Starkey Hearing Aids


Published on Starkey is a hearing aid company which states that they operate under the premise and belief that “hearing is our concern”.

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Starkey Hearing Aids

  1. 1. Starkey Starkey is a hearing aid company which states that they operate under the premise and belief that “hearing is our concern”. The company is committed to providing the best possible products to help to bring the best possible hearing solutions to their customers.Starkey has always been committed to being a world leader ininnovative and value driven products which offer the bestperformance and results. They have led with many importantfeatures.For example, they were one of the first companies to develophearing aids which were virtually feedback free. In other words,they don’t whistle if you hug another person or make a buzzingsound if you brush your hair. This problem has been the bane ofmost hearing aids and these improvements have certainlybrought tremendous relief.Starkey also created the first in the ear canal hearing aid. Theyalso make the first customized digital, fully programmablehearing aid which was also virtually invisible due to its small size.This was the start of ultra small and discreet hearing aids.The company also revolutionized the market with waterproofhearing aids. And they took on the significant challenge faced byvirtually all hearing aids. That is, making it much easier todiscern conversation in noisy environments.Professional Hearing Centers(352) 419-0757
  2. 2. Starkey never stops innovating or improving their products. Youcan find improvements in the way their devices interface withwireless devices as well as new features related to natural soundreproduction.The company has an important state of the art research facility inBerkely, CA where important inroads continue to be made inimproving the effectiveness and value gained from advancedhearing aids devices.Starkey began back in 1967 and has been innovating andimproving their products ever since. But the company also has astrong humanitarian aspect as well. They want to advance thetechnology and benefits gained from hearing aids and make themavailable to as many people as possible.The company has set up a foundation and has sponsored manyimportant fund raising activities to improve the level of researchavailable to address the problem of hearing loss and to providedifferent solutions the world over.It is a caring and supportive group of employees who truly careabout what they are doing to improve peoples lives. Starkeycertainly intends to continue on this path and stay ahead of thecurve. Whatever new advances are on the horizon, you canexpect Starkey to play a big role in its development andcommercialization. For More Information Call Us at (352) 419-0757 or Visit Hearing Centers(352) 419-0757