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  • 1. Hearing Exam – Early Detection is KeyMany people suffer from some type of hearing impairment and may not even realize the extent towhich their hearing has deteriorated. A hearing exam is an important diagnostic tool in identifying thedegree and type of hearing impairment. In this way proper treatments can be implemented toaddress the problem.There are many kinds of hearing exams. Some are simple and may be little more than asking apatient to respond to whispers. However the best kind of exams use a variety of different tests anddiagnostic equipment.Most good exams use an audiometer to test how well your ears respond to different pure tones. It can create a profile which helps an audiologist determine if you have any hearing loss and type of hearing loss you may be experiencing. Other tests can include tympanometry. This test involves introducing a tone and 3 second of air pressure into the ear canal. The readout from this test indicates how efficient your eardrums are and whether there may be wax blockage or other obstructions. Hearing loss from these factors can usually be easily corrected with cleaning of the earsand other medical procedures. And another commonly used test is a speech audiometry exam. Itpresents spoken words and tests your sensitivity to them.And an OTA test is ideal for small children, infants or developmentally challenged people who cannototherwise respond to traditional tests.A hearing exam can be administered by a professional audiologist. The type of test administeredmay depend on the type of problem the examiners feel you may be experiencing.In any case a hearing exam is an important way to help identify potential hearing problems. Earlydetection is important is helping to bring relief to the patient through effective treatments.