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Money is in business. If you engage in business, you have the opportunity to create great wealth as compared to an ordinary employee with a fixed salary. To an ordinary individual who lacks the …

Money is in business. If you engage in business, you have the opportunity to create great wealth as compared to an ordinary employee with a fixed salary. To an ordinary individual who lacks the expertise and money, owning a business may remain a dream come true. However, there is still hope for an ordinary individual to become a successful businessman or even a millionaire. Just be open minded to the business concept that we will present to you.

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  • 1. Marketing Plan/Business Opportunity Presentation
  • 2. Contents Introduction Legal Documents Awards of Excellence "For I know the plans I have How to join AIM Global for you, declares the Lord, Whats inside the Global Package plans to prosper you and Marketing Plan: Ways to Earn not to harm you, plans to Retail Sales Profit (RSP) give you hope and a Direct Referral Bonus (DRB) future." Jeremiah 29:11 Matching Sales Bonus (MSB) Unilevel Sales Bonus (USB) Stair Step Plan (Overriding Commission) Royalty Income Maximizing Income Potential How to start Your AIM Global BusinessDisclaimer: The information presented here is our teams effort that conforms with what AIM Globaland speakers have provided us and is not in any way replace any official company presentations. All thedescriptions and statements represent the companys products, marketing plan and services. AIM Globalreserves the right to make further improvements and changes as it may deem appropriate.
  • 3. Welcome!We would like to present to you the business about Alliance in Motion Global. Aproud member of prestigious associations like MLMIA (Multi-Level MarketingInternational Association), DSAP (Direct Selling Association of the Philippines),CHIP (Chamber of Herbal Industries of the Philippines), PCCI (PhilippineChamber of Commerce and Industry), and PMA (Philippine MarketingAssociation).Alliance in Motion Global or AIM Global is a multilevel company established inMarch 2006. Its main office is located in Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines.Aside from our main office, we have branches or business centers throughout thePhilippines, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. In addition, we also have offices inBrunei, Taiwan, Singapore, Hongkong, Nigeria, and Hawaii. We also establishedpresence in Malaysia, Korea, Kuwait, UAE, Saipan, Japan, USA, Indonesia,Switzerland, Bahrain and and more countries for global expansion.What is great is that for the past 6 years, Alliance in Motion Global has createdmore than 600 millionaires all over the world and become the number onenetwork marketing company in the Philippines after 6 years of its existence. Whata tremendous success!
  • 4. The company is founded by three (3) Filipinos namely: Dr. Edward "Ed" Cabantog(President and CEO), a medical doctor by profession; we have Mr. Raymond "John"Asperin (VP Marketing), PT by profession and Engr. Francis Miguel (VP for Finance),engineer by profession. They may have different backgrounds but they shared onecommonality and that is “Health is wealth.”
  • 5. Money is in business. If you engage in business, you havethe opportunity to create great wealth as compared to anordinary employee with a fixed salary. However, startingyour own business is quite a tedious thing to do. You needexpertise and enough money for capital, registrations to makeyour business legal, accounting, secretarial, warehouse,logistics, etc.You may opt to buy a franchise but most successfulfranchisers require you to pay exorbitant franchise fees fromhundred thousands to millions.You can start your own busines with a small capital butexpect the return to be small too or worse, you don’t even getyour money’s worth. In addition, you need to have a superioror unique product that is needed by everyone in order to haverepeat orders to keep your business grow.To an ordinary individual who lacks the expertise and money, owning a business may remaina dream come true. However, there is still hope for an ordinary individual to become asuccessful businessman or even a millionaire. Just be open minded to the business conceptthat we will present to you.If you happened to come across this presentation, I think it’s God will. You might need our products for your health orsomeone you know need our products or may be you want an income for you and your Family. Please be open mindedand see what our marketing plan offer you.
  • 6. HOW TO JOIN AIM GLOBALOur industry is about wellness whichis the wave now and in the future, First, you need a sponsor, the one who invited or introducedprojected to be a trillion dollar AIM Global products or business to you.industry. If you happen to come across this presentation with no sponsor,People are becoming more and more I would be happy to assist you. You can reach me here:health conscious and wants to live Mobile No: 09231113992longer to enjoy whatever success and Email: jdb121212@gmail.comcomfort they have earned in life. Visit and add me at: Global offers products that will Next, you need to purchase the Global Package. You can startsurely help us stay fit and healthy and with 1-Head, 3-Heads or 7-Heads. The Global Package variesa business where you will have or differs depending on the country where you stay. You canincome either as part time or full time. always contact the person or the one who invited you for your global package.Here, you can be a user of ourproducts for you to stay healthy or When you avail the global package, you will become anhave a business of your own for you to independent distributor.get wealthy or you can be both aUSER and BUSINESS OWNER to be Go over the products, marketing plan and attend or watch videohealthy and wealthy. trainings to enhance your knowledge so you can share to others.
  • 7. Whats inside the Global Package?The global package that is presented here is for the Philippines. Again, if you are locatedoutside the Philippines, you can always ask your sponsor about your countrys globalpackage. With only P7,980.00, you can start your own business with us as anindependent distributor.1. You will get Php 6,700.00 worth of products. You roughly get 75% of your money’sworth. You can sell or use them. It would be best to use some because you can sell better ifyou used or tested it, you may be a model to your customers.2. FREE Accident Insurance. You will be protected from accidents while doing yourbusiness.a. Php 200,000.00 Personal Accident Insuranceb. Php 10,000.00 medical reimbursement for minor accidentsc. Php 50,000.00 unprovoked murder and assaultd. Php 10,000.00 burial assistance3. You will have an ATM Card application form for your ATM account where you canwithdraw your income.4. You will also get your own business kit with your marketing and training tools (folderwith marketing materials, CD/VCD, etc.). You will use these tools to prosper yourbusiness.
  • 8. 5. You will also have your very own webpage or Distributor Tracking Center (DTC) whichacts as your secretary, accountant and inventory. It will show you your group sales, yourpersonal sales and of course your income.6. You get 25% lifetime product discount on your product reorders. This is your profit ifyou sell or your discount if you use the product.7. As an added benefit, you will get up to Php 2,000.00+ worth of FREE Medical Checkupto over 400 clinics and hospitals nationwide including CBC, urinalysis and x-ray. You needto stay healthy since we are dealing with health products. To avail this, just present yourdistributor ID to any of our accredited clinics or hospitals.8. You will also get three (3) Transferable Scholarship Certificates with 20% to 100%tuition fee discounts to over 500 accredited schools nationwide and one in Singapore. Itcovers preparatory, elementary, secondary and collegiate levels, 2-year, 4-year or 5-year courses. No annual fees. No expiration. No qualifying exams and no maintaininggrades. Again, this is just one of the benefits of being a member of Alliance in MotionGlobal. With this alone, you get more than your money’s worth. Imagine the cost of tuitionfees, example, P16,000.00 per semester or even more, you saved P8,000.00 if the schoolyou selected offers you 50% discount and that’s for one semester only. How manysemesters in a 2, 4 or 5-year course? That’s a lot of savings!All these benefits, you will get for a low price of Php 7,980.00 only.
  • 9. Again, with GLOBAL PACKAGE P7,980.00You’ll get: Products 200,000 Personal Accident Insurance 10,000 Medical Reimbursement / 10,000 Burial Assistance 50, 000 Unprovoked Murder AssaultFree Medical Checkup/ Laboratories Scholarship ProgramFree Web Page ATM Card Business KitDiscount of 25% on all products VALUE FOR MONEY!!!
  • 10. How are you going toearn with AIM Global
  • 11. Marketing Plan (Ways To Earn):1 Retail Sales Profit (RSP) NO QUOTA!Of all marketing companies out there, I For instance:chose Alliance in Motion Global • 1 Blister box of C 24/7 Natura – Ceuticalsbecause of its great product and P 1,200 - SRPmarketing plan. There are 6 major ways - P 900 - ( 25% Discount)on how to earn. P 300 - (Profit)1. Retailing or Direct Selling. Enjoy atleast 25% outright profit to all the productsthat you sell. Some people like selling, someprefer reffering or do both. What is great • WHITE LIGHT Sublingual Glutathioneabout this is that it has no quota to maintain. P 1,900 - P 1,425 = P 475 (Profit)In addition, each product has its (SRP) (25%)corresponding points (Repeat Binary Points,Commisional Points and Positional Points)which offer additional income for you.
  • 12. Product Content DP: 25% Off SRP (Php) ProfitGlobal Package Products + more 7,980.00 (Income)C24/7 30 V-Caps/blister box 900.00 1,200.00 300.00Complete photo-energizer 30 V-Caps/blister box 844.00 1,125.00 281.00RestorLyf Longevity Formula 30 V-Caps /box 1,125.00 1,500.00 375.00Choleduz Omega Supreme 30 Softgels 600.00 800.00 200.00Slim & Trim 30 V-Caps 844.00 1,125.00 281.00Whitelight Glutathione 50 mL 1,425.00 1,900.00 475.00Perfect White 30 Tablets 1,100.00 1,500.00 400.00Liven Coffee 20 Sachets 260.00 350.00 90.00Stevia (Sugar Free) Coffee 20 Sachets 280.00 370.00 90.00MyChoco 20 Sachets 300.00 400.00 100.00Vida Cardio-Ceutical 10 Sachets 585.00 780.00 195.00Herbal Toothpaste 100 mL Tube 130.00 175.00 45.00AIMSIM 6 Months Subs (Unlitxt/Call) 1,500.00 1,800.00 300.00e-PLUS Loyalty Card Discounts in SM Malls & partners 300.00NPP Package Products+ More 3,570.00 (Income)If in a month, you have regular customers of 10 people who buys C24/7, you have an additional incomeof Php 3,000.00 plus income from other products. The more customers, the greater income.
  • 13. 2. Direct Referral Bonus: When you join Alliance in Motion Global, you will get a slot and adistribution tracking center on your webpage. For every package you sell, you will receive Php 500.000.For example, person A joined you under your organization, once he/she registered, you will earn Php500.00. The same goes if person B joined your organization, you will again have another Php 500.00.This bonus is unlimited. No matter how many transactions you get, you will earn Php 500.00 for everypackage sold or registered direct referral.
  • 14. 3 Matching Sales Bonus Marketing Support = PHP1,500.00 YOU A B
  • 15. 3. Binary system or matching sales bonus. From the root word “bi” which means 2,the system recognizes matches or pairing bonuses. Your left side matches the rightside.From the same example under direct referral bonus, when person A joins you andperson B joins you as well, you will get Php 500.00 each transaction so that is a total ofPhp 1,000.00.Following the rule of match sales bonus, automatically, you will get an additional Php1,500.00 for the pairing so thats a total of Php 2,500.00.Like you, person A and person B can also do the business and just like you if they getsign ups under their organization, they will get corresponding income and bonuses aswell.The system says that as long as you get transactions from your left sales force andyour right sales force, may it be direct or indirect referral, you will get Php 1,500.00for your pairing bonus.Again, you will get matching sales bonus down your organization as long as left salesforce matches your right sales force.
  • 16. Matching Sales Bonus (Product Movement) Pairing/Matching: Person/Global Pack to Person/Global Pack Product to Person/Global Pack U Product to Product 500 500 A B 500 500 500 500 1 2 1500 3 4 1500 500 1500 1500 Products = 1,200 pts 1500 Global Pack - Global Pack = 1,500 Product – Global Pack = 1,500 1500 Product – Product = 1,500For the products, as mentioned previously, each product has its correspoind points. The corresponding pointsof the products are called Binary Points. You see, our products can even match a person that you haveinvited as long as you have collected 1,200.00 points for the binary plan of your products, it will match aperson either to your left or to your right and with that, you still earn Php 1,500.00 pairing bonus.
  • 17. Matching sales bonus does not require you to recruit and recruit to match your leftsales force with the right sales force in order to earn.
  • 18. Safety Net: We have a maximum payout per day. YOU
  • 19. Maximum Income per DayThe company recognizes safety net, meaning we have a maximum income per day. Thereare 2 cycles per day: 8 matches from 12:01 to 11:59 AM Manila time and 8 matches from12:01 to 11:59 PM Manila time so thats a toal of 16 matches per day which gives us amaximum income of Php 24,000.00 in a day. Not bad.How does this happen?Rule on Flush OutHow realistic to earn Php 24,000.00 in a day?For example, your organization was able to come up with 20 matches in a day, let sayMonday, as the rule in safety net goes, the company will only pay us 16 pairs or 16 matchesin a day so that’s a total income of Php 24,000.00. The other matches (4 matches) will beflushed out or no payment. The same goes on the next day. Given the same example, let sayyour group or organizatoin has created 20 matches on Tuesday, either on your left or right ina day, the company will give you a payout of 16 matches with a total of Php 24,000.00. Theother 4 will be flushed out too. However, you can still have them. How? If you know thatyour organization will exceed 16 pairs in a day based from your DTC, you can advise thenext persons to join later based on the time frame above so that it will be credited on the nextday or cut off. Day Left You Right Cash Rebate 8-match sales cycle = Php 12,000.00 Mon 20 16 20 16 24,000 2 Cycles per day Tue 20 16 20 16 24,000 12,000.00 x 2 cycles = Php 24,000.00In a month (x26), that is a total of Php 624,000.00 income per month.
  • 21. 4. Unilevel Sales BonusEven if there is no recruiting made, as long as each member buys and uses the products,you still earn from product movement. Each product has its own Commisional Pointsand you earn from every purchase made by your downlines. On your1st level, you will get 10% of product commissional points and from your2nd to 10th level, you will get 5% of product commissional points.Unilevel StructureThis is paid to qualified distributors based on the genealogical structure formed using thedirect sponsor information of each distributor’s account.Following the commisional points of the products, you will get your unilevel bonus fromyour organization group sales starting from your direct referral up to the 10th generation.To elaborate further, whenever your group orders products whether for personal use orselling, you will get 10% unilevel bonus from your direct referrrals on your firstgeneration and 5% unilevel bonus from your 2nd up to the 10th generation.The unilevel sales bonus also follows the dynamic compression rule. Dynamiccompression ensures that qualified distributors will earn bonuses on all levels withoutbreakage due to inactive or nonperforming distributors within the earning 10 levels.
  • 22. Income Assumption & Projection UNI-LEVEL SALES COMMISION Sponsor onlyLevel Distributor Percent Earnings (2) direct distributor1 2 10% 80.002 4 5% 80.00 Each one buying two3 8 5% 160.00 boxes of C24/74 16 5% 320.00 30 vcaps5 32 5% 640.006 64 5% 1,280.007 128 5% 2,560.00 Your Potential8 256 5% 5,120.00 Income per9 512 5% 10,240.00 Month10 1,024 5% 20,480.00 2,046 40,960.00
  • 23. 5 Stair Step Plan (Overriding Commission) Earn the Difference based on Title/Rank Up to infinity or next same/higher +30% rank Global +20% Ambassador Gold +10% Executive +10% Silver 0% Executive +10% +20%Distributor +10% +20% +30%Requirement : 10 GPs 100 GPs 1000 GPs 2000 GPs
  • 24. 5. Stair Step Plan or Overriding CommissionJust like in a traditional workplace, with Alliance in Motion Global, you will also get promoted. Whatsgood about this is that you will not do this alone. Your promotion will be based on product movementor group sales points called Positional Points. When you become a member, you will be called aDistributor with zero positional points.Once your whole organization (you and your downlines) accummulated 10 positional points based onproduct movement, you will be promoted to Silver Executive. Accumulated 100 positional points willbring you to the position of Gold Executive and 1000 positional points will give you the position ofGlobal ambassador.The good thing about this is that once you are promoted, you will not be demoted in case your groupsales does not meet the total positional points you are in. In addition, no time frame and no pass up.What are the benefits?When you become a Silver Executive, you will get an additional 10% overriding commission fromyour group sales points. Thats 10% additional income aside from your unilevel bonus, match salesbonus, direct referral and outright profit.Gold Executive will give you an additional income of 20% from your organization/group sales pointsand Global Ambassador will give you an additional income of 30% from your group sales points.This is your overriding commission. With this, you will earn 10, 20, or 30 additional percentages fromyour whole organization from your first level up to infinity or the next same higher rank. Again, thatsaside from the unilevel bonus, match sales bonus, direct referral and outright profit. You do not have tochoose between the 5 ways to earn. If you are in, you can have them all. Our system will process andgenerate for you and it will be reflected or appear on your webpage or DTC when you log in.
  • 25. Aside from those previously mentioned, you will also enjoy 2% Royalty Income fromproduct sales value in every global ambassador up to the 5th generation.
  • 26. In addition, AIM Global also provides profit sharing to qualified members, only fewcompanies do this.
  • 27. AIM Global with Natures Way offers all expenses paid Travel incentives whichinclude US trip, European Tour, Asian Cruise (Hongkong Disneyland), trip to thePhilippines, etc.
  • 28. Maximizing Income PotentialYou can start your business with 1-Headglobal package (P7,980.00 only) andenjoy multiple ways to earn. If you wantgreater income, you can have 3-Heads(Php 23,940.00) or 7-Heads package(Php 55,860.00). AIM Global only allowsup to 7 heads per individual. Please seeprojected income per package per day.Just an illustration to show the differencebetween the three. For example: Ech headearns 1 million pesos. If you choose 1head, you will earn 1 million pesos. Youwill earn 3 million or more if you choose3 heads and 7 million or more if youchoose 7 heads. If you have manyprospects and feel that you can convincethem to join, you might as well go for 3 or7 heads to maximize your income.Again, you can start your own businesswith AIM Global as a distributor for aslow as P7,980.00.
  • 29. Asuming that you have 4 friends or acquaintances who want to join your group, let say A, B, C and D. Ifyou choose 1-Head, you position A on your left, B on your right and C on your left as spillover for A andD on your right as spillover for B. You position this way to earn matching bonus. Your earning from thisscenario can be Php 11,750.00 with a maximum potential income if your group grows in a day of Php24,000.00 or Php 720,000.00 per month.Using the same number, 4 friends or acquaintances joined (A, B, C and D), if you choose 3-Heads, youposition A & B under You (2) and C & D under You (3). In this scenario, you have 3 potential headsearning under your name with a payback of Php 30,750.00 and a maximum potential income of Php72,000.00 in a day or Php 2,160,000.00 in a month as your group grows. Your income may tripplecompared to 1-Head.
  • 30. If you choose 7-Heads, you only need 8 direct referrals. Teach them to do the business. In thisscenario, you have 7 earning heads and as your group grows, you can be a millionaire in a shorttime.Most businessmen do not look at how much they spend for capital but at the gains or return thatthey will receive.
  • 31. In a traditional business, you only earn when you have product mark up. With our marketingplan, you have six ways to earn.1.Retail Sales Profit. Lifetime Discount of 25% on all products.2.Direct Referral Bonus. Everytime you personally referred someone, you will get Php500.00.3.Matching/Pairing Bonus. With the use of binary system, you will get pairing bonus ofPhp 1,500.00 per match when your sales on your left matches that on the right. You canmatch person (global package) to person (global package), product to person (globalproduct) or product to product with repeat binary points.4.Unilevel Sales Bonus. You will earn from product commisional points from level 1 up tolevel 10 of your organization.5.Stair-Step Plan. You will earn overriding commisions based on positional points as youget promoted from distributor to Silver Executive 10%, Gold Executive 20% and GlobalAmbasador 30%.6.Royalty Income. You will earn 2% product sales value in every Global Ambassadorunder you up to 5th.On top of these, the company also offers profit sharing and travel incentives.This is the business that Alliance in Motion Global offers you. If you have any questions orneed of clarifications, contact your sponsors. Once again, if you have no sponsor, justcontact me here:Mobile No: 09231113992Email: jdb121212@gmail.comVisit and add:
  • 32. As a summary, our products are manufactured and formulated with high quality standards usingmodern technology, preserving their natural nutritional values for our health especially thephytonutrients and antioxidants which help us fight free radicals that invade our body. We have:1.C24/7 which protect us 24/7 from harmful effects of free radicals, preventing diseases. It is considered as the“Next Generation Food Supplement” or “Wonder Drug” to some who testified that they got healed from their illness(but this is NOT a drug). Its very high ORAC value, multiple components; 22,000 phytonutrients makes it the mostcomplete food supplement to boost our body immune system, help repair damaged cells and normalize body functionin order to stay healthy.2.Complete phyto-energizer is similar to C24/7 without the anti-aging and longevity polyphenols componentsand has 16,000 phytonutrients. This is ideal for kids for protection as they do not need anti-aging yet.3.RestorLyf Longevity Formula is a food supplement specially formulated to prolong ones life.4.Choleduz Omega Supreme is a dietary supplement in softgel form that contains Fish Oil plus Vitamin E thatare essential in reducing the bodys bad cholesterol. It also has DHA that helps boost brain cells. This is safe for kidsand even pregnant women who needs DHA.5.Slim & Trim is a food supplement specially made to help anyone lose weight.6.Whitelight is the worlds 1st L-Glutathione sublingual spray that helps whiten skin.7.Perfect White is also a whitening product.8.Liven Coffee is the worlds first alkaline healthy coffee drink fortified with phytonutrients.9.Stevia (Sugar Free) Zero Calories Liven Coffee10.MyChoco is also the worlds first alkaline healthy chocolate drink fortified with phytonutrients and DHA.11.Vida Cardio-Ceutical is the worlds first cardio-ceutical drink with LycoVera Natura-Blend ideal for ourheart.12.Herbal Toothpaste Naturacentials is the first product under the Personal Care Division of AIM Global. It isa healthy tootpaste innovation that gives you complete cavity protection.13.Global Package to start your business, to avail product discounts, etc.14. AIMSIM is also available exclusive for AIM Global members, powered by Smart Telecommunications.15.e-PLUS Loyalty Card offers discount in SM Malls and partner merchants.
  • 33. Again, you can start your business by purchasing a Gloabal PackageProduct. There are actually 3 things that you will do with this package.1.As a user to stay healthy, you buy this to avail the Lifetime ProductDiscount of 25% on your next purchase for your personal use. At the sametime, you can use the Products that accompany it worth Php 6,000.00.You will also avail the benefits it offered like Personal AccidentInsurance for your protection up to Php 200,000.00; MedicalReimbursement of Php 10,000.00, Free Medical Checkup including x-ray, CBC & urinalysis, and Three (3) Transferable ScholarshipCertificates with 20% to 100% discount on tuition fees in over 500 schoolsnationwide and 1 in Singapore (may be a gift to your love ones for them tofinish a course). With this alone, you get more than your money’s worth.2.As a business owner to become wealthy, you can Start your OwnBusiness whether part time or full time. You can resell the products thataccompany it to help others stay healthy too. In addition to the above, youwill be given a Free webpage or Distributor’s Tracking Center tomonitor your business or sales (no need to hire accountants, secretaries,warehouse, logistics for your business). Use the Business Kit as your toolto succeed in your business. You will have your ATM Card to withdrawyour earnings. Free Training is provide to enhance your skills to besuccessful.3.As a user and business owner to be healthy and healthy, you can havethis global package and enjoy all the benefits mentioned above.Once you purchase, you will be registered online to have your webpage or distributor’s tracking center(DTC). As a registered distributor, you can now start your AIM Global business.
  • 34. Just a piece of advise, contact us the soonest becauseAlliance in Motion Global is an opportunity with itsdoors widely open to anyone who wants to join. Theperson you have in mind to invite might be a memberalready or invited by another person.If you come in, we always welcome you and we arehere to help you. If not, we thank you for your time.If I were you, you better join now to be part of thisglobal business.You can start as a distributor by purchasing 1 globalpackage if you want to do it part time but if you wantto consider this as your full time business, werecommend 3-Heads or 7-Heads.
  • 35. Before we end, allow me to present to you some realities about network marketingbefore you say no. The principle of network marketing is actually being practicedby almost all individuals.You may not realize that in one way or the other, you referred someone to watch agood movie that you have watched or you encouraged someone to eat in a finerestaurant due to its delicious food that you tasted or you informed someone about asale in a mall where you had great discounts, etc. Another classic example is that youinformed and encouraged all your acquaintances to join you in your social site likeFacebook, Twitter, etc. They too did the same like you did. They invited their friends.What you have actually done is networking. You are encouraging or referringsomeone to duplicate your effort like watching a good movie, eating in a finerestaurant or availing products on sale because you have somehow benefited from themso you want to share to others for them to benefit too.Question is, “Who benefited from your efforts that you have done?” Definitely,NOT YOU. You actually made the owners of the movie house, restaurant, or mallbecome reacher because all those you referred spend money in exchange of the goodsthey availed like the tickets for the movie, the food they ate and the stuff they bought inthe sale.What if they patronize, kept on going back and even refer their buddies too? Thats alot of money for the owners. What about you? Did the owners gave something as atoken for referring these people? I guess the owners dont even know you to gratifyyour effort but you made them earn out of your simple effort of just referring yourfriends, family, relatives or acquaintances.
  • 36. What if you do the same with AIM Global? You joined and encouraged your friends, relatives orfamily members or acquaintances to join and avail the products too, AIM Global will surelycompensate your effort. Not only that, those you refer may gratify you because through you, theystay healthy and wealthy because they will surely encourage others to join them also.Again, AIM Global is the number network marketing in the Philippines now and havecreated more than 600 millionaires in just 6 years and still going strong on its 7 th yearbecause of its quality products and great marketing plan where you have multiple waysto earn. You might be one of the millioniares if you joined earlier but it’s not too late. Themarket is huge as we expand globally.Please don’t be mislead that AIM Global ispyramiding or scam. With this alone as mentionedearlier, AIM Global is recognized by prestigiousassociations locally and globally and having earnedsuch distinctions and awards of excellence will provethat we are doing business legally. Theseassociations will not recognize an illegal business.Pyramiding is an illegal business concept becausethere is no physical product involved and earning ispurely based on recruitment so when you stoppedrecruiting, you will not earn and worse you will notget your money’s worth. In AIM Global, you will getmore than your money’s worth. We have multipleways to earn as discussed earlier. We have highquality standard products that we offer, etc.
  • 37. In addition, most businessmen today are practicing networkmarketing because they realized the high cost and mediumof how their products reach the consumers but with networkmarketing by word-of-mouth advertising, their operatingexpenses become less. Further, networking marketing isalso being taught in leading universities in the Philippines,in the US and other prestigious schools globally. Meaning,there is nothing wrong with network marketing. In othercountries, those who engage in network marketing are givenhigh regards and respect. It only creates a bad image due to“abusive” businessmen.In reality, many create great wealth in networkmarketing but sad to say many also failed in this businessbecause they were misguided, misled or fooled by badbusinessmen.If you start a business, you don’t just sit and relax. You have to exert some efforts to make itgrow. As a great saying goes, “Do your best and God will do the rest.” How will you begratified if you do not do something? If you are employed, you have to do your duties andresponsibilities as an employee because you are being paid, otherwise you boss will fire you.The same is true in putting up a business, you need to do some efforts to make it grow. Innetwork marketing, your sponsors are their to guide you to succeed and tools and trainings areprovided for you to grow your business. You have to know and study the products andmarketing plan and share to others. Be productive.
  • 38. Here are some things to consider in joining a networkmarketing company:1. Is the company legal? Does it have the proper registrations and businesspermits?2. How long does it exist? Is it a “fly-by-night company?”3. Are the products saleable? With quality?4. What about the marketing or business plan? How will I earn?5. Do I need to recruit to earn? If I stop recruiting, do I still earn?6. What if I enjoy selling only? Do I still earn even if I will not recruit?7. How much do I need to start my business? Do I get my moneys worth?We at Alliance in Motion Global make sure that you will be guided in order to succeed. Thefounders of AIM Global are networkers themselves and they want to share how theyachieve wealth. We are on our seventh year, legally registered and recognized byprestigious associations, locally and internationally. Our products are formulated andmanufactured with high quality standards and they are needed by every individual ofdifferent age groups regardless of race or religious affiliations. Our marketing plan offersyou different ways to earn, not only recruiting and selling, also offers long term passiveearning and even profit sharing. If you enjoy selling, you still earn because we offer 25%discounts on all our products. You do not need to invest hundred thousands to millions toput up your busines in order to earn thousands or millions. You can start with P7,980.00only or go for 3 or 7 Heads. You do not even need to do accounting, secretiarial,warehousing, logistics because we do all these for you. You will get more than yourmoney’s worth. We put value in your money.
  • 39. You may ask also why are your products not seen on TV if they have goodquality? Simple, instead of paying high advertising cost, we want to payyou to advertise to the people you know who need our products andwant a business. Product knowledge is important so that you know whatyou are offeringWhat if this is the chance that can fulfill your dreams or what you arelooking for to change your lifestyle? You will never know if you will nottry. Dreams can be a reality if you work for it. Do something while you’restill young and have all the energy and resources available. Don’t just sitand relax, wait and see and allow others to reap the harvest out there. Theperson you know might be convinced by others.Act now, not later and most of all not tomorrow because you will not knowwhat happens ahead of you. You may be wealthy today but tomorrow youwill be poor and unhealthy or may be richer if you join AIM Global.Reality bites!Contact your sponsor or the one who introduced the business toyou. We do not tolerate “sulutan” in our group. We work as ateam and succeed as team.If you do not have a sponsor, just contact me.Mobile No: 09231113992Email: jdb121212@gmail.comVisit and add:
  • 40. As a way of sharing our blessings, the company has a foundation that helps theunfortunate especially victims of calamities. We do outreach programs.
  • 41. Again, how to start your AIM Global Business?1.Buy a Global Package to become a registered distributor. If you want multiple income,you can go for 3-Heads or 7-Heads. You can buy directly from us through online here: or contact us directly.2.Learn the system and the products. Once you join, familiarize with our products and viewour marketing or business opportunity presentations or attend our free seminars or trainingsto enhance you.3.Start referring or inviting people to attend live seminars or refer to our group site.4.Do it with passion. “As you sow so shall you reap.” DO NOT listen to negative people!Be positive!5.For OFWs or those residing overseas, we will be happy to assist you. Please visit ourgroup site or contact us. We will send through courier your package if you join us.“Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.” Psalm 126:5Again, if you do not have a sponsor, contact me:Mobile No: 09231113992Email: jdb121212@gmail.comVisit and add: Thank you for your time. Stay Healthy! Have Great Wealth! Start Right! Go AIM Global! God Bless!