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Health 2.0 / ONC popHealth Challenge Webinar, 10/27/11

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  • Providing education and resources to help reduce fat and salt intake, increase exercise, lose weight, stop smoking, or increase medication adherence (e.g., to improve control of high blood pressure) Using GPS technology to recommend nearby walks or places to eat healthier Recommending to the high risk patient to see a primary care doctor if not on aspirin or cholesterol-lowering medication Linking to online communities dedicated to improving heart health
  • PopHealth Challenge Webinar Slides

    1. 1. popHealth Tool Development Challenge Webinar Presentation Thursday, October 27
    2. 2. On today’s call: Wil Yu Rob McCready JL Neptune Principal SoftwareSpecial Assistant Senior Vice Systems Manager of Innovations President and Research The MITRE ONC Health 2.0 Corporation
    3. 3. Agenda for Today’s MeetingONC and the Investing in Innovation (i2)ProgramAn Introduction to the popHealth ToolDevelopment ChallengeQ&A About the Challenge
    4. 4. ONC and i2
    5. 5. i2 – Investing in InnovationsWil YuWil.Yu@HHS.govAdam WongOffice of the National Coordinator 5
    6. 6. i2 Goals• Better Health, Better Care, Better Value through Quality Improvement – Further the mission of the Department of Health and Human Services – Highlight programs, activities, and issues of concern• Spur Innovation and Highlight Excellence – Motivate, inspire, and lead• Community building – Development of ecosystem• Stimulate private sector investment 6
    7. 7. A Meaningful UseClinical Quality Measure Reporting Reference Implementation © The MITRE Corporation 2011 Case Number: 10- 0721
    8. 8. Partners A not-for-profit organizationchartered to work in the public interest © The MITRE Corporation 2011 Case Number: 10- 0721
    9. 9. An Open Source, Reference Implementation, Clinical QualityMeasure Reporting Tool • Empowers healthcare providers to perform Meaningful Use Clinical Quality Measure reporting • Promotes easier submission of Clinical Quality Measure to public health organizationsKey Features • A healthcare provider-friendly user interface • Includes support for all 44 of Meaningful Use Stage 1 Outpatient Clinical Quality Measures • Integrates with Electronic Health Record systems via nationally recognized data standards © The MITRE Corporation 2011 Case Number: 10- 0721
    10. 10. DesignLeverages Standards-Based Data Inputs • Integrates with certified EHR continuity of care data standards for patient inputs • HITSP C32 XML • ASTM CCR XMLDeployed within a Healthcare Provider’s FirewallIdentifiable Patient Data Remains in the Provider’s Practice • Addresses security and privacy issues © The MITRE Corporation 2011 Case Number: 10- 0721
    11. 11. Concept of Operations© The MITRE Corporation 2011 Case Number: 10- 0721
    12. 12. Demo© The MITRE Corporation 2011 Case Number: 10- 0721
    13. 13. Healthcare Provider Dashboard© The MITRE Corporation 2011 Case Number: 10- 0721
    14. 14. Patient List© The MITRE Corporation 2011 Case Number: 10- 0721
    15. 15. Quality Measure Definition© The MITRE Corporation 2011 Case Number: 10- 0721
    16. 16. and Open SourceAn Open Project • Freely available via an Apache 2.0 Open Source software distribution license • Allows EHR vendors to better understand the intention and interpretation of the Meaningful Use Clinical Quality Measures, as well as integrate the popHealth software with commercial productsBenefits of Open Source • Creativity – Stimulates design and programming innovation • Transparency – Allows access and freedom to view, inspect, modify and re-distribute open source work • Auditability – Provides accessibility to inspect and scrutinize the underlying source code for the popHealth software • Lower Cost – Lowers financial costs normally associated with software development © The MITRE Corporation 2011 Case Number: 10- 0721
    17. 17. and Open Source Governors Leaders on deciding activities the projectUsers Moderates announcement list and forums Resolves conflicts on commit disputes Administers the email list memberships and messages Contributors Partners Granted direct commit access to repository Included in popHealth weekly teleconference meetings Invited to quarterly face-to-face status Partners meetings led by governors Can respond to feedback emails Contributors Posts patch files to either bugs or features under the popHealth Apache 2.0 open source distribution license Governors May be invited to dial into weekly popHealth teleconference meetings Can claim, on their own, to be a popHealth contributor if patch is accepted Users Free to download, use and modify the popHealth software Inputs to forums, announcements welcome Governors, and partners will engage on questions users may have about popHealth © The MITRE Corporation 2011 Case Number: 10- 0721
    18. 18. Additional Information Open source project website http://projectpophealth.org Email us via talk@projectpophealth.orgPlanned to be featured at HIMSS 2012 Interoperability Showcase © The MITRE Corporation 2011 Case Number: 10- 0721
    19. 19. The Challenge:“Develop an application that leverages the popHealth open source framework, existing functionality, standards, and sample datasets to improve patient care and provide greater insight into patient populations” • These apps should: • Help providers improve patient safety and engage patients and family • Use quality measure calculations and address disparities in care • Aggregate data from across multiple sites • Visualize information in the popHealth system related to meaningful use • Target patients with high disease burden in need of early intervention
    20. 20. Judging Criteria1. Integration with popHealth system2. Value Added to Existing Functionality3. Creativity and Innovation4. Usability and Design for all stakeholders5. Impact on stakeholders
    21. 21. TimelineSubmission Period Ends 01-20-12 Winner Notified 02-20-12 Winner Demo March/April 2012
    22. 22. For More Informationhttp://www.health2challenge.org Contact Jean-Luc Neptune: jl@health2challenge.org