Natural Cleansing Diet You Can Create Yourself


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Does Your Body Need a Detox? This year, if you're interested in doing an at-home, safe cleanse,you need check this out:

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Natural Cleansing Diet You Can Create Yourself

  1. 1. HOW TO CLEANSE YOUR BODY IN JUST 14 DAYSBY Yuri ElkaimCleansing your body does not require fancy pills or supplements nor does it take someextensive amount of time. By implementing simple dietary changes you can help yourbody release the chemicals, toxins and fat that has built up in your tissue over time. Ifyou suffer from acne, fatigue, irritability or fogginess then your body may be telling youits time to be detoxified. There are simple changes you can make in your daily diet tocleanse and keep clean your body. Following a 14 day cleanse diet is a perfect way tojump start the cleansing process.Many people tend to skip breakfast. Coffee is not breakfast. A doughnut is not breakfast.Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. People who eat breakfast have beenable to fight off hunger longer into the afternoon and also are more common to havesuccess loosing weight. To detox your body, eat only fruits until noon each day.Blueberries, raspberries, cranberries and strawberries are packed with antioxidantswhich fight off free radicals that are in your body. Free radicals are wreaking havoc onyour insides and corroding your arteries and other body tissues. Fruits also have natural
  2. 2. sugars that curb your sweet cravings without subjecting your body to sugar highs andlows. The fiber in fruits will fight off hunger as well. Eating fruit also promote healthyenergy. In order to get the best effect with the 14 day cleanse diet you also need toeliminate caffeine. Instead, reach for an all natural herbal coffee or tea that is caffeinefree. Remember how energy was unlimited as a child? That was before we startedbogging our bodies down with the junk we eat and drink. Herbal beverages will give youthe natural energy boost you desire and help your body rebuild its natural energy source.For lunch and dinner you need to start eating smarter. You can still enjoy all the foodsyou love, but changing what you eat will help detoxify your body. While eating steak andpotatoes is a normal part of many families meal plan, it also leaves you feeling weigheddown. The reason for this is that two separate enzymes are needed to break downcarbohydrates and starches. During digestion the two enzymes partially neutralize eachother making digestion less effective. It is far more ideal to eat salad with a steak.Dark leafy greens release nutrients that help flush your system of waste that is built up.During this 14-day cleanse diet it is also vital to drink lots of water. Non-flavored, filtered,all natural tap water. Although it may not seem appealing, water is the purest substanceto put in your body to help it detoxify. By following these two easy steps you candetoxify your body in as little as two weeks. Keeping these healthy dietary changes aspart of your lifestyle will result in an increase in energy, weight loss, improvements inskin, hair and nails and increased mental clarity.Yuri Elkaim is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and co-creator of the cleansingprogram called the Total Wellness Cleanse.Visit to get started with his FREE "Toxic Side ofFood" e-course and discover how to cleanse your body today!Article Source: R. Rose and Ian R. MacKay, “The Autoimmune Diseases” fourthedition