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Diabetes brochure health power for minorities
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Diabetes brochure health power for minorities






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    Diabetes brochure health power for minorities Diabetes brochure health power for minorities Presentation Transcript

    • Prevent and Control Diabetes by: DIABETES AND ▶ Controlling your weight WOMEN OF Key WARNING SIGNS ▶ Walking briskly, or getting at COLOR least 30 minutes of other for Diabetes physical cctivity daily☼ Frequent urination ▶ Eating Healthy. That means: A Special Health Issue For Us because: ▪ Eat at least 5 fruits and☼ Excessive thirst vegetables a day. It’s much more than ▪ Limit your calorie intake, “a little touch of sugar”☼ Extreme hunger especially fat calories. If You Have Diabetes, also:☼ Blurred vision Diabetes Control ▶ Monitor your blood glucose or☼ Sudden weight Loss sugar daily. Makes a Big Difference ▶ Have regular eye examinations.☼ Fatigue or unusual tiredness ▶ Take special care of your feet. ▶ Diabetes is more common in☼ Slow healing of infections of the ▶ Keep medical appointments African-American, Hispanic, ▶ Follow your treatment plan Native American and Asian-Pacific skin, gums, and urinary track For more health informaton, Islander women , and☼ Itching, especially in the genital area visit our web site at:☼ Nausea and vomiting ▶ Many of them don’t even know Diabetes Control they have it. Makes a Big Difference A message from
    • There are Three What is Diabetes? Main Types of Diabetes A disease in which the body either does not∙ Type 1 Diabetes, or produce, or properly use insulin. Insulin is aInsulin-dependent diabetes hormone that is needed to convert sugar,Used to be called juvenile diabetes be- starches and other food into energy neededcause it usually starts in childhood oradolescence. People with Type 1 dia- for daily life. The cause of diabetes is un-betes have to take insulin daily be- known. However, genetics, obesity and lackcause their bodies either don’t make of exercise appear to be associated with de-insulin, or don’t make enough. Major Complications veloping diabetes. of Diabetes:∙ Type 2 Diabetes or Key Risk Factors For Diabetesnon-insulin dependent diabetes ▶ Kidney failureused to be called adult onset diabetes, ▶ A family background of being: ▶ Heart diseasebut is now also occurring in more chil- ▶ Vision loss African-American, Americandren. This is the most common type ofdiabetes. It occurs in about 9 out of Indian, Asian-Pacific Islander ▶ Gangrene and limb amputationevery 10 people with diabetes. People or Hispanic/Latino ▶ Strokewith Type 2 diabetes make insulin, but ▶ A family history of diabeteshave trouble using it. They are usuallyoverweight and most are more than 40 ▶ Being overweight or obese Pre-Diabetes is important too!years of age. ▶ Being more than 45 years of age It means a person’s blood glucose ▶ Having hypertension or (sugar) is higher than normal but not high enough for the diagnosis of diabe-∙ Gestational Diabetes high blood pressure tes. With modest weight loss and physi-Occurs during pregnancy and usually ▶ A history of diabetes during cal control, diabetes can be prevented ordisappears afterwards. However, pregnancy delayed.women with gestational diabetes have ▶ A history of giving birth to a newbornan increased risk of getting diabetes inthe future. Therefore, they should give that weighs more than 9 poundsspecial attention to controlling their Health Power Remember 3020 Glenwood Roadweight, activity level and blood pres- Brooklyn, NY 11210—718/434-8103sure if they have hypertension. Knowledge + Action = Power! E-mail : cburgess@healthpower forminorities.com