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Ci199 lesson 0


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Curriculum and Instruction 199Introduction to College Research Instructor: Amber Burtis, MLIS
  • 2. A little about me:Work at Morris LibraryLibrarian & Assistant ProfessorOriginally from Ohio,lived all over theMidwest includingChicago andMinneapolis.
  • 3. About this course:• It’s all about teaching you how to find the best sources for the papers, speeches, and essays you’ll need to write for other courses.• …..and we’ll also be learning about plagiarism and how to properly cite your sources.
  • 4. Unique Class This class will be a hybrid class. We will only meet three times (one of these is optional) and the rest of the class will be online. How this will work: You’ll get all the introductory information you will need today. The class will meet one more time. This is required.
  • 5. Meetings1. We will meet at Morris Library halfway through the 8 weeks (Monday, April 16, 2012 at 2pm in Room 139).2. I will hold an optional class for students with questions about the final project on the final Monday of the course (Monday, May 7, 2012 at 2pm in Room 139).
  • 6. Other ClassesThese classes were open this morning:  M/W from 2-2:50pm (Room 261)  T/R from 2-2:50pm (Room 261)  M/W from 10-10:50pm (Room 261)  M/W from 11-11:50pm (Room 261)
  • 7. Course Website (also accessible through Blackboard)
  • 8. Course Requirements Each week, students must watch the Powerpoint for that week’s lesson, complete the homework assignment, and take a quiz on Blackboard. There will also be a final project due the last week of class.
  • 9. Course Objectives Formulate a research strategy Find materials in the online library catalog Search online databases Use search engines and directories on the web Evaluate information sources Understand plagiarism and copyright Write citations using APA citation style
  • 10. Final Project Guidelines Annotated bibliography of 20 sources (books, journal articles, and websites). 3 books, 3 journal articles, and 3 websites. Choose a mix for the rest, no more than 5 websites. Must use the Morris Library website to find the majority of your sources.
  • 11. Final Project Guidelines Write citations for each of your sources using APA format (see handout). The final projects must be e-mailed to me by the end of the day on Thursday 5/10/2012.
  • 12. Contact Information Email: Phone: (618)453-1448 Office: Morris Library, Room 260E Office Hours: Mondays 2-3pm, Wednesdays 1- 4pm (virtually), or by appointment
  • 13. Introduction to MorrisLibrary  Information Desk on 1st floor  The library staff is there to help  If you don’t know…ASK A LIBRARIAN
  • 14. Computers in the Library1st and 3rd floors of library •Full web access •All with Microsoft Office •Networked to printers •Laptops for checkout Access library’s online resources from anywhere: Password: Your Network ID
  • 15. “How Do IFind Books& Articles?”
  • 16. EXTRA CREDITTake Practice Quiz on Blackboard before end of the day on Thursday