Health 2.0 Berlin Code-a-Thon - Sponsored By Aetna International


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Health 2.0 Berlin Code-a-Thon - Sponsored By Aetna International

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Health 2.0 Berlin Code-a-Thon - Sponsored By Aetna International

  1. 1. Health 2.0 Berlin Code-a-thon Langenbeck-Virchow-Haus, Berlin 11.3.12-11.4.12 Q&A Webinar 11.1.12
  2. 2. Aetna  Interna)onal   October  2012  
  3. 3. About  Aetna   Aetna  Inc.  
  4. 4. Aetna  Interna?onal  at  a  glance   §  Interna)onal  business  segment  of  Aetna   About   §  Over  30  years  experience  in  interna)onal  expatriate  market  under  Aetna  Global   Benefits   §  Over  700  employees  worldwide  (U.S.,  Europe,  Asia  and  the  Middle  East)   §  One  of  the  largest  U.S.-­‐based  expatriate  insurers   §  97%  client  reten)on  over  past  eight  years   §  Nearly  500,000  members  located  worldwide     Membership   §  “Globally-­‐mobile”  members  including  expatriates,  third  country  na)onals,  U.S.-­‐ bound  expatriates,  key  local  na)onals  and  business  travelers   §  Government  public/private  health  partnerships   §  Comprehensive    interna)onal  health  benefits  products  for  globally  mobile  popula)on   including  medical,  dental,  vision,  pharmacy,  life,  AD&PL  and  disability   Products    &   §  Value-­‐added  services:  emergency  assistance,  interna)onal  disease  and  maternity   Services   management,  health  and  wellness  programmes,  and  pre-­‐trip  planning   §  Consulta)ve  health  management  solu)ons  for  health  care  systems,  government   en))es  and  plan  sponsors     §  24/7  member  tools   Value-­‐  Added   §  Secure  member  website  for  claims  submission,  claims  look  up,  transla)on  databases   §  Provider  directory  applica)ons  allowing  members  to  find  doctors  and  hospitals  in  their   city  via  mobile  device  (iOS,  Android,  RIM)   §  Access  to  over  71,000  health  care  professionals  worldwide   §  Named  2010  Interna)onal  Benefits  Provider  of  the  Year  by  Forum  for  Expatriate   Management   Aetna  Inc.  
  5. 5. Our  values  are  our  guide   We put the people who Our use our services at theValues center of everything we do To make quality health Our care more affordable and Cause more accessible To be the global leader in Our empowering people to liveStrategy healthier livesEmpowering  people  to  live  healthier  lives  through  innova?ve  global  cover,  wellness  and  care  management  solu?ons.   Aetna  Inc.  
  6. 6. Global  presence,  local  footprint  Suppor?ng  our  customers  needs  from  loca?ons  around  the  globe   Aetna  Inc.  
  7. 7. The  mobile  landscape  Overall:  •  Over  6  billion  cellular  subscrip)ons  worldwide  •  China  and  India  now  account  for  30%  of  total  worldwide  subscrip)ons  •  Over  8  trillion  text  messages  were  sent  in  2011,  but  consumers  are  also  embracing  mobile  email,   IM  and  MMS  rapidly.  More  people  are  accessing  the  Internet  via  phone  •  1.2  billion  ac)ve  mobile-­‐broadband  subscrip)ons  (17%  of  the  popula)on)  •  Mobile-­‐broadband  subscrip)ons  have  grown  45  percent  annually  over  the  last  four  years  •  Mobile-­‐broadband  subscrip)ons  outnumber  fixed  broadband  subscrip)ons  2:1.  •  In  January  2012,  8.49  percent  of  Website  hits/pageviews  come  from  a  handheld  mobile  device  •  For  aetnainterna),  April  2012  mobile  page  views  were  up  201.69%  compared  to  April   2011  Apps,  apps,  apps….  •  Over  300,000  mobile  apps  have  been  developed  in  three  years.  Apps  have  been  downloaded   10.9  billion  )mes.  But  demand  for  download  mobile  apps  is  expected  to  peak  in  2013.  •  1  in  4  mobile  apps  once  downloaded  are  never  used  again.   Global mobile statistics 2012: Aetna  Inc.   7   stats#mobilepageviews
  8. 8. Our  interna)onal  mobile  strategy   Aetna  Inc.   8  
  9. 9. Our  mobile  strategy  1   Focus  FIRST  on  tools  that  PROVIDE   MEMBER  SELF  SERVICE  OPTIONS  2   Focus  SECOND  on  tools  that   IMPROVE  MEMBER  HEALTH  3   Focus  THIRD  on  tools  that  EXPAND   OUR  CUSTOMER  BASE   Aetna  Inc.   9  
  10. 10. Implemen?ng  the  strategy  1   PROVIDE  MEMBER  SELF  SERVICE  OPTIONS   Self  service  tools  for  members   –  xtension  of  online  web  capabili)es  to  mobile  devices,  including  access  to  online   E claims  tracking,  mobile  claims  submission,  access  to  value  add  travel  informa)on  2   IMPROVE  MEMBER  HEALTH   Health  management  services  and  condi?on  management  tools   –  ondi)on  specific  pilots  (for  example  diabetes  SMS  text  pilot)   C –  RA     H –  amifica)on   G3   EXPAND  OUR  CUSTOMER  BASE   Individual  sales  tools     Internal  sales  enablement  tools   Broker  sales  tools     Partnering  with  peripheral  companies   Remote  consulta)on     Aetna  Inc.   10  
  11. 11. Exis?ng  and  near  term  mobile  capabili?es   Mobile  Op)mized  Website  –  Aetna  Interna)onal  website  is   op)mized  for  mobile  devices  including  touch  and  non-­‐touch   phones;  available  in  6  languages       Provider  directory  applica)on  in  iOS  and  Android  plaiorms:     1.  hanghai  (Mul)-­‐lingual  -­‐  English  and  Mandarin)   S 2.  iddle  East   M 3.  urope   E 4. ndia  (IHO)   I 5.  outheast  Asia   S 6.  S  Expat   U Aetna  iPad  App:  Global  Benefits  Marke)ng  App    -­‐  Standalone   tablet  applica)on  providing  access  to  tools  and  resources   anywhere  –  Contains  sta)c  marke)ng  content  including  sales   brochures,  presenta)ons  and  videos  for  brokers   In-­‐flight  Ini)a)ves   1.  obile  Claim  submission     M 2.  rovider  Directory  for  Canada,  La)n  America  and  Hong  Kong   P 3.  eveloper’s  Challenge  at  Health  2.0  in  Berlin   D 4.  ecure  Member  Capability   S Aetna  Inc.   11  
  12. 12. Code-­‐A-­‐Thon  Overview   Aetna  Inc.   12  
  13. 13. AGENDA (DAY 1) – Saturday, 11.03.129:30 – Doors Open/Breakfast10:00 – Welcome & Overview of the Day10:30 – Idea pitch session and team formation11:30 – Finish team forming and hacking begins12:00 – Lunch!1:00 – Continue Working8:00 – Dinner and end of day Aetna  Inc.  
  14. 14. AGENDA (DAY 2) – Sunday, 11.04.129:30 – Doors Open / Breakfast10:00 – Overview of Day 210:15 – Continue coding...1:00 – Lunch!4:00 – Submit your project5:00 – Final presentations and judging6:00 – Winners Announced! Aetna  Inc.  
  15. 15. JUDGING CRITERIA•  Potential to improve individual health (25%)•  Technical merit (20%) •  (for example - clever data/API implementations that work, & can scale)•  Design merit (20%) •  (for example - engaging and easy to use)•  Market potential (20%) •  (for example - opportunities for monetization, size of current/future target segment etc.)•  Originality of idea/concept (15%) Aetna  Inc.  
  16. 16. PRESENTATIONS•  Each Team Gets 5 Minutes•  We Prefer Live Demos!•  1 to 2 Introductory Slides Max•  Q&A Aetna  Inc.  
  17. 17. PRIZES•  €10,000 in cash. And more.•  1st Place: •  €5,000 •  Passes to Health 2.0 Berlin Conference •  Demo on Health 2.0 stage •  Entry into 2013 World Cup competition•  Runners-Up: •  €1,000 (5 prizes in total) Aetna  Inc.  
  18. 18. The  goal  of  the  Health  2.0  code-­‐a-­‐thon   Aetna  Inc.   18  
  19. 19. Using  Health  2.0  to  accelerate  phase  2    of  the  mobile  strategy  1   Focus  FIRST  on  tools  that  PROVIDE   MEMBER  SELF  SERVICE  OPTIONS  2   Focus  SECOND  on  tools  that   IMPROVE  MEMBER  HEALTH  3   Focus  THIRD  on  tools  that  INCREASE   REVENUE   Aetna  Inc.   19  
  20. 20. The  winning  applica?ons  will…  •  Inspire  Aetna  Interna)onal  members  to  improve  their  health  (especially   those  that  may  be  managing  a  chronic  disease  or  are  at  risk  for  developing   one)  •  Go  way  beyond  another  diet,  health  and  fitness  tracker    •  Poten)ally  integrate  with  the  Aetna  CarePass  cloud  •  Crea)vely  incorporate  health  informa)on  (self-­‐reported,  biometric  and   claims)  •  Poten)ally  integrate  crea)ve  uses  of  social  media  and  communi)es   (integra)ng  with  how  people  communicate  and  engage  one  another  today)  •  Poten)ally  integrate  with  peripheral  devices  (glucometers,  blood  pressure   cuffs,  pedometers,  etc.)  •  Poten)ally  integrate  with  doctors  themselves  •  Make  healthcare  fun,  easy  and  engaging  –  we  are  compe)ng  with  all  of  the   other  apps  out  there  on  everyone’s  device.    We  want  our  apps  to  be  a  top   des)na)on  for  our  members.      •  Have  broad  appeal  and  workability  for  all  types  of  people  (the  young,  hip   and  cool  and  the  not-­‐so-­‐young,  not-­‐so-­‐hip  and  not-­‐so-­‐cool!)   Aetna  Inc.   20  
  21. 21. Thank  you