Health power for minorities black history month


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Health power for minorities black history month

  1. 1. A Newsletter by 4 OUR HEALTH Health Power Inc. SM Health Information for People of Color Editor, . Norma J. Goodwin, M.D. Spring/Summer Issue, 2004 Founder and President Volume 1 Issue 2 Three New Health Power Web Channels Launched In celebration of Black History Month in February, and Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May, Health Power launched its African-American and Asian-Pacific Islander Web Site Channels. A highlight of the Black History month celebration was the launch of a new Food and Fitness Channel. African-American Channel— Contents include, from the celebration, salutes to Dr. Ben Carson, world acclaimed neurosurgeon, and Patti LaBelle, legendary singer, and New York Times best selling author. There’s also information on the 10 leading causes of death in African-Americans, and much more. Food and Fitness Channel— Contains exciting, yet healthy recipes by Patti La- Belle and the also legendary singer, Gladys Knight, among others. There’s also a Food Trivia Quiz, “Walking for Health and Fitness” tips, and much more. See Page 4 for a sample list from the Recipe Directory. Dr. Ben Carson Patti LaBelle Other Racial and Ethnic Channels Under Development — we invite you to visit our developing Caribbean Circuit, His- panic/Latino Channel (including the heritage celebration Sept. 15—October 15), and AmericanIn This Issue: Indian/Native American Channel (heritage celebration in November.)Three New Web Channels 1 Asian-Pacific Islander Channel -- In May, we saluted four outstanding Asian AmericansTeen Web Site Underway 2 (below). Other channel content includes key contributors to health disparities in Asian Pa-NMA Meeting in St. Thomas cific Islanders; a comprehensive review of HIV/AIDS in Asian Americans; the worldwide dis-“Women Of Heart” Awards 3 tribution of Asians and what languages they speak; the 10 leading causes of death in Asian Pacific Islanders, and more.HIV Messages for Women 3Salute to Don Dea & Fusion 3Celebrity Recipes 4Jamaican Consulate HealthFairJazz Party With A Purpose 4 From L to R: Vishakha Desai, Ph.D., President of the Asia Society; David Ho, M..D., Founding Scientific Director & CEO, Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center; Andrea Jung, Chairman and CEO, Avon Products; and John Liu, NUC Council Member. To see and use any of these new and developing channels, visit us at : Remember, Then click on Special Health Channels. Then select either Action’s the Way ▪ Food & Fitness Channel, or ▪ Racial/Ethnic/Cultural Group Channels. 4 Health Power!
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Health Power Participates in Annual Region I NMA Meeting Dr. Norma Goodwin, Health Power Dr. James Gavin, President of More- Founder and President, participated in house School of Medicine and Co- the Region I meeting of the National Author of a recently released book on Medical Association (NMA) held May diabetes control entitled, “Healing our 27—31st at the French- Village”, which is co-authored by Dr. Thanks to Our Major man’s Reef Hotel in St. Lenore T. Coleman. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Donors Dr. Goodwin moderated a Health Power Editors on the meeting luncheon session entitled, program were Dr. Sharon Allison-Ottey, “HIV Prevention and Treat- Health Power is greatly Chair of the NMA Council on Concerns ment Update”, presented by of Women Physicians and Editor of appreciative to the follow- Dr. Lawrence Brown, Senior Health Power’s Aging Health Channel; ing major donors: Vice President of Addiction and Dr. Wilma Wooten, Chair of the Research and Treatment NMA’s Section on Women’s Health and Corporation (ARTC). Editor of Health Power’s Women’s • Abbott Laboratories Health Channel. • Aetna Other participants at the meeting included Dr. Randall • American Heart Asso- The Program Chair was Dr. Carolyn Brit- Dr. Goodwin and Maxey, NMA President; Dr. ton and the Region I Chair was Dr. Jay ciation Dr. Brown Winston Price, President--Elect; Cowan. • Fusion Productions Teen Web Site Underway Teen PowerWith the help of a group of outstanding teensof color, Health Power recently launched a de- HIV Prevention andveloping web site for teens, called Teen Power. Control MessagesThe Teen Power web site is especially designed for Women of Color,to: (a) provide easily understood and culturallyrelevant health information for teens; and (b) and Othersprovide opportunities for teens to communi-cate with each other through the internet Unless you’re sure it willabout issues and experiences of interest. Check Teen Power out on be safe sex, say it clearly, the Health Power HomeKey features of the Teen Power channel are: and be sure you mean it, Page at “No Condom, No Sex”! www.▪ It’s a web site “By Teens, For Teens” ——————————————-▪ Teens Ask the Experts If you don’t protect your- ▪Teen Leaders self, how can you protectExperts answer various health questions. Provides information on the Teen Power your children? editors, TAC members, and outside teen▪ Teens Talk and Holla Back leaders. ——————————————Web site users exchange information and You have a choice. Beviews. ▪ Two Teen Soap Operas under develop- selfish with your body. ment, one authored primarily by African-▪ TAC Views American teens, and the other primarily ——————————————Site users get to “check out” the various opin- by Hispanic teens. Watch for them. Respect yourself...Protections of our TAC (Teen Advisory Council) mem- yourself.bers Teen Advisory Council (TAC) Members ————————————-▪ Entrepreneur Spotlight Sandy Torres, Editor ☺ Corey Burgess, Co-Editor Value your life,Exposes teens to successful entrepreneurs ofcolor, (celebrities, business managers, profes- William Jimenez ☺ Ryan Shirley ☺Reenee Richards and its quality.sional leaders, etc.) who became successful.
  3. 3. VOLUME 1 ISSUE PAGE 3 Four Leading Women Receive “Women With Heart” Award At the American Heart Asso- Author of the award winning ciation’s (AHA) Fifth Anniver- book “Women Are Not Small sary “Women with Heart” Men” and National Spokes per- luncheon, May 6th at New son for the American Heart York City’s landmark Hotel Association “Go Red For Pierre, four outstanding Women” campaign. women received this distin- guished award. Shon Gables, Co-Anchor of They were: Norma J. Goodwin, CBS2 News This Morning was M.D., Founder and President the Mistress of Ceremonies. of Health Power, Karen L. Katen, President of Pfizer Past recipients include Lauren Global Pharmaceuticals; Mar- Bacall and, Judith Jamison of tine Reardon, Executive Vice Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre. President of Macy’s East, and From L to R: Dr. Nieca Goldberg, Martine Reardon, Dr. Judith Shapiro, Dr. Judith Shapiro, Presi- Dr. Norma J. Goodwin, and Karen L. Katen. ← Michael dent of Barnard College. Weamer, Execu- tive Vice Presi- Health Power Materials dent, AHA and Luncheon Co-Chairs were Health Power Jane Chesnutt, Editor-in- Vice Chair Brochures currently available on: Chief of Women’s Day Magazine and Nieca Gold- Shon Gables, Breast Cancer ▪ Colorectal Cancer Co-Anchor of berg, M.D. , Cardiologist, CBS2 News This Diabetes ▪ HIV Prevention for Teens Morning → HIV Prevention in Teens for Parents Eat Healthy Tips for Heart Health Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Sid Lerner, Prenatal Care ▪ Prostate Cancer Chair, Meatless Saturated fats are usually solid at room temperature and are Mondays Sexually Transmitted Diseases found primarily in animal products such as ♦ fatty meats Sickle Cell Anemia. cold cuts ♦ butter ♦ cheese ♦ eggs ♦ poultry skin ♦ cream ♦ ice cream ♦ lard Get our catalogue to order a free copy of any brochure, or our Annual Report (for the postage charge only) Trans fatty acids are formed during the hydrogenation of Just visit our web site at: vegetable oil and may be found in: stick margarine ♦ cakes pies ♦ cookies ♦ donuts ♦ French fries ♦ chips ♦ other This Newsletter is available online.Don Dea and Fusion Productions Saluted Leading Causes of Death for Key U.S. Groups Don Dea, and Fusion Produc- included: Bausch & tions, Inc. were saluted by Lomb, Sun Micro Sys- Key Group No.1 No.2 No. 3 Health Power during its Asian tems, Eastman Kodak American Heritage Month Cele- Company, Pricewater- African Americans Heart Disease Cancer Stroke bration. Fusion is a key strate- houseCoopers, and gic partner. Medic Alert American Indians Heart Disease Cancer Accidents* Since Health Powers inception, as a result of Dons policy direc- Asian Pacific Cancer Heart Stroke tion, Fusion has provided par- Islanders Disease tially contributed high quality technical support for the web Hispanics Heart Disease Cancer Accidents* site. Don is a recognized authority Caucasians Heart Disease Cancer Stroke on the Internet, association strategy, online education, and * and/or unintentional injuries technology deployment. His technology clients have
  4. 4. Page 4 Jazz Party With A Purpose On May 5th, many Health Power sup- porters enjoyed the jazz sounds of ← Frankie Paris and Cold Sweat. The Let us hear from You ! party was a great mix of dancing and networking while enjoying good food and drink. To Contact Us: This fundraiser, co-sponsored by the American Heart Association, also Health Power Board celebrated Dr. Goodwin’s birthday. member Bob Bender For additional newsletters, to get on our mailing list, or for anything else NYC Councilman Dr. Goodwin with New ← Albert Vann and Jersey AHA affiliate at: Dr. Goodwin members Miredia Warren and Margaret → Cammaieri Health Power Inc. 3020 Glenwood Road Brooklyn, NY 11210 Sample Recipe List from Web Site E-mail Recipe Directory Food and Fitness Channel healthpower@ Crabmeat Quiche ↔ Patti Labelle Bethune Sweet Potato Pie ↔ Dr. Dorothy Height & NCNW Tel: 718/434-8161 Chayote-Potato Pancakes ↔ Meatless Mondays Fax: 718/434-8162 Crispy Oven Fried Chicken ↔ Gladys Knight Crispy Oven Fried Fish ↔ Dr. Dorothy Height & www. Salmon & Grits ↔ The Health Power Team Stove Top Sweet Potatoes ↔ Patti LaBelle Turkey Chili ↔ Gladys Knight Norma J. Goodwin, MD Founder, Try these and other delicious “healthy eating” recipes at: President & CEO Jamaica Consulate Health Fair About Health PowerHealth Power promoted and Topics covered included: The mission of Health Power is to improveparticipated in the “Jamaican the health of people of color : ▪ Diabetes ▪ Sickle Cell — through—Women Abroad Health Fair”sponsored by the Jamaica Con- ▪ Prenatal Care ▪ Nutrition ● health information ● health promotionsulate. Held on May 16th at the ▪ Health Insurance ● technical assistance ● partnershipsFashion Institute of Technology inNew York City, services providedincluded free mammograms, The American Cancer Society was another sponsor, and co- with the public, non-profit and private sectors to achievehypertension screenings, choles-terol screenings, and acupunc- sponsors included the Brooklyn mutual goals and objectives.ture as well as information on and Manhattan Breast Healthvarious health conditions and Partnershipsissues.