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  • Endpoint security is a strategy in which security software is distributed to end-user devices but centrally managed. Endpoint security systems work on a client/server model.


  • 1. Social Media Analysis & Strategy
    by Andrea Berberich
  • 2. Disclaimer
    This presentation is based on an existing company is mainly a business-to-business model. Just recently it acquired a product that allows to tap into the business-to-consumer model. Product names, company name and other potential items are fictitious to keep the identity of this company protected.
    Company name and products names are changed in this presentation.
  • 3. Table of Content
    Target Market
    Online Goals
    Resources to Facilitate Social Media Efforts
    Existing Website Analysis
    Existing Social Media Efforts
    Strategy: Improve Existing Website
    Strategy: Incorporate new Social Media Tools
    Analytics and Metrics
  • 4. Introduction
    “ImmerSicher” (IS) is a company based and headquartered in
    Silicon Valley. It supplies security software solution to
    business-to-business (b2b) and to business-to-consumer
    (b2c). IS has been in business since the early ’90 and has been
    Successful in becoming a household name. Products are
    Software security such as Firewall protection, Antivirus
    software, Anti spyware and Endpoint Security. Security
    Software major players Macfee, Symantec, Check Point
    Software, AVG and many more.
  • 5. Analysis (part one)
    Staff members have experience with Facebook& Twitter
    Company is willing to invest $ toward Social Media
    Awareness of current Internet trend
    Executives need to get educated about Social Media
    Commitment: financially and/or leadership
    Effect on core marketing activities/distractions; build a coalition
  • 6. Analysis (part two)
    Branding and re-branding of the new acquired consumer product
    Exploring new ways to market the company and its products beside the traditional way
    New business and product development
    Competitors and their plans
    Legislative effects about internet and software security
    New technologies, services, ideas
  • 7. Markets and Goals
    Target Markets
    Companies/Government that maybe targets for security threats (online transactions/privacy)
    Protection for home-network, computers, entertainment, and security
    Computerized equipments accessing the web: GPS, PDAs, iPAD, and iPhone like devices
    Company Goals
    IS’s goal is to brand the new acquired product under their name  rebranding
    Increase organic search ranking of the corporate website
    Create a independent blog site with multiple subjects that link into the corporate website.
  • 8. Resources for Social Media Efforts
    Product Marketing will provide technical information and highlights about the product
    PR (Public Relation) will help writing the blogs, provide product schedule, and provide legal advice.
    Online Marketing will setup the blogs, schedule broadcasting (including aggregators), and maintain online media calendar
  • 9. Existing Website Analysis
    Run several web analysis reports to see strengths and weakness of the website and determine first steps
    No possibility for visitors to interact with website
    Images need appropriate “Alt text” and “description”
    Increase action verbs
    No glossary page
    Minimal flash or YouTube movies
    No PODcasts to download
    Hard to find Demos for download
  • 10. Existing Social Media Efforts
    Review existing Facebook page
    Review existing Twitter account
    No blog or forum available
    Review Chat live application
  • 11. Strategy: Improve Existing Website
    Initially work with product marketing to verify key terms
    Analyze competitors key terms by using and check with Traffic Travis on competitors ranking, find ranking loopholes etc.
    Run key term tools such as: MarketSamurai, Google Wonder Wheel, Wordtracker, Seomoz or Googletrends
    Separate key terms for each product page and make sure that key terms match the product page
    Images need appropriate “Alt text” and “Description”
    Increase action verbs
    Add glossary page
    Add “Rate this Page” and include a change to win when completing survey
    Add blogs (for each product)
    Place social bookmarking buttons
    Place highlights to cross market the product within corporate website
    Create landing pages for products
    Create various surveys (lead generation) sweepstake
    Focus on website and how it helps visitor
    Focus on top products
  • 12. Strategy: Incorporate new Social Media Tools
    Create a Social Media strategy (incorporate current marketing efforts and media schedule)
    Create a forum  knowledge database
    Setup blog option on or
    Place Social Media widgets and badges on website
    Add accounts in YouTube, Twitter, Slideshare, Flickr, iTunes, LinkedIn, to add optimized content
    Setup social media aggregators such as Hootsuite,, for mobile Orsiso, Arktan, or Buzz Deck
    Create pages in LinkedIn, Facebookand Xing (Info about the company)
    Create groups in LinkedIn, Facebook and Xing
    Sign up with Digg, Delicious and Technorati (bookmarking/crowd-sourcing sites
    Join groups relevant to the industry
    Become an ambassador by answering questions relevant to the industry (LinkedIn)
  • 13. Analytics and Metrics (part one)
    Run analytics before starting optimizing the site and after optimization
    Total link report
    Total broken link report
    Total 301 (moved), 302 (found), 303 (see other), 403 (forbidden), 404 (not found) link report
    Total report of low visited pages
    Referring site report
    Retrieve orphan pages report
    Measure brand traffic and key terms traffic separately
    Run OS Platforms, screen size, browser, plug-ins report
    Report of bounces rates (single-page visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing Page) 30% is good, 50% is okay, 70% needs work. High bounce rate the content is not relevant, tailor your landing page with specific keywords (terms)
  • 14. Analytics and Metrics (part two)
    Social Media Analytics
    Review stats on Facebook
    Review stats on Hootsuite
    Review Group participation
    Email subscription signup
    Review how many folks “Like” your page/site
    Check activity in the forum
    Check activity on blogs
    Time spent on the site; by source, by entry page, total comments
    How many downloads from day of campaign
    Review referring URLs
  • 15. Conclusion
    Once a campaign used Social Media tools it should be compared with one that didn’t use Social Media
    Generally Social Media will assist in spreading the word and provide the user multiple ways
    Social Media tools do have their own analytics and can assist in measuring the efforts and the success
    Continually monitoring the website and social media tools by running analytics should help to select the appropriate tools for various online marketing campaigns