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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business

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  • Pfizer strives to be an industry leader in providing assistance to groups that are tackling health issues. We believe that one of the key aspects in addressing health care equity is to focus on patient and provider access to medicines. Disparities in health care costs, access, delivery, and outcomes are simply unacceptable. Pfizer, as a public health company, must take the lead in creating successes across the broad spectrum of this complex and vital issue.While doing background research for this presentation I came across another one of Dr. King’s poignant and elegantly simple quotes. In talking about the core truths of social justice, Dr. King said: “Whatever affects one directly, affects allindirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality.” We at Pfizer believe this to be true and we believe that we can make a difference in the lives of people struggling to overcome these inequalities. Equality in health care is, at its core, social justice and in the struggle to attain equal and just health care, we are all interconnected.
  • At Pfizer, we take pride in our in-house initiatives to address disparity in care, such as:the Pfizer Helpful Pfriends program, which provides access to medicines for UNINSURED AND UNDERINSURED AMERICANS. Pfizer Helpful Answers is tHE LARGEST AND MOST EXTENSIVE PATIENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM IN THE U.S.For more than two decades, Pfizer has been helping patients in need get access to Pfizer medicines. Today, this assistance is provided through Pfizer Helpful Answers – a family of assistance programs for the uninsured and underinsured who need help getting Pfizer medicines. These programs provide Pfizer medicines for free or at a savings to patients who qualify. Some programs also offer reimbursement support services for people with insurance.Pfizer Minority Medical School Scholarship Program: recognizes deserving minority medical students at a crucial point in their academic career. This program provides tuition scholarships to eight students per year at the four historically black U.S. medical schools: Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science, Howard University College of Medicine, Meharry Medical College, and Morehouse School of Medicine.the Pfizer Fellowship in Health Disparities, which is part of Pfizer’s Medical & Academic Partnerships, and whose objective is to support the career development of talented junior researchers.and the Pfizer-National Urban League “Save Our Sons” project, which is a three-year project to develop and implement a men’s health initiative designed to meet the health needs of underserved African American men and to help close health disparity gaps in the African American community.
  • Mayor Dellums, Oakland, CA, “HIV is everybody’s business.”HIV/AIDS is Pfizer’s business because we live, work, play and pray here too. Opt out legislation passedDC Dept of Health: Ask for the Test launch16 FTEs/2 million budget to reinforce Offer the TestPfizer’s role: 15 primary care sales representatives in the District with existing relationships with providersTargeted 200 providers in pilotDC Dept of Health co branded materials with the Mayor’s office and PfizerPfizer worked within regulatory process internally to approve materials so that colleagues could distribute them to providersGathered insights and attitudes towards routine HIV testing: Supporter, Misinformed, non-believer/denialistPfiizer applauds efforts being made by the DC government and groups like HealthHIV / GBCHealth to tackle the HIV/AIDS epidemic and improve the quality of care for each and every patient.
  • If you have an idea for a potential collaboration with Pfizer aimed at addressing health issues, please feel free to reach out to me. Your presence at this summit shows me that you are all here to do the right thing and that you are choosing that first fateful step in conquering health care issues like HIV/AIDS. I, and everyone at Pfizer, applaud your faith and your courage.  We look forward to working you with all to end disparities in the health care system, ensuring that everyone receives equal, compassionate and just medical care.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Matthew MeehanAlliance Development Manager Public Affairs & Policy Pfizer
    • 2. Working Together for a Healthier WorldBuilding Meaningful Public-Private PartnershipsMatt MeehanPfizer Government Relations &Alliance Development
    • 3. Pfizer Imperatives• Be respected by society: Get Old• Eliminate Health Disparities• Seek ways to partner and provide resources to local communities that improve health and wellness 3
    • 4. Stakeholder Engagement: Building Meaningful Public-Private Partnerships• Pfizer Minority Medical School Scholarship Program• Pfizer-National Urban League “Save Our Sons” Project• DC HIV “Offer the Test” Initiative: DC Department of Health, GBCHealth, HealthHIV• Pfizer, DC Mayor, DC City Council & Dept. of Parks & Recreation• Delaware Academy of Medicine, Delaware Health & Social Services, Pfizer: Vaccine Initiative 4
    • 5. DC HIV Initiative 2009-2012• Pfizer partners with DC Dept. of Health and the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS (GBCHealth) to launch “Offer the Test” • Pilot Program: representative launch, training, resources• Pfizer conducts qualitative analysis and feedback session; approves news materials for second phase of partnership;• Pfizer-DC DOH-GBC convenes meeting with new health care advocates to expand pilot• CDC, GWU & Georgetown sign on to “Offer the Test” DC HIV Initiative• DC HIV Initiative highlighted in The Economist, The Washington Post and Financial Times as worldwide model for innovative public-private partnerships 5
    • 6. Lessons Learned…• Seek to partner with those willing to partner with you• Find the common ground• Leverage your strengths• Track your progress• Trust• Be a voice 6