Dignity Health and Box Challenge Webinar Slides


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Dignity Health and Box Challenge Webinar Slides

  1. 1. • • • • •
  2. 2. The Problem Today educational content is not: • Digital • Personalized (to gender, age, culture, co-morbid conditions) • Easy to read • Localized to the language of the patient • Vetted by the patient’s personal physician (so patients search online and come back more with more questions) 4
  3. 3. Our Principles • We don’t just want to disseminate information, we want patients to be able to act on it • Patients should be informed and educated in a manner that is personalized to their needs (conditions, surgical procedures, medications, language preferences) • We believe that timely and personalized information can get pushed to patients in a consumer-friendly way via smart phone apps or desktop computers by leveraging the cloud. 5
  4. 4. Patient Education Challenge $100,000 VC investment for winning idea and potential pilot with Dignity Heath 6
  5. 5. Focus of Challenge • It’s not about the content but new methods for delivering and engaging patients on the content • Engaging patients on content for: ‒ New diagnoses ‒ Ongoing disease management ‒ New drugs ‒ Surgeries (pre and post op) • Help patients consume, interact with and assemble follow up questions for care teams on designated educational content • Help find new ways to for patients and doctors continually collaborate over educational questions and needs 7
  6. 6. What Are We Looking For? Box and Dignity Health are challenging app developers to move from paper to digital • • • • • • • • • • Cloud - accessible anytime, anywhere Cross platform based (iOs & Android) Trusted & vetted content Ability to personalize Secure sharing with doctor, care team and friends and family Annotate & note taking Collect remarks, comments and notes “Like” content Secure messaging with doctor, care team or family Analytics/reporting (who downloaded or read content? ) 8
  7. 7. Criteria to Apply & Judging Criteria • Have raised $1.5M or less in Angel or venture capital ( can be flexible on this per case by case basis) or have bootstrapped • Must be U.S. based or doing business in the U.S. • Must use Box APIs and backend services (will set up all applicants with Box Enterprise Accounts • May enter as a team (minimum team is 2 members) or single candidate Judging • Ability to integrate with Box APIs • Solution - mobile and can support across platforms • Solution addresses HIPAA needs • Does solution have extra functionality listed as “wish list” 9
  8. 8. Prizes & Timeline Prizes • $100,000 convertible note investment from Social + Capital Partnership Venture Capital firm • One month of office space and mentorship from Social + Capital Partnership Venture Capital firm • An opportunity to propose product or solution to Dignity Health’s leadership as a potential pilot project • Free Enterprise demo/API account from Box • Marketing and sales support from Box Timeline • Applications will be due on Jan 10, 2013 • 5 Semi-finalists will be announced Feb 6, 2014 • The winner will be announced March 27, 2014 10
  9. 9. App Challenge Judges Aneesh Chopra 1st CTO, U.S., White House, President Obamaa Ted Maidenberg General Partner, The Social + Capital Partnership Aaron Levie CEO, Box Richard Roth VP, Strategic Innovation Dignity Health 11
  10. 10. Box Platform - Spectrum of Opportunities Integrate and Build with the Box Platform API SDKs Box OneCloud Box Embed Box Platform Customize and Build Pre-Built Modules 500+ Mobile Productivity Apps Embed Box into Web Apps 12
  11. 11. Box Becomes the Pervasive Content Layer for Your Enterprise ON-PREM BUSINESS APPS CLOUD BUSINESS APPS CUSTOM APPS MOBILE APPS VERTICAL APPS 13
  12. 12. 28K 4B 700M Developers API calls per month Third party API calls per month 14
  13. 13. The Box Content API /folders /folders/{id}/items /folders/{id}/collaborations /files /files/{id}/content /files/{id}/versions /shared_items /comments /collaborations /search /events /users /tokens 15
  14. 14. Box Viewer API - Documents Go In, HTML Comes Out Box converts PDF and Office Documents to HTML5 so they can be embedded within your web and mobile applications 16
  15. 15. Box Partners Joining the App Challenge Making APIs Available 17