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  1. 1. It’s smart. It’s right. It’s time.
  2. 2. What is Susti Net ? Susti Net is a proposal for a new state law that will make high quality, affordable health care available to you regardless of pre-existing conditions, job changes, self-employment, divorce or other c hanges in your life .
  3. 4. It is a new , smart way to help solve Connecticut’s health care crisis by expanding access and coverage, controlling costs and improving the quality of health care.
  4. 5. No one is required to get Susti Net health care coverage . You can choose to keep the insurance plan you have now .
  5. 6. But under Susti Net , you can keep the doctors you now have and get comprehensive coverage , including mental and dental benefits .
  6. 7. It was created by a team of national experts led by the Urban Institute with input from a diverse group of Connecticut residents.
  7. 8. Who is it for?
  8. 9. Susti Net is available to any Connecticut resident who needs affordable health care.
  9. 10. Susti Net is a public policy proposal for a new state law that will make excellent, affordable health care available to you regardless of pre-existing conditions, job changes, divorce or other c hanges in your life .
  10. 11. Any Connecticut resident who needs it can enroll: People without health coverage, with coverage but can’t afford it, or inadequate coverage through their employers .
  11. 12. How does it work?
  12. 14. Susti Net has the purchasing power to pay doctors and hospitals properly , and to negotiate more affordable prescription programs.
  13. 15. Susti Net’s emphasis on prevention , better management of chronic illnesses and use of electronic medical records all help reduce cost.
  14. 16. A public-private partnership will run Susti Net . A board representing patients , physicians , other health providers , small and large businesses , and organized labor will provide oversight and direction of Susti Net .
  15. 17. Susti Net is overseen by an independent public-private board that reports to the public.
  16. 18. How much does it cost?
  17. 21. Without Susti Net , the state government will spend over $3 billion on health care . Health care costs will continue to rise faster than wages , more families and businesses will be unable to afford coverage, and the number of people with poor or insufficient coverage will rise .
  18. 22. With Susti Net , which covers everyone , brings spiraling costs under control and saves households and businesses money, the state would spend an additional $950 million on health care in 2014 .
  19. 23. For an investment of $950 million , Connecticut can sustain the good health we need to thrive as a people and economically as a state. Connecticut would also benefit from $800 million in new federal funds.
  20. 24. How affordable will health care be?
  21. 25. On average , Susti Net participants will save $875 or more a year in health care costs .
  22. 27. Small businesses will spend less than they do today to cover their workers. Susti Net controls costs and saves businesses money .
  23. 28. How does Susti Net improve quality & make health care affordable?
  24. 29. It drives down costs by improving how people with chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension or asthma are treated. A one-stop “home” for all medical care assists those with chronic conditions to better manage their health .
  25. 31. Coverage encourages preventative screenings and early detection of problems.
  26. 32. Public health programs to reduce obesity and promote smoking cessation help prevent chronic illness.
  27. 34. Tests and procedures ordered are timely and appropriate to care.
  28. 35. Better sharing of information improves quality and reduces costly mistakes.
  29. 36. When will Susti Net be available?
  30. 39. Who pays for Susti Net ?
  31. 42. Why is Susti Net important for Connecticut?
  32. 43. Our current health care system is failing too many people . It is on “ life support” and in danger of collapsing.
  33. 44. Health insurance premiums are rising faster than wages in our state. SustiNet will decrease premium and co-pay costs . Everyone in the state will benefit from cost-savings .
  34. 47. Susti Net will also put Connecticut at the front of the line for federal resources. It has been in development for more than two years and is ready to go .
  35. 52. for more information log onto: healthcare 4 every 1 .org
  36. 53. 290 Pratt Street Meriden, CT 06450 P (203) 639-0550 F (203) 639-0519