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The Mobile Solutions Team

  1. 1. MEDICAL IMAGE VAULT [EU] MOBILE SOLUTIONS Wouldn’t it be great if you could view and share yours or your family’s medical images right from your tablet or desktop device? Now you can, using Medical Image Vault!!! Medical Image Vault provides access to the medical images in your HealthVault account. It can upload, query, receive and display yours or your family's medical images while being at the doctor's office or anywhere else. You can now report critical injuries and skin conditions instantaneously to your physician and, most important, you can always have with you and share your medical images in case of an emergency. Medical Image Vault is the perfect companion to the official Windows 8 HealthVault application, together they can turn your Windows 8 device into an integrated personal health management tool. This version of Medical Image Vault targets the HealthVault users within the European Union. The application went through a Go-Live reviewing process and published in the Windows Store on 27/06/2013. The version that targets the US users is already live and can be reached in the Windows Store.
  2. 2. MEDICAL IMAGE VAULT [EU] – LIST AND SEARCH YOUR MEDICAL IMAGES MOBILE SOLUTIONS Medical Image Vault can present in a modern and clean way the list of all medical image series contained in a HealthVault account for every authorized person. The application has access to “Basic Demographic Information”, “Medical Image Study”, “Personal Demographic Information” and “Personal Image” HealthVault data types providing complete information regarding the user and the medical imaging data contained in an account. By utilizing the Windows 8 search charm, the application can query within the user’s medical images for specific series. Since the information that can identify a series of medical images is kept in the “description” field of the “medical-image-study-series” HealthVault data type, the application searches for string matches in that specific field. For your convenience we have created and populated a HealthVault EU account with anonymized DICOM medical images. The credentials are: Username: Password: #H12345#
  3. 3. MEDICAL IMAGE VAULT [EU] – VIEW, EXPORT AND IMPORT YOUR MEDICAL IMAGES MOBILE SOLUTIONS By tapping/clicking on a series the application enters in the image viewing state. The user can navigate to each image of the series by flicking/clicking to the right and to the left of the screen. Gesture-driven zoom and pan image operations are also supported. For each image, “annotations” (patient and image information) and “histogram” (graphic distribution of pixel tones in image) objects are displayed. Each image can be exported as a .png or .dcm (DICOM) file to the device’s storage space. With the same ease as downloading and viewing an image, the user can upload images back to HealthVault in order to report critical injuries, open wounds or other conditions. The user can select an image (.jpg, .png, .tiff, .gif or .dcm) or take one using the device’s camera, provide a short description and upload the image using HealthVault’s streaming interface.
  4. 4. MEDICAL IMAGE VAULT [EU] – SHARE YOUR MEDICAL IMAGES FROM AND TO… MOBILE SOLUTIONS Except from exporting images during image view, Medical Image Vault also provides the capability to share images to other applications using the Windows 8 share charm. Once the user initiates the share process, the application saves temporarily the image as a .png file and shares it with compatible target applications as a “StorageItem”. The application is a sharing target for “StorageItem” with .jpg, .png, .tiff and .gif extensions. Once an item of that type is shared to Medical Image Vault, the sharing charm is launched and the user can upload the shared images to HealthVault by selecting the desired authorized person and a description.
  5. 5. MEDICAL IMAGE VAULT [EU] – FAST ACCESS TO YOUR MEDICAL IMAGES THROUGH LIVE TILES MOBILE SOLUTIONS In a case of an emergency, a user might desire fast access to specific images without having to launch the application and search for them. In this case, Medical Image Vault can provide “shortcuts” for direct image viewing for critical image series. By selecting a series and hitting the “Pin to Start” application bar button, a secondary live tile is generated and pinned to the start screen. By selecting that live tile, the user can enter directly in the image viewing state for that specific images. All live tiles generated by the application, are changing over a system designated interval, presenting information regarding the patient name and the examination description and date along with an indicative thumbnail.
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