance classes
    • 61. Cultural events
  • Ways to Get Involved with
  • 62. If you live in Colombia, you can…
    Volunteer, contact us for details!
    Be a social sponsor to volunteers, practice English and share your heritage and culture
    Recommend a Host Organization: we are always looking to support new non profit foundations or social enterprises with volunteers
    Host a volunteer in your home for a maximum of 12 weeks and earn money. Share Colombian dishes and culture and enjoy the company and friendship of a foreigner.
  • 63. If you live abroad, you can…
    Study Abroad
    Travel Colombia
    Recommend someone to Heart for Change’s programs and earn
    Endorse Heart for Change, put us in contact with student groups, service organizations and others that might be interested in service work in Colombia
    Stay in Touch through our newsletterr and social media
  • 64. Partners
    …and more!
  • 65. For More Informationand Stay in Touch
  • 66. Andrea CalderĂłn
    •Andrea graduated with a degree in Architecture from the Andes University (Bogotá, Colombia) with specializations in Italian language and culture and Asian Studies. She also completed additional studies in project management and finance. As a complement to her formal studies, with the help of a scholarship, she worked with the Atlas Service Corps organization in Washington DC and South Africa.
    •Andrea has broad experience in non-profit organizations and the social sector in Colombia, Africa, and the United States. She has experience in fund-raising, running sustainable social projects, community development, and strategic management for charities.
    •Andrea is currently managing Alejandrito Corazón, an NGO en Colombia which has more than 20 years experience helping the community by attending to more than 4000 children with heart diseases through its social health programs, and more than 5000 children in its education and nutrition projects.
    •Andrea has worked with several non-profit organizations like the Institute of Transportation and Development Policy, the Beatriz Santo Domingo foundation, and Think Impact. Andrea is a member of the International Rotary Club, which gives her the opportunity to extend the impact of her social work to more organizations and communities around the world.
  • 67. Peter Dale
    Marketing Director
    • A graduate from St. Peter’s College, Oxford, with a Masters in Modern Languages (French and Spanish), Peter has more than 26 years of experience working in marketing in the UK, Mexico, and Colombia.
    • 68. He started his career in London, with Cato Johnson, then was a director and partner of RDW Advertising. After moving to Colombia in 1994, he opened and managed two direct marketing agencies, Wunderman and McCann Relationship Marketing (MRM). During six years in Mexico, he was General Manager of MRM, opened the Tequila office for TBWA and was a founding partner of Inxait Mexico.
    • 69. He is the founder and General Manager of Quality Time, which operates in Bogotá and Mexico, offering strategic marketing consultancy and the design and implementation of direct marketing, relationship marketing and CEM programs.
    • 70. Peter has worked with companies and organizations such as The Daily Mirror, London Daily News, NestlĂ© Purina, Hertz, The Department of Energy, the Department of Trade and Industry, British Telecom, Cotton USA, Pedigree, Colgate Palmolive, Banfield Pet Hospitals, and the Bogotá Beer Company. He is now helping to develop the “Heart for Change” volunteer program.
    • 71. He has a great deal of experience as a professor and conference speaker in Latin America, including the Externado and El Rosario universities in Bogotá; in Monterrey and Guadalajara in Mexico and in El Salvador. He is also a freelance writer.
  • Stephen Cairns
    Development Director
    • Stephen graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, USA with a degree in business management, concentration in Finance. He has over 5 years of project management experience, coordinating and implementing projects in the utility sector of the United States and Canada.
    • 72. After a stimulating experience learning Spanish and traveling across Guatemala and Central America, he found a new direction. He followed that direction to Ecuador where he taught English and volunteered with local non-profits that focused on economic development, education, and indigenous issues. He also translates for the citizen news website
    • 73. When he arrived in Colombia, he was immediately enchanted by the culture and the people. Colombia resonated because it feels like a mix of American Southern hospitality with the passion of South America. When Andrea and Stephen spoke about Heart for Change, he recognized the promise and opportunity that Heart for Change holds for Colombia and the world. As development director, Stephen helps people realize their dream to volunteer, intern, study and travel abroad through Heart for Change’s programs. He also promotes Colombia as a destination for socially aware tourism.