Duodenal switch surgery in India now being offered by expert surgeons

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Duodenal switch surgery in India is best option for International patients, if you are looking for budget saving and good surgery treatment.

Duodenal switch surgery in India is best option for International patients, if you are looking for budget saving and good surgery treatment.

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  • 1. Forerunners Hea l th Care Pioneers in health tourism Web : www.forerunnershealthcare.com Quote: Enquiry Form View our International Patient Videos Duodenal switch surgery in India now being offered by expert surgeons
  • 2. Duodenal Switch surgery :
    • Duodenal Switch surgery is a very effective weight-loss surgery that differs from gastric bypass in several ways. Rather than bypassing part of the stomach, about 75 percent of the stomach is removed. This restricts the amount of food a person can eat at one time. Say no to obesity with Duodenal Switch Surgery (DS), this procedure is also known as Gastric Reduction Duodenal Switch (GRDS), it is a weight loss surgery procedure that is composed of a restrictive and a malabsorptive aspect. The restrictive portion of the surgery involves removing approximately 70% of the stomach along the greater curvature. The objective of this arrangement is to reduce the body weight that the body captures due to excess intake of food calories in the small intestine and to selectively limit the absorption of fat. As a result, following surgery, these patients only absorb approximately 20% of the fat and attain weight loss advantage.
  • 3. Advantages of Duodenal Switch Surgery :
    • The main advantage of the Duodenal Switch surgery is that by using two approaches, weight loss tends to be achieved more quickly and more permanently. The advantage of Duodenal Switch Surgery (DS) is that its combination of moderate intake restriction with substantial calorie malabsorption results in a very high percentage of excess weight loss for obese individuals, with a very low risk of significant weight regain. Type 2 diabetics have had a 98% "cure" (i.e. became euglycemic) almost immediately following surgery which is due to the metabolic effect from the intestine switch. The results are so favorable that some surgeons in Europe are performing the "switch" or intestinal surgery on non-obese patients for the benefits of curing the diabetes. The following observations were reported on the resolution of obesity related comorbidities following the Duodenal Switch: type 2 diabetes 99%, hyperlipidemia 99%, sleep apnea 92%, and hypertension 83%. Diet following the DS is more normal and better tolerated than with other surgeries. The malabsorptive component of the DS is fully reversible as no small intestine is actually removed.
  • 4. Disadvantage of Duodenal switch :
    • The malabsorptive element of the Duodenal switch surgery requires that those who undergo this procedure should take vitamin and mineral supplements above and beyond that of the normal population. Commonly prescribed supplements include a daily multivitamin, calcium citrate, and the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. Because gallstones are a common complication of rapid weight loss following any type of weight loss surgery, some surgeons may remove the gall bladder as a preventative measure during the DS or the RNY. Others prefer to prescribe medication to reduce the risk of post-operative gallstones. Like RNY patients, Duodenal switch patients require lifelong and extensive blood tests to check for deficiencies in life critical vitamins and minerals. Without proper follow up tests and lifetime supplementation RNY and patients can become ill. This follow-up care is non-optional and must continue for as long as the patient lives. The restrictive portion of the DS is not reversible, since part of the stomach is removed. However, the stomach in all DS patients does expand over time and while it will never reach the same size as the natural stomach, some reversal by stretching always occurs.
  • 5. Why India ?
    • Duodenal switch surgery in India is operated with the latest medical guidelines to provide speedy weight loss to a patient. Tourist hospitals in India compare with the best in the US or UK. Bariatric surgeons in India are more experienced than their US or UK counterparts, because of the sheer number of patients they handle. Also, medical tourism in India is a multi-million dollar industry. Hence, you will be treated like a VIP in India - something that you will not surely get in the US. Less cost Duodenal switch surgery in India is available by trained Indian surgeons at advanced cities like Mumbai Delhi and Chennai.