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Health power newsletter

  1. 1. NEWS B u s i n e s s N a m e Winter 2008—Spring 2009-- Volume 5, Issue 2 News and Health Information for Multicultural Populations/Minorities National Medical Association (NMA) 2008 Convention Highlights Special Points of Phylicia Rashad Keynotes who is also an Editor of Interest Health Power’s Women’s Women’s Luncheon • Stress Production Health Channel. Dr. and Reduction The award winning veteran Norma Goodwin, Health actress of television, film and Power’s President, spear- • NMA 2008 Conven- the Broadway Stage, and one headed the Council’s es- tion Highlights of Americas most diversified tablishment after chairing entertainment talents, an NMA Task Force on the • Health Power col- Concerns of Women Physi- Phylicia Rashad, was Keynote laborations with cians, and served as the other Key Organiza- Speaker at the NMA’s Annual 2008 Luncheon of the Coun- Council’s first Chair. tions cil on Concerns of Women • Spotlight on Cross– Physicians (The Council). Rachel Villanueva, MD, Norma Goodwin, Rashad is especially vocal linked Health Power MD and Phylicia Rashad , Keynote Speaker about diabetes, and sev- Web Partners The luncheon, held at the eral women’s causes in- physicians during the NMA Con- cluding domestic violence Georgia World Congress Cen- vention before they had any for- awareness, and balancing INSIDE THIS ISSUE: ter, is named for Muriel mal recognition in the NMA . The professional and personal Petioni, MD, who hosted An- Council is chaired by Rachel lives. Reducing and Controlling 2 nual Luncheons of women Stress Villanueva, MD. Health Power Elected to 2 National Forum General Honoré Highlights Lessons from Hurricane Katrina Carolyn Britton, MD Installed Dr. Goodwin keynotes 2 as NMA President NCNW—Flatbush Event Norma Goodwin, MD, Health Uncommon Height 3 Power’s Presi- Celebration dent; Lieutenant General Russel After serving in numer- Honoré; Roselyn ous leadership positions Health Power Highlights 3 Payne Epps, MD., of the NMA, including Past President, American Medi- Chair of Region I, Mem- cal Women’s ber of the Board of Trus- Choose a Daily Quote 4 Association tees, and Chair of the Board of Trustees, Caro- Cross-linked Health Power 4 lyn Britton, MD was installed as the or- Web Partners ganization’s 109th President during the Lieutenant General Russel L. Honoré, best known for serving as commander of Joint Task Force Annual Convention. ACS & NMA Collabora- 4 tion Katrina, shared highlights from his coordination of military relief efforts for Hurricane Katrina affected Dr. Britton, Associate Professor of Clini- Editor: Norma J. Goodwin, areas across the Gulf Coast at an NMA Community cal Neurology at Columbia University’s M.D.; Associate Editor: Medicine session. He is sometimes known as "The College of Physicians and Surgeons, is Marilyn DeSouza Ragin Cajun" although he is actually of Louisiana the first neurologist and the ninth Creole background. The session was chaired by Rev- woman to be elected president of the erend Dr. Lucille Perez, Past President of the NMA. NMA during its 113 year history.Knowledge + Action = Power !
  2. 2. PAGE 2 NEWS Stress Prevention and Reduction: Good for the Body, Mind & Spirit! What stress is: To prevent and Key Stress Triggers in Multicultural •Becoming a couch potato reduce stress, one must first un- Communities include: •Participating in or accepting vio- derstand it. Stress is our internal •More unemployment lent behavior. physical, mental and emotional responses to outside pressures •Less health literacy Common physical, emotional and and demands. There’s good •Greater economic disadvantage behavioral symptoms of stress are stress, which is also called eu- •Less health insurance coverage described in the Mental Health stress, and bad stress, or dis- Channel of Health Power’s web •Greater exposure to racism, and tress. Examples follow. Good site, as well as 12 Common Nega- Stress—Marriage and buying a •Fewer outlets for stress reduction tive stressors (causes of distress). new home. Bad Stress— Death of Stress can also lead to unhealthy The web site’s Stress Reduction a loved one and being divorced. lifestyles like: and Control Section also describes •Smoking various approaches to stress pre- Continuous or repeated exposure •Excess alcohol intake vention and reduction including: to distressing situations can dam- Walking and other Exercises, Deep age a person’s physical and emo- •Unhealthy eating patterns. breathing, Meditation, Yoga, tional health. Examples are: Laughing, Aromatherapy, Mas- sage, Tai Chi, and Visualization. ►On the job stress, Remember: ►Domestic violence Knowledge + Action = The Health Power web site is at ►School related stress. Power! ® Health Power Elected to The National Forum For Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention Health Power was welcomed as a The lead organizations of the National tions Implementation Group. The member of The National Forum for Forum are the Centers for Disease Con- Forum’s Annual Meeting will be Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention trol and Prevention (CDC), American held March 18-20, 2009 at George- in August, joining 80 other national Heart Association (AHA)/American town University, Washington, D.C. and international organizations rep- Stroke Association (ASA), and Stroke For more information contact Peg resenting pubic and private health Association of State and Territorial O’Connell at (919) 839-5753. care, faith, advocacy, academic and Health Officials (ASTHO). Health Power policy organizations. is an active member of the Communica- Dr. Goodwin Keynotes National Council of Negro Women Tea—Flatbush Section Health Power was a co- condition, sponsor of the National and Fitness Channel also She also shared with par- contains a variety of infor- Council of Negro Women ticipants the wide variety of (NCNW) — Flatbush Section mation on Walking-for- information available to Health, and burning Health Awareness Member- them in the following areas ship Tea held October 25, calories through vari- of Health Power’s web site, ous physical activities. 2008. In addition, its Presi- which is located at dent, Dr. Goodwin, was Key- www.healthpowerforminoriti note Speaker. She empha- Another speaker at the event was Congress- sized: Food and Fitness Channel, woman Yvette Clarke, ∆The close relationships which contains numerous of New York’s Con- between heart disease, obe- recipes including recipes by gressional District 11, sity, diabetes , high blood such celebrities and nota- who emphasized the cholesterol and hyperten- bles as Patti LaBelle, Gladys importance of bothCongresswoman Yvette sion in African-American Knight and NCNW’s Dr. health awareness Clarke and Dr. Norma women, and Melissa Lyttle, Dorothy Height, the Heart and political aware- Goodwin Event Coordinator ∆ Things they can do to de- Diisease Section, and the ness, and active crease their risk of each Diabetes Section. The Food involvement in both.
  3. 3. WINTER 2008—SPRING 2009-- VOLUME 5, ISSUE 2 PAGE 3 “Uncommon Height” Cele- bration Thousands flocked to the Washington Hil- ton Hotel in March 2008 for “Uncommon Height”, an event of the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) to show their contin- ued support and admiration of Dr. Dorothy Height, Chair and President Emeriti of NCNW. Dr. Height, who is 96 years of age, was recognized for nearly half a century of leadership in the struggle for equality and human rights for all people. The other highlight of the event was recog- nition of the principal honoree, Sidney Poit- ier, the legendary and distinguished Baha- mian-American award winning actor (Golden Globe and Grammy, among others), film director, author and diplomat. NCNW was founded by Mary McCloud Be- thune in 1935. Today, the organization is a council of 39 affiliated national African- American women’s organizations and over 240 sections—connecting nearly 4 million women worldwide. Ofield Dukes, a legend in public relations, whose papers are housed in the Walter P.Dr. Goodwin and Ofield Dukes, President , Reuther Library of Labor and Urban Affairs, Dr. Dorothy Height, Sidney PoitierOfield Dukes and Associates, and Fellow of played a key role in overseeing coordination and Dr. Norma Goodwin the Public Relations Society of America of the event. NMA Convention 2008 Health Power Highlights Highlights (Continued) Columbia University Pub- Traffic To Health Power’s lishes Article on Health Web Site Continues to Expand Power Web Site Google now lists Health Power’s web An October 2008 article by our site Number 1 among more than President, Dr. Norma Goodwin, enti- 600,000 sources of “Health Informa- tled Eliminating Health Disparities tion for Minorities”. The site is cur- through a Nationally Unique Web rently experiencing more than 3 mil- Site: lion hits per year. was published in the inaugural is- Key web site features include: sue of Columbia University’s online publication, the Journal of Equity in • 5 Racial and Ethnic Chsnnels; Health. The web site received a • Annual Racial and Ethnic Heri- Linda Clayton, MD, Senior Research Scien- JEH Award as an Outstanding tage Web Celebrations; tist at the Harvard School of Public Health Model. Copies of the article may be and her husband Michael Byrd, MD dis- • Food and Fitness Channel; obtained from the Health Power cussed their new book, An American Di- web site under the title “Health • Infant & Child Health, Teen, lemma: A medical history of African Ameri- Women’s, Men’s and Aging cans and the Problem of Race, they were Power Family Publications” joined by Dr. Goodwin. Channels.
  4. 4. American Cancer Society and NMA Collaborate on Cancer DisparitiesA 3-year collaboration between the NMA and ACS to educate the generalpublic, physicians and other health professionals about best practicesregarding cancer prevention, early detection and treatment among ra-cial, ethnic, and underserved populations was announced. The collabo-ration targets eliminating inequalities related to: (a) information andscreening services, (b) quality care and treatment, and (c) end-of-lifesupport. ACS is one of 45 Health Power Cross-linked web partners. Let us hear from You To Contact Us: Choose a Daily Quote from Health Power’s Spiritual Health Channel at For additional newsletters, For Health Power brochures, or Representative Quotes follow. to get on our mailing list: CONFUCIUS — About Example E-Mail: healthpower@ “To know what is right and not to do it is the worst cowardice” or write Health Power for Minorities BOB MARLEY— About Love 3020 Glenwood Road “One love, one heart. Let’s get together and feel alright” Brooklyn, NY 11210 RITA MORENO— About Self-esteem or call or fax us at“Bigger than life is not difficult for me. I am bigger than life” Tel. 718/434-8161 JOHN LENNON— About Help Fax718/434-8162 “I get by with a little help from my friends” ▼ OPRAH WINFREY— About Success Be sure to visit our web site “Surround yourself with only people who are going to at… www. lift you higher” ▼ Norma J. Goodwin, M.D. Health Power Founder, President & CEO For this issue, Health Power recognizes: …. ▼ Copyright @2008 Health Power African American Collaborative Obesity for Minorities, LLC Research Network (AACORN) (Health Power). Health Power materials, may not be altered, in whole or in part. However, single copies Latino Caucus of may be made for individual American Public Health Association (APHA) use,,and multiple copies may be ordered.